127 Yard Sale: Day 3 – Russell Springs, Kentucky to Crossville, Tennessee

Editor’s Note: This post is a part of our series on Delilah’s annual trip to the 127 Yard Sale. We’ll be back next week with DIY projects, recipes, inspiration and business tips. -Nicole S.

Because we had a one and a half hour drive to get back on highway 127, we needed to wake up even earlier than planned (I will go over what to expect in my final post about the trip) so that meant waking up at 5:30am and getting on the road by 7:00am.

The third day of the 127 Yard Sale is when we leave Kentucky and head into Tennessee. Prices go up a little but the markets are very good with lots of diversity and not as much “swap meet” products. If you can only do one state on the 127 Yard Sale, I suggest Tennessee. I can’t speak for north of Kentucky as we have never been there,  so apologies if I am wrong on this. One important thing about this leg of the trip is that there is VERY LITTLE internet/wireless. If you are a passenger in the car like me and need to work… it’s pretty much impossible. There are a number of great stops heading to Crossville, I would say about six solid stops of various sizes.

the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee- the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-jesus-rocks-truckSouth of Jamestown house: After the “Cumberland Motel” sign you will see a house with several long tables on the left. I always find good things at this stop and you can score some deals.

the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-vintage-fox the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-vintage-train-teal-red-blueSergeant Alvin C. York Memorial Grist Mill: Not too long after entering Tenessee, I was worried that the vendors would leave this spot but although it is a little smaller, it still has some strong vendors.

the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-Sergeant Alvin C. York Memorial Grist Millthe-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-vintage-knotts-berry-farm-doll-green-cowboy the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-vintage the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-vintage-cans-oil-wax-solvent

Possum Trot Variety (2831 North York Highway): We always pass this little place on the left, there are a few booths. Nothing too special but if go inside the cabin you will find an amazing little house/café run by Doris! We sat at the makeshift counter and ordered a coffee while watching her balance prepping lunch while frying pies and greeting the crowds, all from her house kitchen with cute light teal cabinets. We eventually ordered the last of the breakfast Yellow Jacket (eggs, potatoes, onions with biscuits). Look for this in a future blog post of recipes inspired by the 127 Yard Sale!! The rest of Possum Trot Variety is filled with books, decanters (Gustavo has been buying a bunch), and a mash-up of various old things stuffed into every corner. I cant wait to visit this place next year!



the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-possum-trot-variety the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-possum-trot-variety the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-possum-trot-variety

Cumberland Mountain General Store: This location is ALWAYS packed and it is well deserved. This is one of the best overall stops on the 127 Yard Sale. It has 100+ vendors, food, ice cream and drinks. The rain from the day before had a few vendors packing but also had some ready to make some deals!

the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-cumberland-mountain-general-storeAround Cumberland General Store: There is one big stop before and two after leading into Crossville. You really can’t miss them as the traffic on the highway comes to a complete stop as you approach the markets. There are some smaller ones too, but that this point you might be a little tired. If you’re not, go for it!

the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-vintage-wood-chair-teal-white-canteen the-127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-Russell-Springs-frankfort-tennessee-vintage-glass-clear-knob-drawer-door-pull


-The Holiday Inn Express in Crossville is a great standard hotel. It’s clean and has a small breakfast/coffee available so you can grab a quick snack and some caffeine before you head out on the road. NOTE: It is a little off the 127 highway, about two exits east off Interstate 40.

-Possum Trot Variety: There is no excuse, you MUST visit Doris and her eclectic home/restaurant. Get a cup of coffee or the Yellow Jacket breakfast or fried pie then hang out at the bar and watch Doris work her magic. She’s super nice. Tip her well!

-El Cancun Mexican Restaurant: The only place that I have seen that serves tequila shots. It’s great after an exhausting day. Ask for “salsa picante” if you like HOT salsa.


-A number of good condition Descoware pieces all under $15 a piece

– Oak desk chair in great condition (needs a little cleaning and casters) for $15

-A vintage beautician’s table

-A vintage crock pot

-Silver and glass wood warmer and mixed set of silver-plated utensils for 10 + serving pieces

-Delilah Snell

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