127 Yard Sale: Day 4 – Tennessee – Crossville to Chattanooga

Editor’s Note: This post is a part of our series on Delilah’s annual trip to the 127 yard sale. We’ll be back next week with DIY projects, recipes, inspiration and business tips. -Nicole S.

We’re in the final stretch! We are pretty tired and broke but this part of the trip is our favorite because we get to hit my favorite vendor on the 127 Yard Sale. I have been visiting and buying consistently from Buck Creek Antiques since my first 127 yard sale six years ago. There are a number of stops on the final leg of our trip leading up to Signal Mountain. You can keep going south to Gadsden, Alabama (although we didn’t have too much luck there).

127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-blue-sign-lunchboxHere are the stops I suggest:

Downtown Crossville on Highway 127: There is a large market on the right about two minutes south of Interstate 40. It is the second market after you hit Interstate 40. We had never stopped there before but this turned out to be a fantastic stop! I ended up spending time talking to and buying from from Hooked on Vintage who had racks upon racks of vintage clothing, accessories and perfume. This is a GREAT stop and very much unlike anything I have seen on the 127 Yard Sale. As far as quality goes, Hooked on Vintage can’t be beat!

127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-vintage-clothesPast downtown on left: Look for the big 127yardsale.com banner on the right. This is a huge area with some good deals.

Log Cabin at Highway 127: About a 30-40 minute drive out of Crossville you will eventually enter a valley. You will pass a big barn with “Rock City” on the roof and about five minutes after that you will enter a large market encompassing both sides of the highway. Buck Creek is to the left up against the road. You can’t miss it. Just look at their displays in the photos in this post. They’re unlike anyone else on the 127 Yard Sale and well worth the trip. *NOTE: This is the hottest/muggiest stop on the 127 Yard Sale because it is in a valley.

127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-vintage-vintage-glassware-chicken-white-stuffed 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-vintage-female-mannequin-head 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-vintage-tent After visiting, shopping and being caught in a short downpour, we looked at the sky and saw dark storm clouds approaching. The clouds seemed to move fast in the area, so we quickly said our goodbyes and got in our car and within 10 minutes, we could not even see outside our window. It was a little scary. If you don’t feel comfortable driving in these conditions, pull over or stay at whatever market you are in and wait for the rain to pass.

127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-sky-dark-storm-clouds 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-soup 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee

127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-vintage-owl-pin-brooch-green-eyes-blue-silver 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-utensils-utencils-silver-fork-knife-spoon-collection-pile 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-vintage-gas-pump-greenOur last stops on the 127 Yard Sale are two markets on the top of Signal Mountain, which are about a 40 minute drive from the Log Cabin stop. This location usually has a great selection of vendors and vegetarian corn dogs with jalapenos (a favorite of the trip!). However, I think this location got the brunt of the stormy weekend and the vendors were literally ready to go home. They had a tough weekend and many had complained that the weather ruined items. About half of them had already left by the time we arrived. We did manage to score on a large wood and iron cart from a very nice vendor who was more than happy to not have to drag it back home. We had to unload the entire inside of the car to make room for it though!

That’s it for this years 127 Yard Sale!! We are already planning our 2015 trip while we’re driving to Nashville for some much needed rest. Tomorrow I will post some of my favorite signs from the trip along with some tips!! Stay tuned for a few recipes inspired by this years’ trip.


-At the larger Signal Mountain stop, there is a booth in the center that sells vegan corn dogs with jalapeno batter. They are DELICIOUS!

-Log Cabin St & Highway 127 stop: There is a shack in the middle of that spot that sells pinto beans with cabbage and cornbread. It was super simple but incredible. I could literally eat that dish everyday!

-Buck Creek Antiques: Aka my favorite vendor. AND, you’re welcome for the introduction to them. They’re at the Log Cabin Street & Highway 127 stop.

-“Rock City” barn: If you are heading South on Highway 127, before you hit Log Cabin Street & Highway 127, stop! It will be on the left. It’s a gigantic black barn. I have taken a number of pictures of it over the years. Heading north, it is less than 10 minutes from the Log Cabin stop on the right. It’s great for photos.


-Cream blazer, beautiful black floral dress and a owl pin from Hooked on Vintage

-Buck Creek Antiques… Basically everything: Cast iron pieces, a small sign, two knives, a cast iron bell for the front door, a bung mallet (for hammering in a bung- or a “cork” for kegs/whiskey barrels), cast iron rooster and I am sure I am forgetting a few other things

-A large wooden/iron cart that will be great for Patchwork Show!

127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-buck-creek-antiques-tools-letter 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-buck-creek-antiques-cast-iron-vintage 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-buck-creek-antiques-box-photo-vintage-bird 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-buck-creek-antiques-box-photo-vintage-frame-brush 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-buck-creek-antiques-box 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-buck-creek-antiques-book-red 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-buck-creek-antiques-star-gold 127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-buck-creek-antiques-tools-letter-book127-yard-sale-corridor-kentucky-tennessee-buck-creek-antiques-cast-iron-vintage-cowboy-boots

-Delilah Snell


    1. Evan!! i didnt know you wanted cast iron!!
      i got you a few knives and pie pans- but i also have some sweet enameled cast iron. this vendor has the BEST STUFF!!! XXOO
      PS: next year you are going!

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