Ampjar instantly matches you with complementary brands who will share your best content with their own loyal customers.


What is Ampjar?

Ampjar is an online community of brands.

By joining Ampjar, you get access to a curated community of brands who will share your best social content with their own loyal customers. Once you’re in, you can immediately gain access to 250,000 potential dream customers.

The strength of our community is our big advantage. Our invite-only platform selects high-quality brands based on the following criteria:

  1. Do they have quality products or services?

  2. Do they have authentic and engaging content?

  3. Do they have significant audiences who love them?

Typically, the founders of Ampjar community members are deeply involved with the business.


Tired of Facebook or Google ads?
Ampjar has a better way to help!

Ads built for you

Ampjar builds your ads for you using your most popular content from Instagram and from your email newsletters. It means the content that works will keep working for you until you say stop. No more guessing what’ll work, and running 48 split tests to find out!

Reach customers based on what matters

Your customers aren’t defined by their favourite TV shows and where they live. For brands with purpose like yours, we help you find customers that really care about authentic brands.

Banner ads don’t cut it anymore

Rather than buying ad space, what if you could get a personal intro to your dream customers by someone they already trust? Ampjar members lift each other up by shouting each other out in their email newsletters, eCommerce thank you pages, and socials. We care about authenticity and so do your customers.

What you give is what you get

You don’t just need to keep paying and paying every day for more ads. With Ampjar, what you give is what you get. You shout a brand out to your customers, someone else is going to shout you out. Pick and choose who you want to work with and meet your new customers this week.