How to Make Benedictine Spread

how-to-make-benedictine-spread-cucumber-dill-greek-yogurt-cream-cheeseI have been inspired by my recent trip to the 127 Yard Sale to recreate some of the yummy items I had. I’ve been going on the 127 Yard Sale for six years and I don’t know why I waited until now to do this but oh well! The next couple of months I will be posting some of my remakes and favorites. I hope they become yours as well!

Benedictine Spread/Dip: This is a popular Kentucky dip that we had in a few places over the years. Think of it as a Kentucky version of Tzatziki. Most recipes call for Mayonnaise, but I changed mine up by adding Greek yogurt. Like most of my recipes, the ingredients are not set in stone. Do you hate dill? Don’t add it!

-Delilah Snell

What to get:

-1-1.5 boxes of light cream cheese
-1 tablespoon of Greek yogurt (more if you want a thinner consistency)
-8 spring onions (white + light green part, use green for garnish)
-2 tablespoons of fresh Italian parsley
-2 tablespoons of fresh dill
-2 Persian cucumbers (sliced 1/4”), extras can be used for serving
-A dash of hot sauce


What to do:

1. Slice the cucumber and put it on a towel to soak up the extra moisture, leave it for 15-20 minutes and pat it dry.

how-to-make-benedictine-spread-cucumber-dill-greek-yogurt-cream-cheese2. Add all ingredients except the cucumber to a food processor and blend. Taste, adjust and blend.

how-to-make-benedictine-spread-cucumber-dill-greek-yogurt-cream-cheese3. Add the cucumbers and blend again. When it is at your desired flavor, pour into a container and refrigerate for 30 minutes before serving.

how-to-make-benedictine-spread-cucumber-dill-greek-yogurt-cream-cheeseTypically Benedictine spread is used in those fancy cucumber sandwiches with the crusts cut off- I guess it might be a fancy-schmancy ladies deal, but who says that’s the only thing it can be used on? Benedictine spread would be delish on bagels, raw celery, crackers or my favorite way, on whole wheat mini pitas with thinly sliced cucumber and chile as a light appetizer!



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