Thanks so much for being a part of our very first Camp Dear Handmade Life Virtual Summit! We are thrilled to have you join us! Below you’ll find some general information, tech jargon and the schedule for the Summit. Should you have any questions, please email


Handouts: If you will be using or referencing any sort of downloadable handout in your class, please submit the document via this form before Thursday, July 15, 2021 so that we can add it to the Lodge for our attendees. NOTE: This does not include your presentation slides.

Moderators: One of the Camp DHL Counselors (Nicole, Katie Mac or Spaulding) will be present for your class. We will be there to assist with tech support, moderate comments, ensure recording is working, etc. Then at the beginning of class, we’ll introduce you to the attendees and then “pass the mic”. We will also keep an eye on questions submitted via the chat and Q&A to make sure none of those are missed and are addressed in a timely manner during your class. 

If you would prefer to bring a member of your team to moderate comments and questions, that works, too! We just ask that they also be online 15 mins before the class start time.


Arrival Time: We ask that you arrive to your zoom link 15 mins before your class start time. This will give us time to work out any technical kinks, get your screen share loaded up (for business classes), make sure recording starts on time and that all. 

Q&A Session: Please plan to stay online for 5-15 minutes for Q&A after you teach.  

Supply lists: Summit craft class supply lists have been combined into a single file here. Please review the supply list for your class and let us know if we need to add anything else to it. You can email

The Lodge: You have been granted access to the Camp Dear Handmade Life LodgeThe Lodge is where our Campers go to receive their weekly coursework, supply lists, event replay videos, pre-recorded core workshops, weekly bonuses and more. In the Summit section of the Lodge (which is almost ready to go live), there are details for each of the workshops with a picture of each instructor and your bio. Below this description is a comment section where campers are able to ask questions, post feedback and more so be sure to check that out.

Facebook Community: The Campers Only Facebook Group is also a wonderful way to engage with our campers. If you would like to join the conversation there, please visit this link and (since it’s private to Campers only) request access. We’ll get you in ASAP. 

tech / streaming info

All classes will be conducted over Zoom. Your Zoom link can be found in your class information on the Camp DHL Summit Schedule. (All Zoom links will be added to the calendar events no later than Tuesday, July 13, 2021.) All classes will be recorded and made available for campers until September 1, 2021.

Craft classes will be conducted “gallery style” where the attendees can see you and you can see them. This will help them show you their work and engage better during the process should they have any issues. No fancy equipment is necessary for this. Your class can be filmed using your phone, an iPad, your webcam or any other secondary camera. Check out this cool step-by-step video our friend Jessie Katz Greenberg at Jumprope put together on how to DIY an at-home tripod rig for your phone! 

Business classes will be conducted “webinar style” where you will be visible as will your screen. Your presentation will stream from your computer. We will make sure the Zoom is set to allow you to share your screen. 

Handouts, instructions, etc. can be sent to to be made available for the campers to download.

CAMP DHL VIRTUAL SUMMIT SCHEDULE and interactive calendar

The schedule below is interactive! Click any of the titles to read a class description and see the Zoom link (once added) for each event. You can RSVP to any class you would like to personally attend. While RSVPs are not required to attend the classes, we encourage our attendees to RSVP so that we can have an idea of the attendance for each class prior to the Summit.

All times are listed in Pacific Time. However, you can edit the time zone to show you times in your area by clicking the Time Zone drop down menu at the bottom of the schedule.