Craftcation 2024 Presenters


AJ Young is the owner of Big Shoulders Fiber Company in Fennville, MI. Big Shoulders offers creative workshops and classes founded on the belief that all humans are inherently creative and being an adult shouldn’t be boring. AJ’s teaching experience runs from textiles & fiber art, to general crafting, to the university classroom. He has been crafting since he was very young, but started knitting seriously in 2014 while working on his dissertation. That led to taking classes in quilting and bag-making and he was hooked. AJ dabbles in pretty much anything with fiber or textiles – dyeing, weaving, crochet, etc. – but also has a longstanding love for printmaking & mixed media, especially when fabric is involved.


His personal art practice is heavily influenced by modern, folk, and mixed media art; themes of history, identity, & documentation; as well as his love of books, language, and nature. AJ and his husband Han, a non-profit manager and yoga teacher, are currently working towards opening their own creative arts & yoga studio in SW Michigan. You can find Big Shoulders Fiber Co. on Instagram at @bigshouldersfiberco!


Alex Byrne is an artist and entrepreneur living in Oakland, California. Originally from the UK, she lived and worked in London for more than 20 years before moving to Tokyo, Japan, and then to San Francisco in 2014. She has taught and studied quilts in all three countries. She became President of the SF Quilters Guild in 2016, serving for two years, and co-chaired the committee behind the very successful “QUILT San Francisco” quilt show in March 2023.

After time at Art College, Alex’s career took her into science, not-for-profits, and big-tech, while she continued to create and teach classes in sewing, embroidery, knitting and crochet. In 2023 she launched her company “Lixie Makes It” and organized the QUILT2024 event happening in January 2024 ( She has used her extensive e-commerce experience to help artists increase their visibility online and to develop new and additional income streams related to their art, as well as providing coaching services related to creative business set-up and development. At the same time she continues to create and exhibit her quilts, lecture about quilting, and teach craft workshops. You can read more about her at



Allie Mason is an Instagram expert, researcher, and experienced copywriter and content producer having worked across government, journalism, wellness, radio and television production, and entrepreneurship for almost 15 years.


She is also the CEO of Something Greater® and Something Greater School of Social™, where she offers social media management, education, consulting, & speaking from her decade of experience working in social and running her own social media management agency.


Allie has become well-known in her industry for her deep understanding of social media insights and analytics, and her ability to optimize social media strategies that remain true to her clients’ values, individuality, and business goals.



Allison Kreft is an artist, designer, & photographer with over 20 years of experience in the DIY, crafting & photo industries. While working to bring her own creativity to life in different mediums she also loves to collaborate with other artists and designers to help them with their vision.

Allison worked as an art director & designer for the silk-screen company Hambly Studios making unique papers and products for the paper crafting industry. She then focused on creating her own line of crafting products in addition to licensing her designs to different companies. You have likely run across one of her products at your favorite crafting or homegoods store. Allison also spent several years in the startup world working with other brands & illustrators to bring a new perspective to personalized photo books and cards.

In her free time you can find Allison pursuing her passion as a glass artist. She also enjoys looking for vintage treasures as her next source of inspiration (or just for her colorful home).

Alyson Toone-Aguilar (She/her)

Alyson Toone-Aguilar is the founder of Make It Work Crafts through which she teaches arts and crafts classes throughout the Los Angeles area. Although she is a jill-of-all-crafts, Alyson specializes in textile crafts because of her background as an apparel designer. She worked as a designer for ten years in New York’s Garment Center. Before moving to New York City, Alyson earned a bachelor’s degree in Fashion Design from Columbus College of Art and Design in her hometown Columbus, Ohio. Her experiences have culminated in a business that teaches crafts with a feminist perspective and a design thinking/STEAM focus. She currently resides in sunny Southern California with her husband and daughter.


Alyssa Blackwell is a life & business coach for entrepreneurs, specializing in ADHD, spirituality, women’s wealth and mindset reprogramming. She helps women to live a “f*ck yes” life by empowering them with the right strategies and teachings to live an easier, happier, more productive life.


Amy Guerrero is a creative entrepreneur and runs the Arizona-based business, Sunshine Craft Co. A graphic designer turned craft instructor; her studio welcomes anyone to try a DIY project or attend an artisan workshop. Named 2019’s Best Creative Facilitator by Phoenix New Times, her love for design, handcraft, and helping people explore their creativity merges throughout her career and work.

AMY TAN (she/her)

Amy Tangerine is a multi-passionate maker who thrives on providing creatives with the tools and space to see the bright side of life. She’s taught crafty workshops on all of the continents except for Antarctica, filmed tons of YouTube videos, and worked with awesome celebrities and brands. Her mission is to inspire and empower you to be mindful and intentional while finding joy and confidence through creativity. She’s obsessed with paper, inks, paints, and her family.


As a Creative Strategist and Mentor Mama Bear, I have the privilege of helping makers scale their brands with sustainability, not burnout. I’m on a mission to make systems sexy and talking about money less taboo.


From bartending nights and building my handmade children’s apparel empire by day, to working tirelessly to get my products into Whole Foods & boutiques nationwide, to the epic journey of opening a store & workshop space — I’ve hustled, made mistakes, celebrated victories, and earned an MBA worth of lessons in small business.


Along with helping makers thrive, I’m a Mama to 2 human children and 3 canine ones. I love dancing hula & salsa, making fart jokes with my husband, and am on a lifelong search for the perfect bowl of noodles. And I can’t wait to meet you.

Aysan Sarai (SHE/HER)

I’m a candle & soap maker from the Bay Area! I love to explore new crafts of all types, but candle and soap-making are my fields of expertise. I started Alpine Soapery during college as a side hobby after making my first batch of soap and falling in love with the process.


bethany bayless (SHE/HER)

Bethany Bayless is a graphic designer, illustrator, proud Mama of 2, and the creative mind behind Wildwind Lane.


For the past decade, Bethany traveled the world as a professional speaker, and emcee. But as it did for many, life took an unexpected turn in the wake of 2020. It marked the arrival of her first child, a global pandemic, as well as an abrupt ending to a career she built for years. That pivotal moment brought forth not only uncertainty but a new beginning as well.


During those uncertain times and early days of motherhood, Bethany turned to art and design as a form of therapy. As a way to encourage herself and others, she founded Wildwind Lane, a brand that seeks to cultivate kindness and encouragement through stickers, prints, stationary, wall hangings, and drinkware. Bethany believes that something as small as a sticker can brighten someone’s day and spread light to those who need it.



Christy is the creative business owner of Makit Takit, a drop-in craft studio in Lincoln, Nebraska. A true boss, Christy enjoys the strategic business planning as much as making things. This has lead to her expanding her business to include a mobile pop-up splatter unit, a yearly maker market, business mentoring/retreats, and a grown-up craft camp called Makit Together. She loves to travel, drink Diet Dr. Pepper, and go to therapy. She has a husband, two grown children, and her mom is her biggest fan.


Dari Litchman is an artist and crafts instructor in Brooklyn, NY. She also goes by her alias “The Craft Whisperer”. Dari has taught arts + crafts to people of all ages for 20+ years starting way back when in summer camp. Dari has led workshops with BUST MAGAZINE, BROOKLYN BRAINERY, BROOKFIELD PLACE, FROST VALLEY YMCA, CRAFTJAM, and has been featured in SWEET PAUL MAGAZINE.

Dari is the owner and operator of The Craft Salon, a super fun arts and crafts studio in Brooklyn, NY where the motto is #LETSMAKESTUFF. The studio caters to kids, adults, and in-between.

Dari loves making things and can often be seen sewing, knitting, decoupage-ing, decorating, embellishing, cutting, and gluing. She is partial to rainbows and glitter. Lots of glitter.

Dari lives in NY with her husband Jonathan, 15-year-old daughter Love, and a rescue dog named “Mister P”.


Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh is a California based visual and teaching artist. She works with people of all ages, backgrounds and abilities to facilitate spaces where they can nurture their creativity. A lover of material and exploration, she is well versed in a wide range of art materials and techniques.

Her personal arts practice is rooted in storytelling and observing the ever changing world we live in. Dawline-Jane’s art work has been displayed in galleries across the US and abroad, and has been featured in Teen Vogue, ProPublica and WNYC’s Science Fridays.


Del Friday is a lawyer and mom living in a suburb of Vancouver that you will never visit. She is well-known for her laugh, enthusiasm, and ability to make even a rock talk. Her legal career could be described as unremarkable, but Del is perfectly satisfied with her accomplishments and her tiny law firm. The firm provides her with the time to pursue her many passions, including starting and sometimes finishing craft projects and facilitating workshops and educational webinars for the legal community. “If I can get lawyers to engage in vulnerable conversations, imagine what is possible at Craftcation! I can’t wait to gather together to share and grow our collective business knowledge.”


Writer and illustrator Emily McDowell is best-known as the founder and former CEO of the stationery brand Em & Friends (formerly Emily McDowell Studio), making greeting cards and gifts for the relationships we really have. In 2015, Emily’s signature Empathy Cards for serious illness and loss, created as a more supportive and honest alternative to traditional sympathy cards, inspired a sea change to the greeting card industry.

Emily’s work has been featured in hundreds of major media outlets, including The New York Times, Good Morning America, NBC Nightly News, BBC News, and NPR’s All Things Considered. She is also the co-author and illustrator of the book “There Is No Good Card for This: What to Say and Do When Life Gets Scary, Awful, and Unfair to People You Love.”

In March of 2022, Em & Friends was acquired by Union Square & Co., the publishing arm of Barnes & Noble, and Emily did not move forward with the brand. Today, April 1, 2024, happens to be her first day of freedom from seven years of noncompete agreements, and she can’t wait to get to work as an advisor, consultant and teacher, helping you learn from her experience, successes, and mistakes. You can find her on Substack, where she writes the newsletter “Unqualified” and is working on building a career without social media.



Eveline Feldmann’s journey began in the heart of Swiss craftsmanship, shaped by her artisan parents. With a background in architecture and a Master’s in Contemporary Arts, her installations resonate with human vulnerability and environmental themes, epitomized by her notable sculpture, “Eveline Feldmann-Finder,” at the University Bern Campus.

Venturing to New York City, Eveline shared her art in galleries and honed her design skills as Art Director for esteemed institutions like the Swiss Federal Archives, Brooklyn Art Museum, and FCBHealth advertising agency. Settled with her own family in Mount Vernon, NY, Eveline brings her creative passion to Beacon Adhesives Co. Inc. where she infuses her artistic vision into the brand and its consumer products. Driven by creative innovation and solutions and a commitment to community, she continues to inspire and excel in creativity at the forefront of maker connections.


Even Howard is a product and installation artist working in process oriented and relational methods. They are currently creating wearables and near wearable pieces such as jewelry and clothing with traditional fiber arts techniques and mixed materials in methodical processes. With experience from childhood thanks to family and community care, Even is at home in fiber processes from growing plants and receiving from animal kin to intricate stitch-work and large scale sculpture.


As a teaching and community based artist, Even enjoys facilitating exploration, honoring materials, celebrating wisdom legacies, and building functional pieces. Her classes are designed to spark remembrance and connection and provide a “just right” level of skills to those newly experiencing the joys and depths of handwork and enhance the capacity of experienced creatives. Even offers tarot readings and workshops as a path to meet the creative wellspring in each of us and they’re excited to be back reading and working alongside the Craftcation community.

faye weiss (SHE/HER)

Faye Weiss is a vintage-inspired maker of all things with needles and thread based in Flagstaff, AZ, who enjoys sharing her love of fiber arts with others through teaching and pattern design. She learned to knit at a young age and has spent more than a decade teaching knit and crochet classes. Feeling ready for something new during the chaos of the pandemic, Faye taught herself to sew and discovered the magic that is making your own clothes and lingerie. She can’t wait to help you gain the confidence and skills to create your own handmade wardrobe. When away from her home studio, Faye can be found cooking or traveling with her husband and three (spoiled) rescue dogs.

Hannah Bartelt (she/her)

Hannah Bartelt is the granddaughter of Walnut Hollow founder, Dave Ladd. Immersed in the wood crafting world her entire life, she has always had a knack for creating with wood surfaces. Since 2015, she has supported and uplifted the virtual Walnut Hollow community on social media. Her current role, Category Brand Specialist for Walnut Hollow, makes her your go-to girl for wood surface and wood burning questions. She dabbles in wood burning techniques such as line drawing, hand lettering, and personalizing functional items.


I’m Heather Kinney, the Animal-Inspired Artisan behind Heather Kinney Creations and Paint Your Pet Events! From a young age, I’ve explored creativity any way I could. After studying graphic design in college, I found that while I appreciated the technical aspects, my heart truly lies in creating art with my hands.


I ultimately found my niche in painting realistic pet portraits. Memorializing and creating heart healing gifts that pet owners can cherish for years to come has been my greatest honor.

In addition to my commissioned work, I also host Paint Your Pet Events, where I teach others how to paint their own portraits of their pets! Paint Your Pet Events stands out from the typical “Paint N Sip” because of it’s customized approach and because of how we give back! Attendees know that a portion their tickets go directly to local animal rescues and charities. Events are hosted at local craft breweries and animal charities helping to support other small businesses and having full circle impact on supporting the local community. I believe if we all do a little bit to support each other, we can do a lot!


So, whether you’re a seasoned artist or just starting your creative journey, join us for a Paint Your Pet Event. Let’s paint, create, and give back together, making a difference that resonates far and wide!

holly marsh (SHE/HER)

Holly is an illustrator/maker/nerd with a neurospicy brain…which tracks, as she owns two businesses. Yes, two. Why? Squirrels. hollymarshmallow is her art + illustration + products biz. Ecommerce Arcade is her design + websites + marketing service business. She has over a decade of experience selling products online, in-person, and wholesale.


Holly lives in Astoria, Oregon (yes, where they filmed The Goonies!) with her husband, two children, a geriatric Pomeranian (Marley), a rambunctious tuxedo kitty (Ahsoka), and a humongous ragdoll kitty (Mr. Business). On any given day, you may find Holly making art, working with clients, volunteering in her community, or just generally nerding out. If you ask her for the answer to the Ultimate Question of Life, the Universe, and Everything, she’ll tell you. IYKYK. 😉


Janet LeBlanc is an accountant, financial educator, and the founder of Paper + Spark. She lives in Greenville, South Carolina, with her husband and two kids. Since 2014, her mission has been to help makers, handmade sellers and creative entrepreneurs get more confident about running the financial side of their business. She’s passionate about empowering you to achieve your entrepreneurial dreams by more completely understanding the biz side of things so you can feel good about making money!


Jenn Lamb is an artist primarily working in ceramics with her business, Unurth. She is a 5th gen Californian exploring and living in the gorgeous Pacific Northwest. Painting and nature walking are an integral part of her creative process. She has a BFA from Otis College of Art in Los Angeles with studies ranging from product design to botanical illustration.


Jennifer Priest is a prominent online marketing strategist, educator, and organic traffic expert at specializing in helping online business owners build organic revenue machines via search and email. Jennifer’s experience as an etsy shop owner, online course creator, blogger and influencer at, and social media manager give her a unique understanding of the challenges of running and marketing a digital biz, which she brings to her work with bloggers and online businesses alike.


Jenny Chang is an artist living in San Luis Obispo, CA who specializes in painting quirky animals and art inspired by nature. Originally on the path of biological research, her love of art took over and she pursued her lifelong dream. Her work started with small paintings and Christmas ornaments, but over the pandemic she took her art outside and started painting windows for local businesses. Lately, she has been incorporating textiles, natural dyes and pressed flowers into her work. Jenny’s art is characterized by bright colors, natural motifs, and unique humor. When not creating, she loves gardening, reading, and hanging out with her husband and three kids.


Jessie Katz Greenberg is a crafter, educator, and content creator living in NYC with her husband, two cats, and two hermit crabs. With a BFA in Visual Communication Design and Art History, Jessie spent ten years as a graphic designer before focusing on community management where she specialized in engaging creatives through educational events and content. She is obsessed with crafting, which shines through her experiences as Artist Community Manager at Spoonflower, Co-Host of the Craft Hangout Podcast, Director of Craft, DIY, & Home Content at Jumprope (a video startup purchased by LinkedIn), and her breadth of workshops including embroidery, hand lettering, printmaking, glass etching, paper crafting, and more.

Learn from Jessie at @jessiekatzgreenberg on Instagram, TikTok, YouTube, and Pinterest.


Joan is a long time professor, professional costumer, and YouTube host. Teaching sewing is what Joan does both in the classroom and for her YouTube show BreaknRemake. If you sew or want to learn BreaknRemake provides inclusive sewing education that removes the intimidation of learning something new and supports you on your creative journey to confidence and comfort. Plus, it’s FUN as hell!


Jo Gick is and Interior Designer, Maker, and small business owner that loves to meet other creatives and learn from them. There isn’t a medium she hasn’t tried. You may have seen her on Season 1 of NBC’s “Making It” where she was a finalist on the show. When she’s not creating for her Etsy shop OhSoJoDesigns, she is cheering for her children at their volleyball games or tackling a house project with her husband. She loves a long nap and her 3 rescue dogs!

Kamaria Hill (SHE/HER)

K. Hill is a veteran of the television and film industry with over fifteen years experience in Creative Services & Product Development, having worked for top tier entertainment companies and non-profits including Twentieth Century Fox Film Corporation and the Los Angeles County Museum of Art.

An educational background in Mechanical Engineering combined with an unyielding creative spirit and thirst for knowledge makes her a hybrid of sorts. She uses this left and right-brain synergy to advocate for Crafters & Makers, sharing tools and resources that help them live their best lives with craftastic abandon.

Kathryn Snell-Ryan (SHE/HER)

Kathryn Snell-Ryan, LPC, ATR, is a long-time maker, art therapist, and psychotherapist committed to getting disconnected or aimless creatives back to their craft. She is keenly aware that helping creative types manage their emotional health is crucial to ensuring that wonder and creative practice are available and sustained. She is the co-author of the international best-selling book on creativity, The Creative Lifebook, and is the founder of MAKE, an online collective for artists and crafters seeking creative time and community.


Kari Chapin has written four books (so far!), including The Handmade Marketplace, a seminal guide for creative makers. She works full time in publishing, as a Senior Writer & Editor specializing in Gift. She’s designed her own line of creativity tools and creates and authors everything from guided journals to sticky notes and has been writing top-selling greeting cards for Em & friends for heaps of years now. Her most recent product is called Letters to Destroy – 25 Incredibly Honest Guided Letters to Write & Never Send ( – cheaper than therapy but also legitimately therapeutic! She keeps an online diary about everything from writing greeting cards to novels on Substack If you’d like to say hi, please stop by and subscribe! Kari lives happily in the Berkshire Hills of western Massachusetts with her family + is looking forward to meeting you.

kate kryder

Kate never met a craft she didnt like and is thrilled to be back at Craftcation for the fourth time! In her classes, Kate hopes you make a mistake, try something new, form a new friendship and most importantly have fun!


Katherine Lee is the designer behind the popular line of knitting and crochet patterns. Her designs are known for their ultra feminine detailing, modern, yet timeless appeal, and flattering shapes. She loves to incorporate lots of lace and cable patterns to create patterns that are fun to knit or crochet and wear!

Her SweaterBabe designs are inspired by the beauty of a particular stitch pattern or yarn, as well as the “Southern California” vibe and style.

She sells her SweaterBabe knitting and crochet patterns (over 300 designs!) at, and through Ravelry and some of the major online yarn shops. Her designs have been published in Vogue Knitting on the Go! books, in several crochet books from Lark Books, and in her own book, SweaterBabe’s Fabulous and Flirty Crochet.

Katherine also loves to teach knitting and crochet. She’s taught at yarn stores, as well as through private and group lessons, in Los Angeles. She now resides in Orange County with her husband and 3 teenage daughters. When she’s not working on her pattern designs or teaching, she’s cooking, sewing (Covid hobby!), hanging out with her family and friends, or playing lots of pickleball!

kathryn harris

After shooting weddings for over a decade, Kathryn pivoted her focus on lifestyle and brand photography. She also creates content, promoting products and ideas that make life easier, and a little prettier. Connecting with people and capturing their stories is her superpower. She takes pride in the fact she can make anyone (even Katie Mac!) feel comfortable in front of the camera.

Huntington Beach, CA is where she calls home. When she’s not working, you can find her Ubering her kids around town to different activities, creating a new dish from leftovers or soaking in a bubble bath, glass of wine in one hand and a good book in the other.

"katie mac" macavoy

Katie Mac is a maker, marketer and Mama living in Atlanta with her husband, two kids and maniacal dog. She started her professional career working for large corporations like IBM and Rolling Stone Magazine before finding her niche working for and with small businesses. She believes in shopping small, eating local and always roots for the underdog. Her love languages include tacos, sarcasm, travel, and flavored potato chips. She’s a self-proclaimed foodie-in-training, developed a love of cooking from her (healthy and not at all weird) obsession with Gordon Ramsay and loves to try new and adventurous foods.

When she’s not wearing the many hats in her role as COO + Director of Digital at Dear Handmade Life, you can find her crafting all the things with her mini-me daughter, watching soccer and The Office reruns with her teenage son, binging ALL the true crime with her husband, cheering on her beloved (and newly crowned National Champion) Georgia Bulldogs and (2021 World Series Champion) Atlanta Braves and squeezing in as much time with her girl gang as possible.

kelly affleck (She/her)

Kelly of Tomato Tomato Creative, helps kids and adults alike unlock their creative selves with, DIY craft kits and creative workshops. Her workshops are based on the process of art and creative exploration to boost one’s own inspiration.


kerry burki (She/her)

Kerry Burki is the author of the books Stellar Vibrations and Tend To Your Vibration. She is passionate about finding unique and simple ways to help others feel good about themselves and create lives they love. Kerry is a certified yoga teacher, intuitive mentor, and magical living coach. She also has an online course based on her book Tend To Your Vibration. She teaches about the law of attraction at the Southwest Institute of Healing Arts in Tempe, AZ. Learn more at

Krizia Flores (SHE/HER)

First Generation Latina owned and founded in 2013, Concrete Geometric grew out of Krizia’s love for minimalism, sacred geometry, plants and nature. Every piece is uniquely hand crafted by her. Using concrete as her medium she has created pieces for the Mayor of LA, Olympian Shaun White, and collaborated with other artists. Her work has been featured in Paris, NY, Canada, and LA Design Weeks through the years. Recently, she has begun teaching design workshops from her studio and online. These group workshops range from 10 year old students on zoom to large corporate team building classes for META, Instagram, Paramount pictures and more. Krizia believes creativity happens when you’re inspired by your surroundings, whether that be creating a calming vibe for a special area of your home or being out in nature and using an object you found as the inspiration for your piece. Her mantra is simple: get out of your mind and into your hands.

Lanae Rhoads (SHE/HER)

I’ve been cooking up good stuff my whole life, starting in the kitchen, where my mom taught me to love to eat plants! Even in 2005 when I started making soap from home while my two daughters were little, I committed to making good-for-you, all-natural products that are, you guessed it, plant-based. Mixing up soaps, lotions, and other body care is a lot like cooking – it’s all chemistry, really! I originally began simply as a wholesale soap and body care company, but throughout that journey I missed spending time with people. I occasionally had the opportunity to teach classes on how to make soap, lotion and lip balms. Every time I did I realized I was so much more passionate about teaching people what was in their skincare and how they could create it for themselves than simply making it. Throughout this time I was working on a makeup line, but with the realization that teaching and offering experiences was so much more exciting I pivoted. I started figuring out how I could teach people how to make their own makeup without harsh chemicals or synthetic dyes. In 2015 I added custom cosmetics to my line of skin and body care products, and Mix Cosmetiques was born. If you don’t find me mixing up something fabulous in my lab or something yummy at home, you’ll find me among my plants in the garden or curled up with a book and a mug of tea (hot, steeped plants…are you seeing a trend here?). My family will joke that I love plants more than them, but far from true, all the plant love is aimed at serving them, their friends and my clients well, into good health inside and out.


Laura Lambert is a public speaker, content creator, and digital marketing specialist hailing from Nashville, TN. She is a wife, mother to two little ones (Henry and Hallie), and an avid crafter, who took to the Internet during the shifts of 2020, proving how powerful creativity and authenticity can become when intertwined. Laura’s crafting journey began with a Cricut machine, a Mother’s Day gift that soon transformed into a passion project. She started sharing her creative process on TikTok, which not only resulted in her amassing an audience of now over 400,000 followers across Instagram and TikTok, but also led to the establishment of the inclusive ‘Happy Crafting Crew’. Responding to the all-too-common sentiments of self-proclaimed “non-creatives”, Laura’s mission became to inspire and empower individuals, demonstrating that “If I can do it, you can too”. Her mission rests on the core belief that everyone is designed to be creative…sometimes they just need to be reminded.

Having expertise in creating custom SVGs using tools like Canva, Procreate, and Inkscape, Laura operates the Etsy shop ‘Happy Crafting Crew‘ where she markets her designs. Her enthusiasm for teaching others to unearth their latent creativity and harness the potential of social media is both captivating and infectious.

Laura now shares her story and mission on a broader scale, engaging audiences of all sizes. She brings her creative expertise, focusing on sharing inspiring and practical insights about creativity, social media, the power of story, and authenticity online. You can connect with Laura on Instagram, TikTok, or YouTube as @itslauralambert, or reach out via email at

If you would like to learn how to make your own SVG cut files, check out her website and join her Ultimate SVG Creator Course!


Marisa Lynch is a Los Angeles based blogger and author of the book “New Dress A Day” published by Random House. When she’s not sifting through vintage bling at the flea market, you can find her scrolling through Instagram while waiting on line at Starbucks (say hi @newdressaday), behind a sewing machine with Dua Lipa playing on Spotify, or hanging out with her newborn son, doing late night feeds with episodes of Succession keeping them company. 


She’s been featured in the NY Times, Glamour, and on Anderson Cooper, but her most beloved moment was when Rihanna called her vintage Harley Davidson t-shirt badass. 

marlo miyashiro (SHE/HER)

Marlo Miyashiro (@imakecutestuff) is a jeweler, crafter, teacher, product photographer, and crafts business mentor at Creative Arts Consulting where she helps emerging artists find their next best step toward growing their creative businesses. She was the organizer for the Seattle area Etsy sellers team for 10 years, taught classes on CreativeLive, and is currently co-owner and managing director of The Handmade Showroom and Bezel & Kiln – two retail gift galleries established in 2015 and 2019 whose overall mission is to #elevatehandmade by showcasing highly curated collections of more than 200 artists from all over the US and abroad.

Michelle Feileacan (SHE/HER)

Michelle Feileacan is a parent, a maker, an artist, and small business owner. When she’s not running her shop, she’s at the metalsmithing bench, spending time with her teens, working in the garden, floating on the river, drawing, crafting or eating tacos. She believes that art and creativity bring joy, insight and healing and that all people can tap into creative expression. She has taught beading, sewing, block printing, photography and many other artistic and technical skills.

Mo Vazquez (SHE/HER)

Mo Vázquez is a designer, mom of four, child of the 80s, and life-long sticker lover. In 2014, she launched Pipsticks, a subscription sticker club, in order to bring back the magic of sticker collecting. Pipsticks grew quickly, sending perfectly curated packs of stickers to thousands of subscribers each month. Since then, she’s designed and sold millions of stickers, sticker books, and stationery to sticker lovers around the world.

Mo lived in Seattle, San Francisco, New York, and London before moving to San Luis Obispo, California in 2015. There, she grew the Pipsticks team and established the flagship Pipsticks sticker shop in 2017. With thousands of subscribers in over 60 countries, she has fostered a community of international sticker lovers of all ages and is hell bent on spreading the butterflies-in-your-stomach feeling of sticker love far and wide, while raising the next generation of sticker lovers at home.


More info coming soon!

Monica Tetteh (SHE/HER)

Monica Monyo-Tetteh, also known as, That’s Sew Monica is a Sewing, DIY, and Lifestyle Creative. Born and raised in New York City with Ghanaian roots, Monica turned to sewing as a way to connect with her late mother. She possesses a deep passion for sewing and the sewing community. Monica is a co-owner of Sewrority Wear, LLC, a sewing novelty and apparel company. She organizes a monthly sew-a-long called SEWYOURVIEW and hosts a regular in-person sewing meetup called Project Sew.

Monique Malcolm (SHE/HER)

Monique Malcolm is a seasoned productivity expert, writer, and the founder of Take Tiny Action. She is dedicated to helping people achieve their goals in a sustainable way. Her approach involves taking small and consistent steps over time, which allows people to achieve their ambitions while maintaining a healthy, balanced, and fulfilling lifestyle.

She lives in Florida with her husband and son. When she’s not working, she loves soaking up the sun at the beach or hopping onto her bike for a spin class.


Nache’ Snow is a seasoned expert in productivity, a podcaster, and an online educator deeply passionate about creativity. She excels in managing various ventures, such as selling handmade goods and digital products, all while maintaining a full-time job. Nache’ strongly advocates for the importance of hobbies and wholeheartedly embraces diverse interests, including hand lettering, stained glass crafting, and journaling. Efficiently navigating both work and creative pursuits, she leverages technological innovations like generative AI, Notion, and creation apps. Through the Studio 78 Podcast, her resource-rich website, and the Substack community Dreams Plans Ideas, she empowers women to prioritize their passions and achieve their creative aspirations.

Natalie Keller-Pariano (SHE/HER)

Natalie Keller Pariano is a lettering artist, educator, and NatterDoodle‘s Chief Sprinkler of Positivity Confetti. She has been described as the Kimmy Schmidt of paper – colorful, quirky, socially conscious, and FUN!

After 10 years in higher education at Denison University, most recently as the Dean of Co-Curricular Design, Natalie moved to pursue entrepreneurship full-time with her brand NatterDoodle, featuring Natalie’s fresh take on wordplay and celebrates themes of joy and justice. You can find NatterDoodle’s stationery and lifestyle goods like stickers, stationery, art prints, and other giftables at more than 200 shops nationwide, as well as its flagship store and working studio in Columbus, Ohio. Her designs can also be spotted at retailers like Apple, TJ Maxx, HomeGoods, Ross, & Tuesday Morning.

Natalie hosts a sold out series of creative workshops or “Pen Parties” across the country at art studios, universities, and with some of your favorite brands like JetBlue, lululemon, Twitch, Abbott, and Big Lots. With a popular Instagram (@natterdoodles) known for it’s rainbow theme, knack for storytelling, and a keen eye for color, Natalie has carved out a place as an artist to watch and alongside her sidekick (rescue pup Confetticine Alfredo), Natalie is one of Columbus’ most colorful personalities and everyone’s online bestie.

Nicole Stevenson

Nicole Stevenson is a multi-passionate creative, middle-aged first-time mama, impostor syndrome warrior, Korean BBQ connoisseur and the CEO and creative director at Dear Handmade Life.

Nicole’s desire to help other creatives pursue their dream business and discover the joy of making led her away from her own handmade business and into teaching, consulting, running her own workshop studio and eventually co-founding Dear Handmade Life in 2007. Now, she connects, educates and shortens the learning curve for other creatives by sharing what she’s learned through the Dear Handmade Life events like Craftcation Conference, Patchwork Show and Camp Dear Handmade Life, blog and podcast. She has a BA and an MA in English and a dual “PhD” in crafting to keep your sanity and badass business skills from the School of Life. 


Rachael Duran is the owner/maker at thunder textile. Her interests include macrame, printmaking, marbling, and knitting but her true passion is working with dye. She’s a self taught dyer and works exclusively with natural fiber textiles. Whenever she’s not starting a new project or tackling a new craft she’s having fun with her husband and daughter.


Rebeca Mojica is an award-winning jewelry artist, instructor and best-selling author who has been designing and teaching chainmaille jewelry since 2002. She started her crafts supplies business, Blue Buddha Boutique, as very-part-time side hustle, and nine years later, the company generated $1M in annual sales. Driven by a strong desire to reach the next generation of crafters, Rebeca partnered with a toy manufacturer to create Linkt Craft Kits, the first line of chainmaille jewelry kits for children aged 8 and up. Before moving to sunny Los Angeles, she had a retail storefront in Chicago and helped produce the long-running indie artisan fair The DIY Trunk Show. Rebeca is a person with many passions, and when she’s not linking tiny metal rings, you might find her powerlifting, clumsily playing the handpan, training her cat, reading about cosmology, contemplating fractals, riding her bike or learning all she can about whatever her latest special interest is.


Rebecca “Bex” Inkrote is a web designer, WordPress expert, and educator for handmade business owners. She specializes in teaching creative entrepreneurs how to expand beyond Etsy and create their own e-commerce websites.

With an art degree in graphic design and over 13 years of web design experience, Rebecca has crafted branding, print materials, and websites for all sorts of small businesses. After exploring various website platforms including coding by hand, DNN, Drupal, Magento, and more, Bex found her niche in WordPress back in 2013. Later on, Rebecca transformed her soap-making hobby into a business, connecting with fellow handmade sellers. She quickly noticed a common need: help and guidance with setting up e-commerce websites!

Driven by a passion for both web technology and handicraft, Rebecca’s mission became clear: simplify the complex world of website building and empower handmade sellers to leverage the world’s most popular website-building tool. Rebecca is dedicated to guiding handmade sellers as they elevate beyond Etsy’s limits and take control of their online sales through their own websites. Through workshops, tutorials, and her signature online program, she equips artisans with the tools and knowledge to DIY their e-commerce website like a pro.


Rosalie Gale & her husband Douglas are the inventors of Shower Art – waterproof art you can hang in your shower with a suction cup. They own two retail shops in Seattle, WA: Ugly Baby and Monster. Rosalie is obsessed with winning board games, reverse appliqué, free-motion embroidery and souffle pens by Sakura.

She has attended and/or taught at every single Craftcation Conference and plans to attend or teach at every single one until they stop having them or she dies. She is in a self-made, low-stakes competition with Amy Tan of Amy Tangerine and if Amy misses Craftcation just one time – Rosalie wins!

Also, she likes potatoes.

sandra dotson (SHE/HER)

Sandra is the creative force behind Entangled Co. Originally from Germany, she now calls California her home, juggling the roles of a devoted mom to her little one, dog whisperer to their lovable elderly pup, and the maker behind Entangled Co.

Sandra’s background is a quirky blend of computer science and retail sales, a unique pairing that shines through in her handcrafted jewelry. Each piece is a testament to her passion for intricate details and wire weaving techniques, promising to captivate anyone who lays eyes on them. Her jewelry strives to help people express their authentic selves through intricate details in silver for a touch of personal magic.

Away from her jewelry-making haven, Sandra immerses herself in diverse interests. Whether she’s engrossed in watercolor magic, her latest needlepoint project, or lost in the pages of the newest sci-fi and fantasy novels, you’ll find her embracing creativity in every facet of her life.

Sannae Hopson (SHE/HER)

Meet the powerhouse behind Dame Body Butters and Scrubs, Dame Sannae Hopson. From the vibrant vibes of Los Angeles to the soulful heart of West Alabama, Dame Sannae is a certified holistic health expert and herbal skincare formulator, driven by an unyielding passion for women feeling confident and expressing self-love through natural beauty and wellness. Her skincare creations, featuring nourishing ingredients, unveil your skin’s natural radiant glow.

As a Craftcation returning presenter, Dame Sannae brings a wealth of experience, with her rise in the natural beauty industry showcased in publications like Bust Magazine, AOL Holistic Homes, LA Weekly, and ABC News.

Dame Sannae’s workshops are more than just skincare DIY; celebration of a journey toward holistic well-being. In each blend and creation, she uses plant-based, skin-nourishing ingredients meticulously chosen to reveal your skin’s natural radiant glow. With a mission to empower women to love and embrace their bodies confidently, Dame Sannae invites you to discover the art of self-love through natural beauty. Join her for a Craftcation experience that transcends skincare – it’s about embracing holistic well-being, self-love, and the beauty of being you.


Hi, my name is Sarah Deragon and I believe in big ideas, early-morning creativity, and the awesome opportunity of every new day. I’m a self-taught professional portrait photographer residing in the beautiful Bay Area. After getting burned out at my day job, I picked up a camera in my 30’s, reconnected with my creativity, and launched a business called Portraits To The People.


iPhoneography 101 | Not So Corporate Headshots (link coming soon) | Photo Walk Through Downtown Ventura



Shannon is what you might call a craftasaurus rex. In other words, she’s never met a craft she didn’t like. Once upon a time, she owned a knit shop in Portland, Oregon, and once upon another time, she designed knitting patterns. Now, Shannon helps run an amazing dyehouse, Knitted Wit, and a burgeoning craft shop, the Craft Emporium, while teaching the crafts she loves: weaving & embroidery currently. One of her favorite things to do is to share her love of craft with others, and see that lightbulb of craftiness come on.


Sharon J. Burton is a visual artist, art curator, poet, podcaster, teaching artist and certified creativity coach based in the Metropolitan Washington, DC area. As a visual artist, her work has been exhibited in juried exhibitions locally, regionally and nationally since 2006 and can be found in private collections across the country. She has shared her poetry at open mics in the DC area and her work was recently published in an anthology of poems entitled “Kaleidoscope: Women of Color Reflecting on Life”, published by Esther Productions, Inc. in 2022.


As a creativity coach, teaching artist and workshop facilitator, Sharon has focused on reaching people at mid-life by encouraging them to rediscover and reclaim their creative passions through creative aging and The Artist’s Way courses. Sharon serves as the host of the Spark Your Creative podcast focusing on midlife artists, writers and creatives who are impacting the world with their creative work.


Sharon received her Creativity Coaching Certification from the Creativity Coaching Association which she is a member. She was among 40 creativity coaches from around the globe to contribute to the book “Inside Creativity Coaching”, edited by Eric Masiel (Routledge Books) the first-ever case study examination of the art and practice of creativity coaching.

Sharon is the author of a new book, “Creative Sparks: 21 Affirmations & Inspiration for Creativity at Midlife” (Swiner Publishing) which is scheduled to be published in early 2024.

Sophy Lakshmanan (SHE/HER)

Hi! I am Sophy and like many of you out there, I also love to DIY gifts for friends and family. In 2012, I stumbled across Paper Quilling in YouTube and haven’t stopped quilling since then. Seeing that this craft was not widely known I jumped at the opportunity to create Miss Paper Craft, so more people can experience Paper Quilling. Paper Quilling is a craft in which thin strips of paper are rolled and shaped to make different designs and patterns. They are simple to make as it’s repetitive, but the final product looks complicated when all the pieces are put together. In Miss Paper craft you will find DIY kits to start learning Paper Quilling right away and in addition to that, you can also buy paper quilled lightweight earrings, which serve as my outlet to showcase my artwork. Looking forward to seeing at one of my workshops to experience Paper Quilling!

Stephanie Shirley (SHE/HER)

Hello friends! I am a maker of all things currently living in Las Vegas, NV. I create with a variety of materials and specialize in watercolor and polymer clay. I have been working as a full time artist and designer for almost three years now and I still cannot believe that this real life! All of my work is filled with color and meaning and I cannot wait to create with you.

tabitha harper (SHE/HER)

Tabitha Harper is an artist, studio owner, and lover of all things creative! Her driving passion is sharing the joy of creativity with kids (and adults who don’t take themselves too seriously). Tabitha has taught art independently for over a decade, and has enjoyed opportunities teaching nationally for brands like, Derwent, Holbein, and Plaza Arts. Running her brick and mortar locations McHarper Manor, and The Curious Kiln is a busy job; but when she’s not working, you’ll probably find her combing the aisles of an antique shop or flea market in search of kitschy holiday decor.

Teresa Remple (SHE/HER)

Teresa has been making her living as a maker since 1992. Her first business was doing Hair Wraps at festivals in the Seattle area. Whilst having a team of hair wrappers, she went back to school to learn pattern design and promptly started Texture Clothing. Now in its 23rd year of Texture Clothing, Teresa is now offering coaching to other makers as her part-time ‘heart-work’. 

Tiffany Tzeng (SHE/HER)

Tiffany “Tiff” Tzeng is a modern textile artist and instructor based in San Jose, CA. While she first picked up the needle in 2018, the creative spirit struck in 2020 while stuck in her college apartment and she hasn’t stopped since! As a self-taught artist, Tiff loves to experiment with color, texture, and multimedia and is inspired by eccentric subjects. While she specializes in embroidery, Tiff also enjoys crochet and learning everything to do with fiber art and hopes to make needlework accessible to a new generation of stitchers through her workshops and craft kits. You can find what she’s up to on Instagram (@stitchesbytiff) and TikTok (@stitchesbytiffshop)!

Victoria Meyers (SHE/HER)

Hi! I’m Victoria, I’m a multipassionate creative and homeschooling mom of two based in the suburbs of Los Angeles. My “day job” is running my handmade jewelry brand, but I’ve been sewing for as long as I can remember, and wholeheartedly believe that making your own clothes is one of the most empowering skills a person can have. After graduating from fashion school in 2017, I decided that I didn’t just want to make clothes, I wanted to share the magic of making with as many people as possible. For over 5 years, I’ve been guiding my students through the process of creating their dream garments by mastering sewing machine basics and demystifying pattern instructions. When my students leave one of my classes, they don’t just have a completed project, they have a new skill for life!