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Those who know me know that I am all about budget, I try to get the biggest bang for my buck (usually because I have so few)!

Over the past few weeks we have been getting a number of people asking about how to make their bucks go further at Craftcation. I know some of you are just starting out and need all the savings you can get so here are is how I would plan to save while having the best of the conference!

*ROOMS* aside from your ticket, the biggest expense will be your room. Most people will be staying at the Crowne Plaza (Craftcation central) and the convenience of the hotel makes late conversations with fellow attendees a little easier and our conference room block gives you almost $40 off the regular rates. You can however take my breakdown and apply that to the Best Western 2 blocks away (clean, modern and a great deal) for $80-85.

If you know anyone who is going I would message them right away or post on our facebook page. Really you will only be in the room to sleep and get ready- sharing a room will also afford you a catch-up on the days events that you were not able to attend.


Single= 105/night (+tax), 315/weekend

  • Split with 1 = 157.50 (not including tax)

Double= 115/night, 345/weekend

  • Split with 1= 172.50
  • Split with 2= 115
  • Split with 3= 86.25

*TRAVEL* If you are flying, see if someone can pick you up that is going to the conference. Whatever you do- DO NOT RENT A CAR! Don’t deal with the traffic, getting around and especially the expense! If you are flying into LAX, take the LAX FlyAway shuttle to Union Station and take the Amtrak to Ventura- the train stop is 1 block away from the Crowne Plaza (and the trip is $40 round trip). If flying into Santa Barbara, again DO NOT RENT A CAR- Ventura is the next stop on the train. Below are the current costs of a roundtrip train trip to Ventura from San Diego and from SF. I also did general estimations of gas from SF (since that is further away)- obviously the best thing to do is share a car with 3 others, it saves on gas $ and everyone can exchange notes/make a plan of attack on the drive!


  • SD-Ventura= 80 round trip
  • SF-ventura= 120 round trip


  • SD-Ventura=80 round trip
    • $40/2 people, 27/3 people, 10/4 people
    • SF-Ventura= 120
      • 60/2 people, 40/3people, 30/4 people

*FOOD* because y’all gotta eat! Although Craftcation doesn’t provide all of the meals during the conference -we do provide TH dinner, and FRI/SAT lunch that is substantial, handcrafted, local/organic when possible and caters to meat lovers, vegans and even gluten-free folks. We will also be providing snacks in attendee bags for snacks- there will be plenty to go around (seconds/thirds anyone??).

There are a number of places to visit in Ventura and we even have a walking food tour for $40 (where you will eat and drink your way across downtown), but for those on a budget – (and yours truly will be doing this), bring a cooler (hello, there is ice in the hotel!) or make sure your room has a fridge and GROCERY SHOP for your faves and have them on-hand.  Crowne Plaza also has a little coffee maker in the room too!

CRAFTCATION SHOPPING LIST: bananas, apples, 2-1L waters/person, 2 cheeses/hummus, 2 boxes of crackers, 3 yogurts, almonds, chocolates/cookies/something sweet, 6-pack of beer or $4 wine/champs

  • 1 person= 45 (can for SURE be less, I am aiming high)!
  • 2 people= 65/35 ea
  • 3 people= 75/25 ea
  • 4 people= 85/15ea

You don’t have to do everything in your room. For $25, you can easily have a meal in downtown or have a few drinks/snack a the bar – they have the BEST and affordable Happy Hour (you might have seen me taking advantage of that)!

Looking forward to seeing all of you in March!

-delilah snell


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