Craftcation Business and Makers Conference Registration is Open

If you’re a regular here at Dear Handmade Life then likely you already know about our once a year event: Craftcation Business and Makers Conference. If you’re new here, then welcome!

Join us for four life-changing days of making, meeting and learning at the beach in California and have an inspiring experience you’ll never forget.

Craftcation Business and Makers Conference from Dear Handmade Life

I also want to take a moment to answer some of our most frequently asked questions from prospective Craftcation attendees.

What if I don’t have a business but just want to hang out and make stuff?

Not everyone who comes to Craftcation has a business. We have lots of attendees who come solely for the DIY workshops and fun. You can fill all four days with hands-on workshops where you’ll bust out more amazing creations that you can imagine. From embroidery to block printing to sewing to painting to weaving + crochet + knitting to art journaling… we’ve got you covered!

What if I don’t currently have a business but have some ideas?

Figuring out where to focus your time and energy is easy when someone who’s been there before is guiding you. Craftcation will help you hone in on your perfect idea and create an action plan for your dream business.

What if I already have a business?

If you’re like us and you’ve been running your creative business for a while you have a whole different set of needs than beginners. You need the next-level mentorship that Craftcation provides so you can play a bigger game, balance your life, battle burnout, create alternative sources of income, be more productive and hone in on exactly what you need to do to make your brand even bigger and more profitable.

What if I’m an introvert or I’m nervous to attend alone?

Time and time again we hear Craftcation attendees tell us how the Craftcation community is unlike that from any other conference because it is so welcoming. There are no cliques at Craftcation. When you walk through the doors, you’re part of the Craftcation family. If you need help connecting, we have your back and will introduce you to your next best friends. 

What if funds are tight? 

We know it can be hard to budget for a conference which is why we do everything we can to make it possible for you to come to Craftcation so you can connect with your community, start or grow your business and have the creative vacation of a lifetime. Here are some great tips on attending on a budget. We also have a private Facebook group for registered attendees to connect with each other to share travel expenses and rooms. PLUS this year we’re offering a payment plan!

Craftcation SELLS OUT every year AND every year we get emails from people who wished they would have purchased their ticket sooner so they could spend four days making, meeting and learning at the beach. Don’t miss your once a year chance for an experience you’ll never forget.

Still have questions? Feel free to email us:

Don’t miss your chance for this once a year life-changing event so you can:

-Build your community
-Start the business of your dreams
-Get the tools and knowledge to push your existing business to the next level
-Feel the pure joy of learning new skills and making
-Spend four days at the beach having fun

Click here to join us!

 -Nicole + Delilah

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