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10 things I wish I had known before quitting my job to start my business


Let’s talk about failure! I have failed so much that I could have gone pro. So take it from me and let me share the top 10 things I wish I had known before quitting my job to start a creative business.  As an add-on, I’ll share the top things I wish people had told me when I opened my retail shops.  Let’s spend two hours together laughing and crying through the woes of starting a creative-based business. It will be like therapy, only way cheaper.

all about paying yourself

In this workshop, we’re diving deep into methods & mindsets for paying yourself for your hard work. We’ll apply some of the popular concepts from the book Profit First to your handmade business and discuss building in the ability to pay yourself into your biz model. If you have a problem spending everything you make, or if you haven’t been able to pay yourself much in the past, this workshop will help you make the changes to your financial structure you need to get there. 

Bank Accounts & Structuring Money For Your Biz

The most highly requested financial topic for entrepreneurs – let’s dig into the bank accounts every entrepreneur needs, why savings is important and how much you need to save, CEO money mindset, what to look for in a bank (you’ll also get a printout of questions you can ask when comparing banks), and how to pay yourself during fluctuating income. You’ll apply these concepts to your own business and walk away feeling confident, empowered, and clear on your next steps.

Boosting your online shop's average order value

One of the easiest ways to increase your total revenue is to increase the amount your customer spends at checkout – a stat known as your average order value. In this workshop, we’ll brainstorm over 40 ideas for you to boost your online shop’s average order value, and make more money with each customer.

Bust Through Creative Blocks

Let’s discover some of your creative blocks and learns ways to bust through them so you can enjoy life with more zest! Not trusting your intuition? Feeling creatively blocked? Busy comparing yourself to others? Limiting Beliefs? Not dreaming big enough? Want to feel more calm, cool, and collected?  You are a once-in-a-lifetime event! Let’s get you feeling like the creative rockstar you are and have fun along the way!

Charging Your Worth & Confidently Getting Paid

In our time together we will uncover how to find the perfect price for you, how to increase your income, the 5 money fears that may be blocking your success, and how to draw boundaries so you can work less and make more. You’ll walk away with a clear understanding of why you should be paid WELL for your services, what to charge, and how to sell more easily. we will close out with 30+ minutes of Q&A.

Content Planning for Creatives

Having a consistent marketing strategy is essential for success in business, but what are you even going to talk about? In this workshop we’ll map out how to leverage the same content across multiple channels, what types of content resonate with your audience, and create your very own editorial calendar for the coming month(s).

Convert an Idea into a Doable Project

To be a creative person is to be a wellspring of ideas, but too many ideas can lead to creative constipation. Here’s the thing, though: you don’t do ideas — you do projects. During this workshop, we’ll take a fuzzy idea and coax it into a doable project; along the way, we’ll address some common roadblocks and derailers so you can bake overcoming them into your plan.

Create Your first Digital Product With Ease

Have you been thinking about creating a course, writing and ebook or creating your own printable planner? In this workshop, you’ll learn how to turn your creative idea into a brilliant digital product that you can sell over and over again. Monique will cover her digital product creation framework, share tech requirements, and useful design tools. 

Create Your Best Customers

If you focus your efforts on selling to whoever will buy from you, you end up being scattered, uncertain about where to take your business, and making customers happy at the cost of your own happiness. You’ll walk away from this 90-minute workshop with insights, strategies, and plans to start creating more of your best customers who’ll increase your profit and save your sanity.

Creating Engaging Craft Videos

Want to share your crafty skills through engaging social media videos? This lecture will cover types of videos you can create, how to plan each video, writing a shot list and script, and how to film even if you don’t have professional equipment and lighting.

ethical and sustainable sourcing

Want to share your crafty skills through engaging social media videos? This lecture will cover types of videos you can create, how to plan each video, writing a shot list and script, and how to film even if you don’t have professional equipment and lighting.Sourcing products is tough. Other companies hold their manufacturing connections as closely guarded secrets, and supply chains are often complex and opaque. No one wants their business to inadvertently harm people or the planet, so how do you find well-made products from reputable sources? In this workshop we’ll define the values that are most important to your business and learn skills for researching products and communicating with companies that leave you feeling confident and excited about the things you sell—and in a better position to answer customers’ questions. You’re also guaranteed to learn some fascinating things about science and government along the way!

Get started with Shopify for your craft business

Shopify curious? This workshop is for you! We’ll compare web platforms and discuss what e-commerce website needs and mistakes to avoid. We’ll go over email marketing and how to integrate it into your website as well. At the end, we’ll create website strategy plans together so you can go home and get to work on launching your own site! Plus Q&A time. Be sure to bring a notebook or a laptop for note taking!

harness your superpower to sell

Your story is your strategy – YES, it really is that simple!  Wanna learn how to apply that same creative & crafty energy you use to create your products to your content? Join Content Strategist Gabriella Layne-Avery for a strategy sesh where you’ll gain clarity around your content marketing strategy and learn how to start creating content you actually enjoy with less stress, more strategy, and TRUE authenticity to power up your growth and impact on social media!


Let’s hire your dream team! We’re talking about how to hire interns, assistants, freelancers, and employees. You’ll learn how to structure your team so it complies with federal law and what key contract terms you need in place for each position. Plus, we’re sharing the exact (and a little unusual) hiring process that we use so you can find the right team, too. 

Host Virtual Crafting Workshops

Ever wanted to branch out and host online workshops? You can teach successful virtual crafting classes online add a new revenue stream to your crafty business. We will discuss different hosting platforms, working with brands for sponsorships, sending workshop supplies, follow-ups after each workshop, and more. The best thing about hosting events like this – meeting new people, networking, and sharing what you love.

How to Create a Schedule that Feeds Your Soul, Creativity, and Business

If your schedule doesn’t work for you, then you’re forever in a losing battle with time. It doesn’t have to be this way, though, as you can craft a schedule that feeds your soul, your creativity, and your business. At the end of this 90-minute workshop, you’ll walk away with a weekly blueprint that helps you prioritize, plan, and do what matters most.

how to start your dream company legally

Let’s start your company legally! You’ll learn how to register your company the right way, how to protect your business with trademarks and copyrights, and the key contracts that you’ll need to start + grow your business.

Kit it! When, How and Why to Add Kits to your Shop

Turning your products into kits can be a great way to add more revenue to your business. Kits provide your customers with everything they need to have a hands-on experience at home. It’s an opportunity to bring the creative process they love about your work into their own life. It’s also another lucrative revenue stream for your regulars that already know and love you. Additionally, It is a hook for new customers who will surely fall in love with your brand through a beautiful curated and thoughtful kit that brings the magic of making to them. There are so many opportunities for this product expansion as people gain comfort with video courses as well as an appreciation for home. It’s another way to package your already lovely products. This workshop will discuss when, how and why you should add kits to your shop! We will cover the sticking points of sourcing materials, packaging, branding and shipping. Bring your own ideas for the whole group to discuss. 


Ready to start your podcast? In this workshop, learn how to launch your own podcast in as little as 30 days. We will cover all of the basics like tech requirements, equipment, getting your show listed in podcast directories, and a 4-week plan to launch.

Mission-Focused Storytelling

“People don’t buy what you do. They buy why you do it.” – Simon Sinek // Every single one of us has a story to tell. Our stories are what make us human. They allow us to authentically connect to our audience. And each story is built around a ‘Why’. In this workshop, we’ll dig down to our core missions as Creatives. We’ll brainstorm how to craft different versions of our stories and where & how to share them with our audiences.

Nerdin' Out with Newsletters

You know your email list is your most important (and potentially lucrative) asset when it comes to marketing your business, but if you’re having a hard time coming up with content consistently, this class will help! We’ll talk about which style of newsletter you prefer, frequency, and draft a list of content to use when emailing your list so you’ll be sending it regularly, and with confidence. We’ll also cover some of the most essential automations to implement and some other favorite automated emails to continue cultivating your relationship with your customer without having to reinvent the wheel all the time.

Pricing Formulas - What you're missing

In this workshop, I’ll cover the key components of a sustainable & profitable handmade pricing strategy. We’ll use a flexible pricing formula as a base that you can modify to meet YOUR business needs and your financial goals. If you’ve been struggling to pay yourself what you deserve, if you’re not sure how to make sure you’re covering ALL your business costs, or if you’re clueless about how to have a healthy profit margin, this workshop is for you!

Publishing for Creatives

Dreaming of seeing your work published in book form? Curious about publishing opportunities? Art book editor Bridget Watson Payne will help get you closer to that dream, explaining the range of different publishing opportunities out there and offering strategies on how to approach each one. Take a deep dive into publishing and learn how to develop your best idea, craft a compelling pitch, get in touch with a publisher, connect with your book’s audience, and so much more! This talk will demystify the publishing process and help get you ready to take your project idea to the next level.

Put it in the Contract: What Small Business Owners Need to Know

Contracts can seem scary, but we’re breaking down what you need to know about protecting your biz. You’ll learn what contracts you should have in place, things to look for when reviewing a contract, and our top tips for negotiating a contract.


Marketing efforts not yielding the sales you’d expected? Not sure where to focus your marketing time or dollars? In this workshop, learn how to collect data about your business and compare it to industry benchmarks to figure out where your sales and marketing efforts could be producing better results. Awareness? Interest? Intent? Conversion? We’ll pinpoint the precise step(s) in the sales funnel where potential customers are dropping off and explore ways to increase your sales while decreasing wasted energy and marketing tasks you dislike.

The 8 traits all wealthy entrepreneurs have in common

This is the magic! Learn the 8 most pivotal pieces of being a wealthy entrepreneur. After 5,000 female entrepreneurs studied, these are the 8 traits that all successful people have in common. If you can implement these, you are well on your way to becoming a millionaire! We will have Q&A at the end, as well as intro & closing meditation to ground us and awaken our inner millionaire.

Website Content That Sells and Drives Traffic

Your website content can be used to interest, tempt, and inform your customers. If created strategically, it can also bring traffic to your site from Google. Learn more about some basic and advanced Search Engine Optimization tips while we discuss what kind of content is important on your website, and how to optimize your site for both sales and traffic. We will talk about leveraging your informational text, blog posts, product reviews and testimonials, as well as your FAQ and “how to” pages.

Wholesale Line Sheets, Look Books, and Catalogs

Learn how to organize and prepare your collection to present to wholesale buyers and store owners with Marlo Miyashiro, Co-owner and Managing Director of The Handmade Showroom. Find out the components you need to create effective line sheets, look books, and catalogs (both online and print) that will encourage buyers to place bigger orders with you more often. We’ll also cover some helpful insider tips on setting your wholesale terms and prices that will boost your work above others in your category. Participants are encouraged to bring in a current line sheet for a chance at an in-class review.

business panels

Balance Shmalance: The Balance Between Work and Life

For all of us building creative empires while raising babies, or moonlighting in the service industry to fund our crafty startups, or struggling to maintain relationships and productivity and adulting… We see you, babes. Panelists will discuss our experiences with finding our own definitions of “balance”, our favorite strategies for setting boundaries & priorities, overcoming hurdles like Mom Guilt & creative burnout, and the very real issue of mental health.

Grow Your Social Media Presence with Video Content

For all of us building creative empires while raising babies, or moonlighting in the service industry to fund our crafty startups, or struggling to maintain relationships and productivity and adulting… We see you, babes. Panelists will discuss our experiences with finding our own definitions of “balance”, our favorite strategies for setting boundaries & priorities, overcoming hurdles like Mom Guilt & creative burnout, and the very real issue of mental health.

Social Media: The Good, The Bad and Everything in Between

Want to grow your social media, trying to get to that next level, or maybe not have a clue where to start? What happens when one of your posts goes viral? Join the panel as we discuss the items listed above and more. The panel includes experts that have been through the ups and downs with social media.

Streamlining the Back End of Your Business

What are some great ways to run your business efficiently? This panel discussion with seasoned shop owners goes into everything behind the scenes that you need to save time, money, and keep things running smoothly for your customers.

We’ll discuss:
– Apps and software
– Shipping and fulfillment
– Printing and packaging
– Marketing tools and methods
– POS and accepting payments
– Inventory management

Time Management for Creatives

Making our creative work, running a business, not to mention all the other stuff of life — it can feel overwhelming to fit all the things we want to do into the our days. But you can be the boss of your to-do list, and time can be your friend, with all the great insights you’ll learn from this panel discussion by creatives who excel at time-management, hosted by Bridget Watson Payne, author of the popular book How Time is On Your Side.

think tanks

Become a Creativebug Brand Ambassador

We’re always looking for new brand ambassadors to help us spread the power of creativity. Learn how to become a Creativebug brand ambassador during this session. We’ll walk you through a special website tour so you can learn about all of our incredible features and extensive library of craft education content. Plus, we’ll share some exclusive perks for joining our team!

Website Optimization Think Tank

Get together in a group to have your website reviewed by web design agency Aeolidia. We will go around the table, viewing each website one at a time. We will provide you with our tips on improving your site and user experience. Be prepared to offer your own thoughts on each site we look at – you will also be able to see what people who are new to your shop think of your site.
Take notes! You’ll be able to immediately take action on changes to your individual site that should lead to increased sales. Your experts will be: Helen Hulskamp, Aeolidia’s optimization expert. She reviews each of our clients’ stats and sites, provides strategy during each project, and helps shop owners continue optimizing their sites post-launch. Arianne Foulks, owner of Aeolidia. She has been in ecommerce for 17 years, and knows what works and what doesn’t.

your next best step

Do you feel like your big goals are out of reach? Do you need some honest guidance about what to do next? Bring your most pressing issue, current block, obstacle, or big decision you have around your creative business to the table and Marlo M. will help you uncover your next best step toward reaching your goals!