Craftcation 2022 Craft Workshops

casual craft workshops


with AMY TAN

Ever want to try your hand at lettering and modern brush script? Join Amy Tangerine as she takes you through the basics of hand lettering and brush calligraphy using watercolors. In this 2-hour class, you’ll learn how to gain confidence with Amy’s favorite water brush while creating and defining a style that’s all your own. We will go over lettering techniques for forming letters with tools that will help you find your lettering style. At the end of class, you’ll be able to create your own custom lettered print and a skill set that can be applied to future projects. With a little bit of practice and the tools and kit you’ll be given in class to take home, you’ll learn that lettering is therapeutic, fun and a even a little addictive!

Crafting Your Dream Life With A Vision Board

Are you ready to make the rest of 2022 and beyond absolutely dreamy? Let’s start by making a vision board!

In this workshop you will:
– get still and tune into your desires
– share the blocks and limiting beliefs that have been holding you back
– learn tips to release them so you can move forward
– find images and words that bring your desires to life
– have fun creating a vision board to help you manifest your dreams
– learn how to tap into positive emotions around your desires
– tips for manifesting your vision board all year long

You will leave with either a finished or semi-finished vision board. Some of you might love to have a few more days to add more later. You will also receive handouts of the techniques you learned so you can bring them into your daily life. After the event, you will feel excited about the future and all the ways you learned to manifest your desires!

Finding Joy in Times of Uncertainty

That feeling of laughing so hard your belly hurts or wanting to jump up and down you’re so excited or smiling so much your cheeks pinch – that’s joy. It’s a BIG, elusive feeling that only stays around for a short period of time. And even though it’s fleeting, those small moments can have a huge impact on our stress, resilience, and ability to connect and relate to others. In this upbeat facilitated conversation, let’s discover some of the universal qualities of joy through memories, reflections, and research – and create a plan to invite it into our world more often, all while doing something that gives us a creative break – coloring our hearts out!

Macrame Wine Tote (or Water Bottle Tote)

During this class, Denise Ambrosi, founder of These Hands Maker’s Collective, will show you how to create a macrame wine bag; perfect for toting around your beverages or use it as a clever gift bag! 

make a needle felted cactus

Learn the basics for needle felting while making a super cute cactus that we’ll “plant” in a mini terracotta pot.

New Spins on Wooden Craft Store Bead Necklaces

Painting wooden craft store beads is fun, but have you ever thought of dying or wood burning them. In this fun hands on workshop you will play with different mediums for decorating plain wooden craft store beads to create an amazing piece of one of a kind jewelry you will want to wear all Craftcation long.


Trade in your watercolor brush and learn how to manipulate raw wool to mimic painting and create depth, dimension, and scenes onto foam pieces. I’ll show you how to use a felting needle to create your own felted wall hanging. 

Paper Quilling Greeting Card

Make a greeting card with paper quilled flowers and leaves. In this workshop, you will learn the basics of Paper Quilling and take home a greeting card designed and handmade by you.

permission to play

It can be challenging to give ourselves permission to be playful, even though it’s a great way to tap into inspiration, problem solve, and shift our perspective. Connect with your inner child with bite sized activities and projects to shake your hands out, get those creative juices flowing, and show up for your creative self. You’ll come out with new ways to give yourself permission to play and learn techniques you can use at home.

scrap leather jewelry

Just like pattern creation in a sketch book or canvas those same abstract design ideas can be applied to leather and made wearable. Students will learn about creating small abstract patterns, color combinations and leather cutting ideas to make one of a kind jewelry pieces. Instructor Jennifer Perkins has had her jewelry designs featured in Elle Accessories, Teen Vogue, The New York Times and more.


Stencil a pattern or image and spend your down time stitching. These make really quick wall hangings or stitched pieces to add to many of your other projects. Kelly will teach you the embroidered backstitch and the basics of stenciling to ensure a fantastic result.


Bring your work in progress and hang out with Debbie Stoller for an informal stitch gathering. All knitters, crocheters and needleworkers welcome! Come and go as you please.


with AMY TAN

Customize your own Traveler’s Notebook with watercolors, stickers, stamps and more. You’ll learn great techniques to preserving your memories in this fun and portable travel journal. It will be a modern day version of a scrapbook. You can even make it to hold notes and mementos from Craftcation Conference!

hands-on craft workshops


We’ll head to the beach together at the start of class. Stay for as long as you like. Optionally, you are welcome to bring your artbook and any supplies you like to work with, a beach blanket, pillow or lounge chair and maybe even some snacks!

bling with me

Ever wanted to try your hand at blinging? Let’s add just a touch of sparkle to a set of pens with me using a honeycomb pattern.  We will use glass stones, add them to pens, you will leave the class with the most beautiful (and sparkly) project! We will talk about rhinestones in general, different types of rhinestones, popular bling patterns, the best adhesives to your on your projects, and even the best place to purchase rhinestones.  


In this workshop, you will learn how to carve a simple image into a block. Then you will learn how to make repeat patterns or print a single image. If you print on a textile, you can then take it to another workshop and sew it into something else! 

Botanical Gelli Plate MonoprintinG

Monoprinting is a gorgeous and unique way to make one-of-a-kind images using a simple printmaking technique. Students will gather botanicals to create unique prints, layering colors and shapes using a silicone gelli plate. Courtney will share techniques from her book, Playing with Surface Design, to make botanical inspired art. This process is fun, surprising and addictive!


Join artist Daisy McClellan for a relaxing Travel Candle Making Workshop. You will learn how to make your very own candles from beginning to end. We’ll be using small lidded containers to create the perfect “travel” candle for you to relax in your hotel room or to take on future getaways. You’ll go home with two candles mixed with your very own scent combinations using a variety of fragrance oils and dried flowers. We’ll even be adding crystals to set intentions as we make our candles to give them even more healing power. Beginners are welcome – no experience is required. 


sponsored by JOANN

Love bold, animal, faux leather and African prints well this class allows you to show off your love of these prints with your very own DIY sewn clutch bag. Participants will sew a fully lined zipper clutch bag.


We often find ourselves falling into patterns of use with materials that we know well. In this session, we will challenge ourselves to use watercolor as source material in collages and to blend different materials to create mixed media works. Together we will cut, splice, attach and reattach to create small collages, as well as experiment with mark-making and techniques to create patterns with watercolor and other materials.

crafty photo flatlays

Wondering how to make your artwork, products and handmade items stand out in an online marketplace? Whether you are selling online, sharing craft tutorials or showcasing your services, the photos you take matter! In this workshop, you will learn the basics of styling and photographing flatlays (overhead photos). You’ll learn how to take photos on your smartphone using natural light and edit them in the Lightroom app (Download for free). Basic supplies will be provided so you can test out these concepts but you are welcome to bring your own items too.

creative travel journaling


Tired of spending thousands of dollars on trips and new experiences, only to not remember the details of your trips and experiences? Well come and hang with Angie of bobo design studio as she walks through her Creative Travel Journaling workshop.  She will show you all the tips and trips to document your most memorable moments, walkthrough how to set up your journal layouts, show some favorite tools and stationery goodies to level up your journal pages, all the while teaching you fun doodle and lettering hacks that will make you say “”OMG I DID THAT?!”” If you also have a passion for nachos, I am happy to spend any remaining time going over my Ted Talk on the joy of nachos. 


sponsored by MAYDEL

Looking for a way to cross-stitch outside the hoop? In this workshop you’ll learn how to apply any cross-stitch design to any garment, linen, or other soft good. Perfect for hiding a mend, refreshing an old piece, or adding meaning and beauty to a gift. You’ll learn how to create a stitching template, size and prepare your pattern, stitch your design for both beauty and comfort, and  finish your work neatly and securely. You can bring your own pattern or use one of our repeats.


sponsored by HANDPRINT

Add some greenery to your workspace with a desktop plant stand! This workshop will include assembly of a miniature wood plant stand – the perfect size for a desk, coffee table, or dresser. We will paint and/or stain the stand to match your décor style. Each participant will receive a white pot and seeds to plant in the pot when they get home. If you don’t have a green thumb, we won’t judge you if you put a faux plant in the pot  


Come learn a fun art-making technique, suitable for folks of any skill level. Whether your an avid drawer and painter or new to making marks on paper, this workshop is for you! We’ll engage in close observation of some everyday objects around us, and you’ll leave with one or more bright, colorful, and really cool looking drawings you’ve made using a combination of water-based paint and pens.


Learn how to make your own hair comb decorated with dried florals + foliage. These delicate beauties can be worn for special events or kept on a dresser as decor!  You will be supplied with tools, as well as a compassionate and a warm instructor, willing to teach at your pace and make learning a new skill fun!


Learn how to make your own everlasting floral wreath!  Since we will be using dry florals and foliage, your work will last forever, and can be hung up year round!  Workshop will include all materials and a warm and compassionate instructor, ready to guide and teach in at your pace!

dslr photography for creative thinkers

If you’ve ever felt overwhelmed with all the settings on your camera, this class will help you visualize the results you need to take better photos right away! This visually rich class will help your creative mind put together the puzzle pieces so you’ll finally know and understand how ISO, Aperture, F-stop, and Shutter Speed, work together to create great photos using the manual settings on your DSLR camera. Bring your camera and access to your owner’s manual to class (most makes and models have free manuals available for download online) so you can follow along and get to know your camera’s many different settings to start using it to its fullest creative potential! 


Are you overwhelmed by all the things you need to do to promote your business and posting Instagram reels is the last on your to-do list? Short-form video like reels is the latest way to get more eyes on your content, grow your following, and connect with your ideal customers. Making a reel does not have to be complicated or perfect to be effective! In this workshop you will learn how to make reels and get hands-on experience trying different techniques, all while having fun along the way. You’ll leave with REELY cool ideas and a fresh perspective. Bring your fully charged smartphone and any products and/or handmade items (yes, even the things you’ve made at this conference!) you would like to play with.


Let’s create whimsical wildflowers! Learn to embroider a playful bunch of wildflowers in this hands-on embroidery workshop with fiber artist Melissa Galbraith of MCreativeJ. This two hour workshop covers a variety of beginner-friendly embroidery stitches to create 3D flowers, such as the satin stitch, stem stitch, leaf stitch, French knot, and woven picot stitch. Each attendee will receive a full kit that includes a 4-inch wooden embroidery hoop, transfer design, sewing pins, an embroidery needle, full skeins of embroidery thread, a cream cotton fabric, backing materials, and printed instructions.

Finding Your Creative Voice

Have you ever asked yourself, “What is my artistic style?” Then this is the workshop for you!  Join me as we work on a series of exercises ranging from drawing, use of color, and collage to unearth your creative voice. This workshop is great for those starting off or looking to hone in on their creative style. No prerequisite is necessary since we’ll be tapping into and bulking up your strengths. You’ll leave this workshop with a final piece showcasing your discovered style, confidence in speaking your creative voice, and a stronger sense of your unique artistic style. 

freezer paper stencil tote

Design your own one-of-a-kind tote with the fabulous freezer paper stencil method.  It’s easy, adaptable and a very fun way to make your mark on any textiles. For this workshop, we will learn the best ways to design a freezer paper stencil and then enjoy inking them ourselves. Create your own or use one of the available designs. This is a workshop that lets you unleash your own creative vision with a really accessible method.


sponsored by HANDPRINT

Add a boho touch to your space with this mid-century wall hanging. In this workshop, you will start by painting or staining a half circle wood panel. Then we will tie different styles and colors of yarn to a wooden dowl. This is where you can get super creative with knots, beads, and other materials we will provide. The final step is combining the two elements to create a half moon wall hanging featuring a macrame cascade hanging below it. 


You’ll learn the basics of hand lettering sans serif letters to design your own modern monogram, then use glass etching to create a unique wine glass with your custom monogram! The perfect glass to show off during Wanderings or at your next at-home happy hour.


There’s an artist, a maker, a designer in all of us if we can figure out how to unleash it! Discover your creative style and determine how to harness your natural creative inclinations in communication, relationship building, and getting stuff done! We’ll practice brainstorming, possibility scheming, thinking like a designer, and of course play with some basic craft supplies. Join an artist (who used to think she knew nothing about art) to make something with your hands while learning to make stuff happen!


I started art journaling in my senior year of college and have loved it ever since! As someone who has always struggled with keeping a regular journal (and sometimes even a regular sketchbook), combining the two changed the way that I viewed journaling and making. In this class, we will work through simple prompts and techniques that will help us become acquainted with the magical and expansive world of art journaling! Together we will paint, cut, glue, draw, and write– challenging ourselves to let go of any expectations that we may have of our creative practices and learning to love the messier, looser parts of creating in a place that exists for our eyes only. Art journaling is a great way to experiment with different materials, explore fun color combinations, and find new ways to express ourselves without any pressure!


Knitting lace can create the most beautiful gossamer-like fabric, or even just a lovely pattern of holes! It’s super easy, requiring only a few stitches. In this class, you’ll learn all the necessary stitches, but more than that: you’ll learn how they work together to create the lovely patterns of swirls and eyelets common to lace. And by learning that, it will be easier for you to really understand what it is you are doing when you are knitting lace—and less likely to make mistakes. Since it can be quite challenging to undo mistakes in lace, learning how to avoid them is key!

This class is open to advanced beginners: you must be very comfortable with casting on, binding off, and making knit and purl stitches. If you are really confident with those and ready to move on, this class is for you!

lip scrub and face mask

Learn how to make a lip scrub and face mask for your skin type from ingredients found around your kitchen. We’ll go over figuring out your skin type, which ingredients do what, proportions of each, and then get mixing up our own customized face mask and lip scrub. Deliciously simple self-care!


Macraweave combines macrame and weaving techniques to create a beautifully textured piece.  Our basic pattern for this class can be customized to either hang on a wall or be converted into a small clutch purse.  As this will be a very fast paced class, some experience with either macrame or weaving would be helpful and it is highly encouraged that participants learn the Square Knot and Double Half Hitch Knot ahead of time.  


Harness the power of opportunistic art-making with the iPad! People worldwide, who’ve always said they “”can’t draw,”” are finding the joy and ease of making art anytime, anywhere with the iPad. 

In this workshop, I’ll help you get to know the innovative drawing and painting app, Procreate, which has been taking the digital art world by storm. I’ll show you all the basics, plus time-saving tips and tricks to get you drawing as quickly as possible. Learn ways to apply your new skills in life and work. Sketch business or product ideas, create your own illustrations, graphics, animations, and lettering pieces, start keeping an art journal as means of self-expression, and so much more. Best of all, because of the iPad’s portability, you can create anytime, seizing moments that would otherwise be lost to useless social media scrolling.

Bring your iPad loaded with Procreate, plus your Apple Pencil, (or other stylus) to draw along in-person. Follow along, and by the end of class, you’ll have created your own work of art to show off! No iPad? Bring your brain to soak up some knowledge of the iPad art possibilities. Already use Procreate and have questions? Here’s your chance to ask an expert.

My passion is inspiring others to find their creative prowess. My purpose is to set off a spark in people that leads them to find their own great passion. I’ve been avidly using Procreate for almost 8 years. I started developing and selling my own Procreate brushes over 5 years ago, and I’m now an industry-leading brush maker with hundreds of thousands of brush sets sold. As one of the top instructors for digital art early learners, my educational videos have been viewed millions of times. I receive great praise for my thorough, concise, and fun teaching style.


This workshop will introduce students to the wonder of marbling, an amazing, spontaneous art form that creates beautiful one-of-a-kind surfaces, lead by Sadye Harvey of Temerity. We will use a traditional method of marbling in a thickened waterbath, and have the opportunity to make a few practice prints as we get the hang of the process. Then, we will marble and assemble a set of cork-backed leather coasters, which we will hand finish for a beautiful artisanal effect. These eye-catching coasters will be a welcome addition to any cocktail party or end of summer barbecue, and you’ll be able to apply your new marbling skills to a number of other surfaces – you’ll be hooked!


This workshop will introduce students to the wonder of marbling, an amazing, spontaneous art form that creates beautiful one-of-a-kind surfaces. We will use a traditional method of marbling in a thickened water bath, and have the opportunity to develop a color palette and make a few practice prints as we get the hang of the process. Then, we will marble and assemble a set of 4 leather keychains, which we will hand finish for a beautiful artisanal effect. We will use vegetable tanned leather, which is treated with plant derived tannins, a less toxic process than conventional chromium tanning. The final product will be a colorful addition to your key chain, or can be clipped onto your purse or tote as added decoration. You will leave will a newfound understanding of the marbling process, as well as some helpful tips for creating simple leather projects on your own!

modern punch needle wall hanging

Learn the art of punch needle with artist, Daisy McClellan. While this traditional embroidery technique has been around for centuries, it has recently come back in a big and modern way. McClellan will teach you everything you need to know to get started with this meditative and relaxing craft. Beginners are welcome – no experience is required. Participants will learn about the best supplies to get started, how to thread a punch needle, stretch a frame, draw your own design to fabric, how to punch.


Join Denise of These Hands Maker’s Collective for this fun and creative mosaic coaster project.  Have fun playing with patterns or just get completely abstract.  Either way, you will learn how to set your mosaic pieces as well as grout your piece.


sponsored by BRAMBLE BERRY

Create your own natural body scrub with salt, essential oils, and natural additives. Choose from an orange, lavender, or peppermint scrub recipe and learn how to customize it to your preferences. This class will dive into bath and beauty DIY basics like how to test ingredients and choose the best options for your skin. You’ll leave with jars of natural body scrub, resources and recipes, and a passion for creating more bath and body projects!

pattern hacking

In this class we will explore hacking existing sewing patterns to create designs of our own. No sewing skills required, but working knowledge of sewing patterns is a plus. Using paper, we will discuss how to translate design ideas into working pattern pieces. Please note: this class will not cover fitting adjustments, only aesthetic adjustments.

picture knitting

Have you ever wanted to knit a sweater with your dog’s face on it? If you can learn “picture knitting,” also known as intarsia, you can do it! In this class we’ll make a small sampler of a cow in a field, and along the way you’ll learn how to make the neatest looking intarsia, along with Debbie’s “infinite yarn” method, which will keep your different colored yarns from turning into a giant, mangled mess. This is an advanced beginner class: It isn’t very hard, but you must be super comfortable with the basics of casting on, and making knit and purl stitches.


You know that you need better photos of your work, but don’t know what that really means. Do you need a better camera? Do you have to wait for the perfect overcast day to take photos? Do you need to know everything about photography to take great photos of the things you make? This class will challenge those assumptions and show you how to take amazing photos with the camera you have with ambient lighting and a few apps to make cataloging your collection quick and easy. Participants should have a smart phone, iPad, or other smart tablet that can download the apps Snapseed and PhotoRoom from Google Play (Android) or the App Store (IOS).

sashiko hand-stitched textile coasters

Would you like to create a unique piece of textile art that functions as a coaster set? Join textile artist Hilary L. Hahn to create meditative hand-stitched coaster design. Hilary will guide you in creating a textile work of art using running stitches and motifs found in traditional sashiko techniques. You will use botanically-dyed fibers to create a fiber collage that is modern, mediative and completely hand made by you. You will come away with the knowledge how stitching can be used to embellish clothing or art.


sponsored by WALNUT HOLLOW

Shadowboxes are a beautiful way to create a three-dimensional collage, displaying favorite memories or thematically capturing a moment in time. In this class, Courtney walks you through her system for creating a shadowbox using any objects or bits of ephemera you like. You will learn helpful tips on gathering objects, editing down the selection, creating a composition, and choosing the perfect glues and adhesives to keep everything in place. At the end of the process, you will have a thoughtful, signature masterpiece, ready to hang on your wall or give as a special gift.

mixed media meditation


sponsored by STABILO & DICK BLICK

Join Ashley Nordin from Blick on a meditative Mixed Media journey to create a wreath. Using paper, Stabilo Pens and Markers and the new Woody Pastels(A Craftcation EXCLUSIVE launch!), you will create a piece of art that will inspire reflection and inspiration when you return home from making all the things. All students will also receive a new set of 6 Woody Pastels to bring home. 


Learn how to create repetitive patterns on fabric using stencils. Participants will create their own stencil patterns using design thinking techniques to spark inspiration. 


Create a mini wearable desert pin. In this two-hour, hands-on class you’ll learn how to use basic embroidery stitches to create your own hand embroidered pin. Attendees will receive a surprise pin shape and materials to create their own piece of wearable art. Fiber artist Melissa Galbraith of MCreativeJ will share how to use the satin stitch, back stitch, reverse chain stitch, and straight stitch to create a textural desert landscape as well as her hand embroidery expertise, tips, and tricks to help you create your own unique pin. 


Learn about the ancient art of henna body art in this fun, hands-on workshop.  Explore everything you need to know to get started: its history and traditions, basic science for how it works, as well as practical tips for mixing and drawing. 

vision board and the art of collage

“Do you believe that having a bold and creative vision for your life can help you to reach your goals- faster and with more clarity and purpose than ever before? I certainly do ✨✨

Learn how to call in your Abundant Vision for 2022 using beautiful imagery, watercolor paints and collage techniques. Let me guide you, as you visualize your highest good in your creative work and in life. Fueled by gratitude and limitless expansion into what is possible for you. Learn how to create a Vision Board and use it as a visual tool in your space to reach your goals faster and with ease. ✨

Experience a guided meditation on your highest timeline while releasing any blocks that are holding you back from achieving your dreams. Ultimately, you will create a vision board that is a physical expression of your inner wishes in a standalone work of art. ✨


In this workshop, we will explore watercolor through mindfulness. Students will learn to relate to their breath while painting as we create beautiful watercolor designs. Participants will learn abstract watercolor techniques to paint color changing lines in a beautiful warm-up. Next, we will paint our own geometric patterns to create radial mandala designs. Watercolors can be a very inspiring to work with, once you understand how to use the brushes and various ways to explore the paint. This is a fun free-flowing watercolor workshops that will improve your skills. Guests will walk-away with 2 watercolor projects and a new watercolor kit to continue their practice!

Wood Burning 101 with Walnut Hollow® and Wood Burn Corner


sponsored by WALNUT HOLLOW

Come learn the mesmerizing art of wood burning by hand! Wood burning, or pyrography as we call it, is such a relaxing and versatile craft that we think every crafter should have in their back pocket. In this class we will take a raw piece of gorgeous Walnut Hollow wood, add a little heat, and by the end of the class have a finished piece of art to take home as well as all the knowledge needed to utilize this fantastic craft in all its versatility. Rachel Strauss of Wood Burn Corner will show you everything you need to know to rock this art form, and the only skill you need is the ability to follow a line. Let’s get burning!

uv resin

UV Resin: This magical chemical can encapsulate all things that sparkle, pressed flowers, tid-bits and more. It also happens in about 30 seconds once exposed to UV light. Instant crafty-gratification! Join Kelly in making small jewelry pieces with this UV Resin technique.

dyeing workshops


Advanced techniques for ice dye – including learning how to use different fabric folds to achieve patterns, advanced lessons in dye colors and mixing colors to get a custom look. We will cover how to use the dye and ice in very unique ways to get specific finished pieces as well as cover advanced color creating using dyes to truly get a one of a kind finished piece.


You will learn and experiment with natural dying using tea and iron rust. We will use different techniques to create patterns on fabric to create muted, yet satisfying colors. Some textiles will be provided, but if you want to bring some white/natural fabric or garments to add to our dye pots, please feel welcome to!



Explore discharge dyeing which allows you to dye dark fabrics after you remove the pigment using bleach. Once the color is removed, we’ll experiment with a variety of application techniques to add color to the discharged areas. Students will end up with a celestially inspired galaxy bandana.

Itajime or Shibori Wrapping Paper

Denise Ambrosi, founder of These Hands Maker’s Collective, will show you how to create your own wrapping paper using a Japanese folding and dying technique.


Participants will dye silk scarves using shibori and design thinking techniques. A close sibling to tie-dye shibori stitch resist uses hand sewn stitches to create designs or patterns prior to dyeing. Design thinking is the process of problem solving through creation. Come away with a new craft and a new way of thinking as a creative person.


This is the basics class. We will learn the basics for creating magical ice-dyed fabrics. This class will cover how to create an ice dye set up, working with fabric reactive dye, learning how to get the results you desire, color theory as it relates to dyeing and new exciting recipes for creating!

sewing workshops

Craftcation Plushie + Reusable Snack Bag Sewing Lab

Cut and sew your very own Craftcation-themed plushie! This is a perfect workshop for beginner sewists, or folks who want a 3D reminder of their time at Craftcation. Holly will walk you through all the steps to cutting, sewing, stuffing, and finishing your very own plushie to take home and put in your creative space.

PLUS!! If you end up getting the hang of sewing your plushies, Holly will also be teaching how to stitch up a reusable snack bag with a zipper. This is for sewists who know how to use a sewing machine, but would like to take the next step and learn how to work with zippers. Beginners are more than welcome, too!

Color Blocked Bow Tie

Bow ties are seriously fun- when you wear a bold bow it practically shouts happiness to those who see it!  Make your own bright and cheery color blocked bow tie in this workshop- and then learn how to tie it!  Basic sewing machine knowledge is all that’s required.

easiest skirt ever

Learn how to make an elastic waist skirt, no pattern needed. This is great for a beginner who has worked with a sewing machine a little before and made pillows or blankets but wants to start making clothes.


Have you ever wanted to make your own shoes? Well, now’s your chance! Join Melissa from A Happy Stitch & learn how to make comfy and crazy cute espadrille shoes using both machine and hand-sewing techniques. This class will teach you how to work with interfacing, shape the fabric into shoes, and create an even (espadrille-style) blanket stitch. And, at the end of the workshop, you’ll have a pair of SHOES!

How to Create a Seamless Repeat on Your iPad

Ever wonder how to make your own pattern repeats using the iPad? In this workshop, you will learn how to combine traditional media and digital media in the Procreate app to create a unique floral surface pattern. We will paint in watercolor and import it into the app, designing a seamless repeat pattern you can use to create your own products. It is a fun process you can use over and over!


Students will need to bring a charged iPad with the Procreate app loaded and the Apple Pencil.

magnolia dress

Magnolia is a knit swing dress with a hi-low hem that is the perfect dress for those warm summer days. The back features a racerback with gathered yoke. With the added fabric from the gathered back detail you get so much swing in the dress, that paired with a more fitted front bust gives you a great silhouette without being too tight. Join me while I walk you through sewing this dress from start to finish.

mend your clothes

Learn mending tips and tricks from Joan, a professional costumer. You learn how to make your loved clothes last. NOTE: Bring your mending projects to this class, we will use the time to learn about mending from your personal clothing!


Create your own pencil shaped bow tie to declare to the world you’re a creative force! Gain a valuable and attractive life skills when you learn how to tie the bow tie you just made! Basic sewing machine skills are al that’s necessary.


This class will cover the basics of quilting to make a 7×7″ pot holder. Students will have four patterns to choose from and will learn how to piece a quilt top, machine-quilt it together, and attach and finish a binding by machine.

reversible sun hat

Make an all fabric sun hat with a cute floppy brim, bonus it’s reversible so the hat can have a sassy side and a sophisticated side. Just like you.

relaxed fit woven blouse

Looking for a new challenge with your sewing machine, something more than just the basics? The relaxed fit blouse we will be sewing features gathering, a front placket, buttons and buttonholes and set in sleeves; all great skills to add to your sewing arsenal. This is not a beginning sewing class so you will need to have some basic sewing knowledge to attend. But if you want a challenge this is the perfect pattern to try. We will be sewing my Meadowood pattern.

sew your first bralette


Ready to take your handmade wardrobe to the next level by sewing your own lingerie? In this workshop, you’ll learn the lingerie-making basics needed to make your own bralette, from how to take your measurements, sewing with knit fabric, finishing with two different kinds of elastics and making adjustable straps. Once you start making your own custom lingerie, you’ll never want to wear store-bought again! Basic familiarity with sewing on a sewing machine required.

Size range: 32” – 47” full bust



Take your handmade wardrobe to the next level by sewing your own underwear! This class will take you through the basics of lingerie sewing, including sewing with elastic and the burrito construction method for making underwear with a clean finish. The skills learned in this class are a great starting place for more advanced lingerie sewing. Basic familiarity with sewing on a sewing machine required.

Size range: 33-3/4” – 67” full hip

sewing lab

Join me for some extra studio time to finish projects from your Craftcation sewing classes.

sunhat fashion funhat!

sponsored by JOANN

We are on the beach and we all need a hat. Why not make a fashionable one? This workshop will cover how to make a fashionable sun hat.

super easy zipper pouch

In this class we will make a lined pouch while learning how to install a zipper using a sewing machine. Basic sewing skills recommended.


The everyday bag you’ve been looking for is just a quick make away. Perfect for toting groceries, kids’ snacks and books to the beach in style, this bag is ideal for all skill levels. BONUS: this pattern is easy to modify, so feel free to add pockets, straps, and hardware for a fully customized look!


In this session, join Marisa Lynch on an offsite thrifting excursion to some of Downtown Ventura’s most beloved thrift stores! Marisa has been thrifting for years for her blog and book, New Dress A Day, and her upcycled pieces have been featured in Bust, Altered Couture, and on some of your favorite daytime TV talk shows! We’ll scour racks for vintage wares and bring them back to salvage and upcycle into brand new pieces for your wardrobe! All levels are welcome as sewing machines, seam rippers, and fabric glue can and will be utilized!