CRAFTCATION 2022 - PRESENTER information

Hi! Welcome Craftcation 2022 Presenters! We are so excited for you to join us in April!

If we’ve yet to meet, I’m Katie Mac and I’ll be your point person throughout this planning process.  I’m based in Atlanta repping the East Coast and am generally working from 9am – 6pm (ET) Mon – Fri with limited access to emails on the weekends. I strive to respond to emails within 24 hours so I appreciate your patience in advance.

This page will be your one-stop spot for all things Presenter related so please bookmark it for easy access. Some sections may be empty or marked as Coming Soon as we are in the first phase of preparations but I’ll be adding information regularly so keep checking back. I’ll also send emails as well so that nothing gets forgotten.

Click the button below to download a printable checklist of all documents and sections listed on this page. 

If I can answer any questions or be of help in any way, please feel free to email me directly –


workshop proposals

YOU MUST submit one form FOR EACH of the workshops you are proposing. After you press submit at the bottom of the form, you will be taken to a confirmation screen with a button to submit another form, if necessary. Click here to download a list of information needed to submit a workshop proposal.


We’re so excited to have you join us at Craftcation 2022. Please use this form to tell us about yourself and your availability as well as provide us with your bio, headshot and contact information! Click here to download a list of information needed to fill out your Presenter Profile.

conference planning & promotion

We’ve created a page of promotional assets just for you to help make promoting Craftcation and your appearance with us that much easier! Click the button below to check out the promotional assets page. You’ll find square images, stories, email images and more!


As we get closer to the dates of the conference I will update this section with a form to submit your presentation and any handouts that you would like distributed during your lecture/panel.


affiliate program

Earn money for each Craftcation registration purchased through your personal affiliate link!

office hours

Office hours are your chance to meet with attendees one-on-one to answer questions based on your expertise. These sessions are 1-3 hour blocks of time divided into 10-20 minute one-on-one sessions with attendees. (Block and session duration are up to you.) Office hours are optional but are a great way for you to build your client base in an intimate setting.

pop-up shop

Do you have a craft kit, book, embroidery pattern, sticker set, etc. that you would like to sell in our pop-up shop? When it’s time, this is where I will add a form for you to tell us about your product(s) and the inventory you’d like to send. As we get closer to the conference, we’ll reach out with shipping instructions.

gift bag inclusion

Presenters are welcome to include products or promotional items in the Craftcation gift bags. When it’s time, this is where you’ll find the form for you to tell us about your donation(s). As we get closer to the conference, we’ll reach out with shipping instructions.

conference attendance and ACCOMODATIONS


Click here to register for Craftcation 2022. Your discount has already been applied. No promo code needed.

conference schedule