Craftcation 2022 Wellness Activities


Learn to use your breath to tap into the energy of the moon to calm yourself and quiet your mind. 


During this meditation, you will connect with an animal guide that will help you reach new levels of creativity. 

Evening Yoga

Come move your body in ways that integrate everything you learned and created today! This evening class will begin with dynamic poses and then shift to more relaxed poses done with extra towels as props on the floor. Chose which breathing exercise to end the class with so you can either feel revved up and ready to party or chilled out and ready for your room. All levels welcome.

Lunchtime Yoga Refresh

Need to rally some energy for the rest of your day at Craftcation? Pop in for 30 minutes to help release any tightness and tension that built up while you’ve been busy crafting and learning. Head into your afternoon feeling refreshed and positive! All levels welcome.

Morning Gentle Yoga

Join your fellow crafters on the mat (or towel) to ease into a fun day at Craftcation! Morning sessions will focus on gentle movement to release tension and tightness along with poses and breathwork specifically intended to help give you energy. Bring your mat or towel. All levels and pajamas welcome.

Wake Up Meditation

Learn to use your breath to tap into the energy of the sun to energize yourself and your creativity.