Craftcation 2023 Craft Workshops

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casual craft workshops

The workshops in this category do not require enrollment and are available on a walk-in basis. They are still full 2-hour workshops so plan to arrive on time.


This workshop will begin by getting you into a relaxed and creative mindset by doing some seated yoga and meditation. We will then cut out inspirational messages, pretty photos, and colorful images from magazines. You will then combine these based on color and energy to create mini collages on index cards each with its own message. These will then be laminated to use as personal oracle cards. The workshop will end with a lesson on how to tune into your own intuition and use these in your daily life. Feel free to bring your own magazines.

Collage and send a love (or like) letter

Let’s put down our phones and forget about email for a couple of hours and make some postcards to send to people at home. Sarah  frequently uses mail to send her artwork and she will invite workshop participants to do the same with mixed media collage. In this workshop, you will think of someone you love (or like or hate) and Sarah will provide some prompts to make a collaged postcard. At the end of this workshop we will not only create art but send a note in the mail.


Get ready to create an awesome themed succulent terrarium in this workshop! We’ll walk through the steps to creating a successful terrarium, go through plant care and cover how to set this fun group project up back home for your friends or customers.


Tabitha grew up in a ceramics studio environment, but that’s not where her love of the kitchy craft ended. While owning her own art studio, she has furthered her knowledge and love of this craft, while walking her customers through the painting process on thousands of ceramic pieces! Tabitha is ready to teach you valuable and fun tips and tricks for painting your own ceramics too! In this laid back workshop, you’ll learn basic best practices for pottery painting, as well as methods to create depth and detail, various topcoats and finishing techniques, all while helping you incorporate your personal style into your piece!


In this class we will let your artsy craftsy freak flag fly as we paint our own gaggle of weirdos! Each student will walk away with a small canvas, bingo card and 2 pieces of cardboard art. Call yourself a crafter, but dare not use the term artist? This is the workshop for you! We will bust through that fear one wacky portrait at a time.


Plain wooden craft store beads get a new lease on life in this fun come and go event. Host Jennifer Perkins will be busting out the paint, embroidery floss and wood burning tools to guide you through creating a one of kind necklace you can go home with. Not to mention a noggin full of craftspiration for when you get home.


Suminagashi 墨 流 し or “floating ink” is a Japanese art form in which ink (or in our case, acrylic paint) is carefully dropped to float on a still water surface and then gently fanned with air to form delicate swirls reminiscent of clouds, weather patterns, and tree rings. Melding ancient technique with contemporary materials, Star Greenwood (Mayu Silk Art) and Rita Alarcon (Ralamoon Designs) give the oldest form of water marbling a modern twist in this fun Make & Take, inviting you to use traditional suminigashi techniques, hand-drawn images, rubber stamps or die-cut stickers to create tiny landscapes and cloud motifs, fantastical dragons, or other details to create a unique coaster or small-format . It is super easy to do and wonderfully therapeutic. All are welcome to participate!

Tiny Macrame Color Studies (Mini Weaving)

This class will go over the double half hitch knot to create color studies. We will be using a warp set up and first sketching a design to create with embroidery thread. Finished piece is about 2″ x 3″.

turning your art into jewelry

Did you know you can wear your own art? True story! In this workshop we will all create one of a kind mini masterpieces to be turned into wearable works of art. Instructor Jennifer Perkins has had her jewelry designs featured in Elle Accessories, The New York Times, Seventeen and more. Join her on this kitschtastic jewelry journey. Each student will leave with a statement necklace and oodles of inspiration to keep them going when they get home. Subtle accessory lovers need not apply.


with AMY TAN

Details TBD

hands-on craft workshops

These workshops require enrollment in order to attend. 


Using a modern, elegant sampler design adapted from one of the budgiegoods kits, this class will give students the skills to take their embroidery to the next level. More advanced stitches will allow students to fill in larger areas of their embroidery, create raised and woven design elements, and include interesting texture and complexity in their work. Stitches taught will include:  Chain stitch and variations, Couching stitch, Rosette stitch, Padded satin stitch, Fishbone stitch, Others as time allows.

Astrology Workshop for Creatives: Using Patterns In Our Birth Charts To Set Our Creative Selves Up For Fulfillment

Join certified Astrologer, Marjorie Cottrell, as you learn how to use the patterns in your birth chart to set your creative self up for fulfillment. Whether you paint, write, cook, teach or innovate, this workshop applies to creatives of all kinds.

This class offers background on what a birth chart is, discusses how to approach the symbolism and then asks students to think about how they will proceed once they gain the insights of their personal birth chart. This workshop is for both new and seasoned students of astrology.

Each attendee will receive their own Sun, Moon + Rising Workbook created exclusively for this workshop (full of worksheets, journal prompts and resources) as well as a copy of their individual birth chart (if birthdate, time and location are provided in advance). This engaging workshop using the ancient wisdom of astrology is sure to leave you inspired!


Learn a simple beading technique to make a pair of stunning dangly fringe earrings. We’ll play with color and leave with finished swishy earrings! This class uses tiny beads, so bring your readers, magnifiers or personal craft lights if you think you may need them!

beginning embroidery

Using a modern, colorful sampler design adapted from one of the budgiegoods kits, this class will give students the skills to create five basic embroidery stitches. With these stitches, students should be able to complete the provided pattern and experiment with other patterns and kits, or embellish clothing, tea towels, and other fabric items. Stitches taught will include: back stitch, stem stitch, lazy daisy, french knot and satin stitch.



How far can the classic Granny Square go? The possibilities are endless. Explore the geometry of this typically square motif and learn how the construction of this perennial favorite can be bent and curved to fit any shape you can dream of.


During this workshop we’ll cover the basics of block printing, including the different types of materials and their uses, designing a rubber printing block and considering positive and negative space, maximizing the material to minimize waste, printing and cleaning the block. Participants will create and print a project during this session.


The cyanotype process was one of the first non-silver technologies used to create photographic images. Originated in the 1840’s, it was not utilized in mainstream photography and was adopted as a copying technique, becoming known by the term “blueprint”, with its blue background reproductions of large architectural and mechanical drawings.

In this workshop you will learn the basics of the cyanotype process. By using the sun as our UV light source we will create cyanotypes on paper with botanicals and found objects.


Learn the basics of brick stitch beading while making a fun pair of flat woven earrings. We will talk about color and design choices and learn this great and versatile technique. The beads we are working with are small so you should bring your readers, magnifiers and personal craft lighting if needed.

brush lettering your way

with AMY TAN

Ever want to try your hand at lettering and modern brush script? Join Amy Tangerine as she takes you through the basics of hand lettering and brush calligraphy using watercolors. In this 2-hour class, you’ll learn how to gain confidence with Amy’s favorite water brush while creating and defining a style that’s all your own. We will go over lettering techniques for forming letters with tools that will help you find your lettering style. At the end of class, you’ll be able to create your own custom lettered print and a skill set that can be applied to future projects. With a little bit of practice and the tools and kit you’ll be given in class to take home, you’ll learn that lettering is therapeutic, fun and even a little addictive!



Natural raffia coils beautifully, transitioning organically from one color to another, creating a lightweight unique basket. Learn this wonderful basic basketweaving technique, while not worrying too much about counting or exactness. GREAT BEGINNER weaving class! Shape your basket however is desired from flat to a curved container. There are so many ways to play with using two colors in your basketry–this free-hand way is a great way to start!


Want to add a super personalized touch to notecards, wrapping paper and correspondence? Carve your own selfie stamp! During this workshop I’ll take you through each step of the process – from drawing or transferring your image onto the block, to carving and printing. No prior printmaking experience necessary – just some drawing skills and the desire to have a little fun while learning a new skill!*
Trade prints with new folks you meet for a memorable way to put a name to a face.


Use pliers to connect small aluminum links into a Celtic Visions Star pendant in your choice of colors. This project is a perfect introduction to the 3,000-year old craft of chainmaille – no prior experience necessary. Come discover how gratifying it can be to create durable and colorful metal jewelry!



Sponsored by: JOANN

Learn how to make a cozy knit pouf, using a chunky yarn and your hands (rather than knitting needles) to make the stitches. The finished pouf is around 12 inches in diameter and 8 inches tall, perfect for decorating your couch, reading nook, or a kids room. In addition to knitting the cover, you will learn how to make a liner bag and stuff your pouf, then assemble it all together. You will also take home some information on how to adjust the pattern to make larger poufs. You will love making your own soft, huggable pouf.


Come learn how to make your own all-natural household cleaning products with ingredients that you probably already have in your kitchen. In this class, you will learn about which essential oils are right for cleaning different messes along with recipes for all purpose cleaning spray, wood polish, and soft scrub for tubs and sinks. You will get to make and take home a soft scrub and all-purpose cleaning spray!


Color theory is critical to creating art – and selling! In this watercolor based workshop, Tabitha will guide you through the color wheel. We’ll explore how to mix and tint colors while creating palettes and swatches that make sense for any project: fine art, illustration and design, or even fun! This workshop will teach participants how to best mix & create colors using physical pigments as well as how to use color to enhance, accentuate, and compliment areas of their work – applicable to even the digital field!

Create your very own Luxurious Emulsified Sugar Scrub

We will be discussing what goes into making a great bath and body product and the science behind the process. In this class, I will walk you through how to choose ingredients, including how to customize the recipe with skin safe colorants and fragrances.  We will discuss how to properly preserve the scrub and why it is necessary. We will also touch on proper packaging, storage, and shelf life guidelines.

You’ll be amazed by how easy it is to makes your very own body polishes right at home, that are incredibly moisturizing and will leave your skin feeling velvety soft!


With cocoa butter for moisturizing, magnesium chloride, an essential supplement, and soothing oat milk infused water, your skin is moisturized and hydrated without leaving behind any sticky residue.

In this class, I will demonstrate how to properly sterilize equipment for homemade lotion making as well as demonstrating the correct procedure for combining oil with water. This lotion is simple, versatile and cost effective. We will discuss different ingredients and their benefits and uses.

Enjoy a pampering spa experience without leaving your home. Making your own lotion is incredibly easy, and I will walk you through the whole process. You can customize your very own lotion in this class for you to take home. This easy formula can be whipped up in no time!

DIY Wood Lazy Susan with Handprint™

A lazy susan is the queen of functional decor! The rotating design allows for efficient use of space and helps eliminate the need for reaching or moving items around to access what you need. Perfect for organizing your kitchen, bathroom, or office space! We’ll teach you the basics of installing hardware and get you feeling comfortable with a drill in your hand. Use our hardwood cherry round and the provided paints and supplies to create a lazy susan that perfectly fits your style!


Curious about printmaking with a gelli plate? Learn all about using a Gelli Plate to make monoprints in this hands-on workshop.

In this class, I’m going to teach you the basics of gelli printing with acrylic paints. We will experiment with techniques such as using stencils and found objects, mixing gradients, layering, pulling prints and image transfers. You’ll learn how to take your own ideas and inspirations and translate them to printmaking with the gelli plate.


Level up your home decor with a beautiful hand lettered chalkboard! Basic tools, no experience, and some elbow grease can help you. Have you always wanted to create one of the internet-famous chalkboards with beautiful lettering and design elements for your home or studio, but just don’t know where to begin? Join Natalie of NatterDoodle to create your own chalkboard fit for Pinterest glory! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a hand-lettered design on a framed chalkboard. Create your own unique phrase, or use one of Natalie’s trustworthy templates. We’ll go over techniques and tools, and then cover our hands and hearts in chalk to create a board that’s ready to hang!

Hand Lettered Monograms & Glass Etching: Custom Wine Glass

You’ll learn the basics of hand lettering sans serif letters to design your own modern monogram, then use glass etching to create a unique wine glass with your custom monogram! The perfect glass to show off during Wanderings or at your next at-home happy hour.

Ever wonder how to make your own pattern repeats using the iPad? In this workshop, you will learn how to combine traditional techniques and digital media in the Procreate app to create a unique surface pattern. We will explore tips for creating professional illustrations in the app, designing a seamless repeat pattern you can use to create your own products. It is a fun process you can use over and over!

Requirements: Students will need to bring a charged iPad with the Procreate app loaded and the Apple Pencil.

Improvisational Fabric Collage and Stitch

Explore collage through the lens of textiles. Layering, stitching, weaving and knotting: making meaning through process, composition and materiality. Debra will encourage an improvisational mindset in this workshop, opening students to the idea of letting go of preconceived notions and allowing the fabric to dictate direction and message.



Whether you are a beginner who has never tried knitting, or an experienced knitter who wants to try a chunky knit project, you will love making this scarf. Learn to create a cozy knit scarf, which you can also seam together to create a loop cowl. With giant needles and only a few stitches per row, you will be done before you know it!

The finished scarf is approximately 6 inches wide and 44 inches long, and it does stretch. You can also choose to make it 1 stitch narrower, which makes it longer (more like 5×50+ inches).


Tunisian crochet is what happens when you combine crochet and knitting. The fabric generated is thick and squishy, lending it well to blankets, bags, home decor accessories, and WASHCLOTHS.

You should have some basic knowledge of either crochet or knitting to get the most out of this class. We will make a washcloth using contrasting colors of cotton. We should finish one during the class but you’ll have plenty leftover to make more!


Creativity can be an act of self-care! Hand lettering is not only a popular art form and hobby, but also has incredible benefits to your personal wellness. Studies have shown that mindful creative practices like hand lettering can produce the same effects as meditation! No prior experience is required to take part in this in this calming and creative self-care exercise. Together, we’ll learn a few hand lettering practices and hacks to cut down on stress, make concentrated time for self-care, and practice lettering gratitude affirmations.

Lunar Creativity & Clay Wall Hanging

Discover how the phases of the moon can help tap into your deepest creative self. In this workshop, you will learn about the energy associated with the phases of the moon and how you can use each phase to reach creative goals. Then you’ll craft a modern lunar wall hanging reflecting what you learned. This polymer clay sculpture will look great above your alter or in your meditation room. You can choose to make it large or small scale.

Macramé Plant Hanger

In this macramé workshop I will teach some fundamental knots. The Larks Head Knot (LHK). Half Square Knot (HSK). Square Knot (SK). These knots will be incorporated into making a beginner friendly Macramé Plant Hanger. Students will leave with a completed project ready to add their own plant and pot. This workshop is beginner friendly. It’s an opportunity to gather together and learn a new creative craft.


Learn 3 knots: larks head, square knot, double half hitch knot.

mixed media collage

with AMY TAN

Come join multi-passionate maker Amy Tangerine and create a mini masterpiece using different mediums to create a beautiful work of art. Explore different techniques with a variety of materials including alcohol inks and Gelatos to create a whimsical expression while enjoying the process.

Mood Enhancing Botanical Bath Salts + Soaks

Mix up your very own botanical bath salt blend using a variety of herbs, salts, and essential oils. We’ll go over the various properties of each ingredient and some basic aromatherapy info so you can blend something specific for your own skin type and whatever mood you want to create. You’ll walk away with with two customized bath salts along with ingredient info and additional recipe ideas!



Make a beautiful, rustic bowls with simple stitching—just a needle and yarn, rope and your own two hands. You’ll love how quickly and beautifully this basket bowl gets worked up with 6mm Jute Rope. Learn a new basketweaving stitch that allows for straight stitching across one layer of coiled rope. We love it!

pattern hacking

In this class we will explore hacking existing sewing patterns to create designs of our own. No sewing skills required, but working knowledge of sewing patterns is a plus. Using paper, we will discuss how to translate design ideas into working pattern pieces. Please note: this class will not cover fitting adjustments, only aesthetic adjustments.


Customize a luggage tag for yourself or a friend (these make great gifts!) using cross stitch and basic hand embroidery stitches.

We’ll all start with a simple body & face and then we’ll get creative with the specifics of hair, clothing, and props (is she holding a glass of wine, a book, a pickleball paddle?). The devil is definitely in the details for these tiny portraits, and you’ll be amazed at how much personality you can squeeze into a 3.5” x 2.25” bit of cloth!

If you can thread a needle, you can customize a luggage tag with cross stitch. Come play!

polymer statement earrings

Make the statement earrings of your dreams with polymer clay. Pick your color palette and lovingly smoosh your clay together and for an extra pop add texture. If you love all things colorful this is for you!


Learn to take any portrait and turn it into pop art! In this class, we will import a photo to Procreate, then use different brushes, layers, and effects to create a pop art style portrait ala Roy Lichtenstein or Andy Warhol. For this class you will need a tablet with Procreate or another drawing program, and a stylus/Apple pencil/etc. Images will be available for use, and we will discuss how to source them online, but you are also free to bring your own (shoulders and up portrait), or simply take a selfie in class! We will also cover basics about digital files and printing, so you can print and display your work of art. Class is beginner-friendly, but you should at least be familiar with how to use a tablet.


Join Alyson Toone-Aguilar for a workshop to create gift wrap from fabric. You will learn how to create a repeating stencil design that you will use to print your fabric. Once your fabric is printed you will learn how to wrap your gifts with your gorgeous reusable wrap. Who knew going green would be so fun and so good-looking? 


Using stencils and paint you can create your very own Craftcation souvenir. Finish it off with some basic stitching and display it with your very best crafty pride!

SVG Creator Workshop: Learn to Design, Vectorize, and Print your own SVG Cut Files

For vinyl crafters across the board, collecting new SVG files is a common frustration. If you’ve ever spent hours scouring Etsy or Cricut Design Space in search of a new project to make, this workshop is for you. Together, we will learn to make our own, custom SVG cut files using tools like Canva, Procreate, and Inkscape, and ultimately bring a design to life in class cutting it out using the StarCraft Solo and creating a wrapped tumbler design. This class will include a step-by-step demonstration on making SVGs with both Procreate and Canva, and will culminate in a hands-on process where all attendees will walk through the process of SVG Creation using Canva and Inkscape and ultimately bring an SVG to life as an adhesive vinyl tumbler wrap. Stop paying for SVGs every time you want to make a new project and let your creativity break free! After taking this workshop, you’ll be able to say: “If I can draw it, I can make it”.

Tray Chic: Hand Lettered Serving Trays

A total serve! Take your cocktail party or coffee bar to the next level with a unique serving tray with beautiful lettering. Versatile trays from Walnut Hollow, no experience, and some patience are all you need to make these tres chic (see what we did there) serving trays. Join Natalie of NatterDoodle to create your own tray you’re sure to feature in your next Instagram reel! In this workshop, you’ll learn how to create a hand-lettered design on a tray using your own unique phrase, or use one of Natalie’s trustworthy templates. We’ll go over techniques and tools, and then cover our hands and hearts in paint so you can serve up the cutest tray you ever did see!

uv resin

In this class you will explore UV Resin while creating small jewelry pieces with molds and bezels. This product cures within 60 seconds using a UV lamp. Instructor Kelly Affleck of Tomato Tomato Creative provides a buffet of supplies that will have your creative energy soaring! You will leave this class with several finished jewelry places.

Visible Mending with Sashiko Stitching


As a way to reduce waste and/or personalize clothing and household goods – we’ll learn & practice together one method of visible mending: Sashiko Stitching.

Sashiko (“little stabs”) is a Japanese textile tradition with roots in the 17th century. Working class folks were permitted only to use simple materials in their clothing: indigo for dye and hemp for fabric (no silk, no bright colors). Sashiko stitching provided both repairs and beauty to old rags and worn clothing. The simple, repetitive stitches are said to resemble grains of rice and provide both renewed strength and decoration to worn and torn cloth.

In this workshop – we’ll recognize the deep history of Sashiko, select our favorite traditional (and/or modern) Sashiko patterns, learn how to mark and patch our fabric, practice getting evenly sized and spaced stitches, and work towards mending a favorite worn or torn item of clothing that participants bring with them. We’ll reinforce knees and elbows, add beauty and patches to collars and hems, and enjoy the slow and meditative stitching that is Sashiko.

Please bring something that’s worn, torn, or otherwise in need of repair. Best to bring non-stretchy fabric – denim, cotton, linen fabrics are easiest to repair.


Bring your dreams and goals to life by creating a personalized vision board! Use Handprint’s Frame Rails and MDF Panels as the foundation of your project and make it yours with color from paints provided, magazine clippings, washi tape, and any extra materials of your choosing. Make this board a true reflection of your vision and manifest all the good things to come!  

visual journaling

In this class artist Dawline-Jane Oni-Eseleh will lead you through some basic prompts to stimulate creativity in documenting everyday events when words fail. Some comfort with drawing, doodling or sketching is recommended, however, emphasis is placed more on letting ideas flow and less on creating “perfect” pictures. Come prepared with paper to draw on, sketching, drawing and coloring tools of your choosing and any visual references you may need.

watercolor meditation

Take some time for a little rest and relaxation…and meditation at Craftcation! If you are in need of something a little slower paced but still creative and re-energizing, join us as we use watercolor to flow through a simple meditative practice in a colorful way! No watercolor experience necessary – be open to create and PLAY! Chairs will be available and if more comfortable seating is preferred, you are welcome to bring a yoga mat and/or towel.

weave yourself a rainbow

Learn basic weaving skills to make a sweet little rainbow. The loom is reusable, so you can fill your world with rainbows of all hues and textures.

weaving basics

In this class, you’ll learn the basics of weaving and leave with your own gorgeous modern mini sampler. The workshop will cover creating your loom, warping, 3 weaving techniques plus variations and how to start and finish your weaving. There will be lots of options to customize your piece. 


Make a sweet necklace while learning round weaving techniques. This workshop will walk you through warping and weaving on a small wooden round loom, and you’ll end up with a unique and very pretty necklace.

wire wrapped heart pendant

Learn how to make your own wire wrapped heart pendant in this artisan level masterclass. Join our artisan, Sandra Dotson from Entangled Co, in this 2hr class and walk away with your own unique pendant. In these two hours you will learn more about wire as a material for jewelry making, weaving patterns, swirls, loops, and finishing techniques as well as required tools. You will learn how to weave wires together into a beautiful heart.

This class is designed for advanced beginners, you should have some general crafting experience and be comfortable around tools like pliers. There is no requirement to have any wire weaving experience. Seasoned jewelry makers will enjoy learning new techniques and tricks as well.

Wood Burning Buffet with Walnut Hollow®

You’ve tried your hand at wood burning on wood, but what’s next? In this class, we will explore the different materials that can be used with wood burning tools. After we cover the basics, you’ll be able to pick from the buffet of items to create your own project. Items on the menu include: leather accessories, cork accents, wood jewelry and more!

dyeing workshops

These workshops require enrollment in order to attend. 

advanced ice dye techniques


Do you already know how to ice dye and are interested in taking your practice further? This workshop will take you beyond the basics and into advanced techniques. We will focus on intentional pattern making, advanced color blending and ways to harness the power of ice dye for incredible results.


Learn to use fiber reactive dyes using shibori techniques with Alyson from Make It Work. Shibori is the traditional Japanese art of surface design using resistance from wrapping, sewing, and folding. The negative space created by the resist technique creates unexpected patterns. Tie-dye is a close relative to shibori, which can be very intricate.


In this class we will use different techniques to “dye” items with Dye-Na-Flow. Dye-Na-Flow is a concentrated fabric paint that acts like dye. This is a simple yet effective way to create gorgeous wearable (or usable) art! 


Are you ready to play? To experiment? This workshop is all about trying something and seeing what happens. You will watch the reaction when tannin and iron meet, and over time it will change again. You will see some samples and be given the tools to create your own work of art.



Learn how to unlock and beauty, mystery and science behind dyeing with fiber reactive dye! Using ice to dye leads to other worldly patterns and stunning, often unexpected color combinations and I will walk you through the process step by step.



Learn the ancient art of hand dye using indigo! Leran how to create beautiful, stylish patterns using the ancient art of indigo dying.

In this workshop we will concentrate on setting up an indigo bath and folded, tied and clamped resists to create beautiful patterns on a variety of cotton and natural fiber surfaces. Students will leave with beautiful stylish textiles for wardrobe and home.

Surface Design and Mark Making with thickened dye

In this class we will use a variety of methods to create marks on fabric. Using thickened fiber reactive dye with everyday objects, wood blocks and other tools we will explore line, pattern and composition. First, we will practice on cotton fabric to see what interesting designs we can create. Then you’ll use what you learned to design your own unique textile! This is a great technique to learn for upcycling clothing or creating your own unique fabric pattern.

Water Marbled Cotton Charms for quilting and crafts

Experience the joy of painting on water – over and over again! After a brief introduction and demonstration of the ancient art of water marbling, each participant will work independently on a small marbling tray, dropping acrylic paint on the surface of an aqueous solution, then using a variety of techniques and tools to swirl the paint into intricate patterns and bold motifs. Star will provide a cheat sheet with steps drawn out for various traditional patterns, but when you are painting on water, there is always room for surprise and wonder. The more you paint, the more you will realize this is an art form that will get you back in touch with your inner child… have fun with it! Each person can paint up to 42 uniquely different Kona cotton fat charms and matching clothespins. These 5”x5” darlings are perfect for use in quilting, appliqué, and other crafts. You can even frame them! No experience needed.

Instructor will provide aprons and disposable gloves – or bring your own. Charms will be rinsed and hung to dry. Still-damp charms can be taken away in zip lock bags to finish drying in your room or at home. Once thoroughly dry, your hand-painted charms will need to be heat set with a hot iron (you can do this once you get home, if you want). After that, they are washable and sunfast. And you can keep your colorful clothespins as well!

Water Marbled silk scarf

Have you experienced the joy of painting on water? Join Star Greenwood in a fun exploration of the fascinating art of water marbling, an ancient process finding new life and popularity in the 21st century. After a lively introduction and demonstration, Star and her team of skilled artisans will guide you through the steps of choosing your colors and design style, floating the paints carefully on the water and swirling the colors into complex patterns and bold or subtle motifs. There is a moment of tension followed by a burst of relief and joy as a plain white silk scarf is lowered gently onto the surface of the paint, instantly and permanently transferring the one-of-a-kind design to the silk. There is a real WOW moment when the finished design is held up for all to see!

The scarf will then be rinsed in plain water to remove any excess paint, dipped in fabric softener if desired, and placed in a Zip Loc bag. Hang to dry any time in the 48 hours or so, then, once thoroughly dry, it can be pressed with a hot iron to set the colors and ensure lightfastness. Once ironed, the silk is hand-washable, non-fading and surprisingly durable, and can be worn or displayed with pride for years to come!

sewing workshops

These workshops require enrollment in order to attend. 

Bust that Scrap!

What to do with all those scraps and fiddly bits. Any sewist knows the feeling of having little bits and pieces of scraps that are too small to do anything with but you feel bad just making a bunch of trash. Let’s put those scraps to work too. A quick project to make a pouf or pillow that can be stuffed with scraps! And bonus you might even decide to make them decorative and giftable or donate-able to bust that scrap!



Sponsored by: JOANN

In this workshop attendees will learn to sew a caftan that’s perfect for the beach. The caftan is a great wardrobe staple and serves as a coverup. Using bold prints attendees will learn to sew this caftan and make a statement.

Channel your inner (Pawnee) Goddess: Make your own vest

You are a goddess, so let us hear your womanly roar *figuratively* by making your very own Pawnee Goddess inspired vest! 

In this class you’ll up your sewing skills by learning how to sew darts, finishing up your armholes with bias binding, sew narrow hems, and how to attach a decorative trim to the border of your apron. Patches won’t be included, but I can refer you to a link to purchase separately so you can complete your vest.


In this class we will learn to make simple appliqué designs using colouring book pages as our inspiration. We will learn how to pick apart a pattern and put it back together, using tracing and free-motion quilting techniques.

Craftcation Plushie + Reusable Snack Bag Sewing Lab

Cut and sew your very own Craftcation-themed plushie! This is a perfect workshop for beginner sewists, or folks who want a 3D reminder of their time at Craftcation. Holly will walk you through all the steps to cutting, sewing, stuffing, and finishing your very own plushie to take home and put in your creative space.

Plushies are exclusive designs for Craftcation 2023 and include designs by Holly Marsh and [maaaaybe] Nicole Stevenson.


Using fabric in a limited-edition Craftcation 2023 print, learn how to make a fully lined tote bag perfect for carrying all the important items, from your laptop to your farmer’s market hauls. Once your tote is finished, you’ll be able to carry your things around Ventura while showing off your Craftcation love and sewing skills.

make your own CIRCLE SKIRT

Learn to make your own circle skirt….without a pattern!
In this workshop we’ll go over how to take measurements and use them to create your own circle skirt pattern….with minimal math! By the end of this class you’ll be have a comfy stretch circle skirt with a cased elastic waistband.

make your own vendor apron

In this class you’ll learn how to make your own pattern and a vendor apron that you can use for all your Craft Fairs and vendor shows! This is perfect for beginners since it uses straight lines and simple shapes to create an apron that will help you keep cash, credit card processors, and other tools of the trade close at hand while vending. 


This class will cover the basics of quilting to make a 10×10″ pot holder. Students will have two patterns to choose from and will learn how to piece a quilt top, machine-quilt it together, and attach and finish a binding by machine.

sew your first bralette


Ready to take your handmade wardrobe to the next level by learning to sew your own lingerie? In this workshop, you’ll learn the lingerie-making basics needed to make your own bralette, from how to take your measurements, sewing with knit fabric, finishing with two different kinds of elastics and making adjustable straps. Once you start making your own custom lingerie, you’ll never want to wear store-bought again! Basic familiarity with sewing on a sewing machine required.



Take your handmade wardrobe to the next level by sewing your own underwear! This class will take you through the basics of lingerie sewing, including sewing with elastic and the burrito construction method for making underwear with a clean finish. The skills learned in this class are a great starting place for more advanced lingerie sewing! Works well to take along with Sew Your First Bralette. Basic familiarity with sewing on a sewing machine required.

sewing 101 and zipper pouch

Has it been a while since you’ve sewn anything or are you a complete beginner? In Sewing 101 you will learn how to read a pattern, cut on grain and why seam allowance is necessary. Plus you get to make a cute little bag to keep your trinkets! This class is ideal for the baby-new-fresh beginner and those who haven’t sewn in a long time.

sewing lab

Join us for some extra studio time to finish projects from your Craftcation sewing classes.

sunhat fashion funhat!


Sponsored by: JOANN

In this class attendees will make a fashionable sunhat. This is a one size fits all hat. Participants will learn to sew a wide brim sunhat that is sure to make a statement.

T&A: Flat-pattern adjustments for fit and design

T&A means TEST and ADJUST. Minds out of the gutter, friends! LOL!

This class is best for intermediate sewists who want to work on fitting patterns to themselves, or hacking patterns for design, before cutting any fabric. We will work with miniature paper pattern models and practice actually making our adjustments on the pattern. We will walk away knowing: How to spot the need for some of the most common pattern adjustments, How to create some common and trendy design elements, How to manipulate our paper patterns to make the fit or design adjustments we want. We will also make our own reference notebook for our use after class and at home, showing the adjustments we made, and how we did it!


In this session, join Marisa Lynch on an offsite thrifting excursion to some of Downtown Ventura’s most beloved thrift stores! Marisa has been thrifting for years for her blog and book, New Dress A Day, and her upcycled pieces have been featured in Bust, Altered Couture, and on some of your favorite daytime TV talk shows!

We’ll scour racks for vintage wares and bring them back to salvage and upcycle into brand new pieces for your wardrobe! The sewing sessions will be chock full of ideation around what to make and everyone will have a blast crowdsourcing ideas from other attendees! The session will filled with time to remove lace trim, add appliques to the back of jackets, or turn a quilt into a jacket!

All levels are welcome as sewing machines, seam rippers, and fabric glue can and will be utilized!


In this fun class participants will learn how to sew a zippered clutch. Each participant will learn how to to sew with a zipper foot, use lining and create a statement clutch with fun fabric and prints.

SVG Creator Workshop: Learn to Design, Vectorize, and Print your own SVG Cut Files