Craftcation 2023 Social Activities

more exciting SOCIAL ACTIVITIES coming soon!


casual board game party

We all love the Saturday night dance party and love to cheer our fellow Craftcationers on as they get down with their bad selves in their badass costumes. But what if the dance party isn’t your scene or you’re feeling a little more introverted, or you want to keep your evening more casual? Come to the Casual Board Game Party, where you’ll get to play a variety of board or card games with your fellow attendees.

Folks are welcome to wear costumes, casual wear, jammies- whatever you’d like!

Iron Craft 2023

At Iron Craft Ventura, you’ll experience: Crafting. Secret Supplies. Surprises. Mayhem.

Craftcation attendees will compete against other makers to vie for the title (AND prizes!) of Iron Craft Champion. The defending champion will be there to hold her title of Master Crafter- will she win again or will someone new claim the title? Competitors will be given a basic set of craft supplies and will need to create a super rad creation, within minutes. But–there’s a catch: competitors will need to include the Secret Supply Item, which will be revealed just as the timer starts! Come watch or better yet, participate in this fast-paced, creative, yet fun event at Happy Hour!


Shake your groove thang at this judgment-free, body-positive, booze-optional, sequins-always-encouraged dance party. This year’s theme is Roller Disco. Let’s celebrate finally being together again by embracing the free-wheelin’ style of the 70s. Costumes are encouraged but not required. Think bell bottoms, denim, sequins, glitter, lamé, rainbows, leg warmers and more. Find your costume inspiration here.

Karaoke: The Final Frontier


Sing your heart out at this judgment-free intergalactic space themed karaoke party. The ability to carry a tune is not required, but costumes are encouraged. Think galaxies, space travel, sci-fi, aliens, rocket ships, planets, moons, and Ziggy Stardust.

meet and greet and Q&A for first-time attendees & INTROVERTS

with KATIE MAC and Craftcation 2023 Ambassadors

Join other introverts & first-timers for a low key gathering with drinks and community building. The first time I came to Craftcation I didn’t know a single person. Throughout the weekend I was able to warm up and meet some other first-timers like me and we’re still friends to this day. Come hang out, make new friends and talk about all things crafting. Let’s get to know each other! Feel free to grab a beverage at the bar and bring it along. 


Join us at the Craftcation Opening Celebration and Happy Hour for DIY crafting, meeting and mingling with fellow attendees, author book signings and so much more! Let’s celebrate being back together amongst our community.

award ribbon make and take

You totally deserve an award.  We’ll be celebrating our victories and each other by making award ribbons out of second hand items.  A rainbow of ribbons, trims, buttons, wool felt, screen printed badges, and goodies will be at your fingertips to play with.  Examples and templates will be provided to springboard your creativity, but you’ll be free to craft to your hearts content! 


Combine your love for sweets and cuteness in this fun pom pom class! You’ll learn tips and tricks to help get your pom poms super fluffy and round. Go home with two delightful pom pom keychains inspired by your favorite desserts.

Stitch a Secret Talisman

Learn how to embroider a small symbolic talisman that you can use to remember your experience at Craftcation, to set an intention for your life or business, or simply as a source of grounding or strength.

Kumihimo Friendship Bracelets

Grab a beverage and join us upstairs for a relaxing friendship bracelet party! You’ll learn a simple technique to weave a kumihimo cord friendship bracelet, using a cardboard loom you’ll DIY yourself. Learning the technique takes only a few minutes then we’ll spend the rest of the time relaxing and chatting while we finish our new bracelets!


Closing Ceremony


Let’s get together for one last time and close out what is sure to be a remarkable weekend together. Here we’ll be giving away prizes, recognizing outstanding Ambassadors and Attendees, sharing stories, mingling and of course taking our now famous group photo!