Welcome Craftcation Crew Members!

Thank you for volunteering your time to help us make Craftcation Conference happen! With your help, we are able to make sure that every Attendee has a memorable and positive experience. 


Click your department for a list of crew members. When you see your name, select it and then click the arrow to the left of your name to open your record and see a full list of your shifts. To contact your department manager, click their name under the respective department.

IMPORTANT: If the ‘Registered’ column by your name is unchecked, it means that we do not have a conference registration on file for you. 


As some of you have come on board very recently, and even if you have been around for a while, we wanted to make sure you have access to all Attendee news and announcements. Head over to the Attendee News Page – it is CHOCK FULL of information including how to register for workshops, travel to Ventura, recommendations for lodging and so much more.


By now you have received your final schedule from Katie Mac*.  Please review the hours of your shift as they might have different start and end times each day. Please arrive on time. Your Department Manager will reach out to you prior to the conference to tell you where to go at the beginning of your shift to check-in.

*If you have questions about your schedule, please email katiemac@dearhandmadelife.com ASAP.


Being a Craftcation Crew member is a full day’s work. Please dress comfortably in shoes that allow you to possibly be on your feet for a while, walk a LOT across classrooms and floors, etc. If you have any medical issues that need to be taken into account, please let your department manager know BEFORE the conference so that you can be placed in a space that fits your needs.


All crew members will be allotted one hour for lunch. Lunch times will vary by department – check with your manager for more information. During your lunch break, we ask that you stay close to the hotel to ensure that you are not late for the second session of activities that begin at 1pm. Check-in with your department manager by 12:30pm. Your manager will send you more information on this as we get closer to the conference.

If you need some help with where/how to get lunch, HERE is an email that was sent to all attendees with information on meals during the conference. NOTE: Boxed lunch orders mentioned in the email are now closed.

Lastly, remember that your shifts are work days in exchange for you getting the rest of the conference for free. It is best not to try to schedule breaks or lunches with other people on these days as we will need your flexibility.