Craftcation 2024 Special Events


meet and greet and Q&A for first-time attendees & INTROVERTS

with Katie Mac and Craftcation Ambassadors

Join other introverts & first-timers for a low key gathering with drinks and community building. The first time I came to Craftcation I didn’t know a single person. Throughout the weekend I was able to warm up and meet some other first-timers like me and we’re still friends to this day. Come hang out, make new friends and talk about all things crafting. Let’s get to know each other! Feel free to grab a beverage at the bar and bring it along. 


Join us at the Craftcation Opening Celebration and Happy Hour for DIY crafting, meeting and mingling with fellow attendees, author book signings plus these amazing Make & Take crafts!

make and take crafts


Harness the power of herbs, dried flowers, and gemstones to create a spell jar that holds your intentions from Craftcation. Whether you’re looking for more creativity in your life, an openness to new beginnings, protection from self doubt, abundance in your business, or something else entirely, you’ll fill your spell jar with purpose and display it in your home or office as a reminder of the goals you’ve set out to achieve.

DIY Buttons & Fabric Covered Mirrors

Make buttons and pocket mirrors with Rosalie Gale of Ugly Baby. We’ll have a buffet of fabric scraps & pre-made Craftcation designs for you to choose from. Or – use some art supplies to design your own! We will have 1.25 and 2.25 inch round machines available.

Make Your Own Acrylic Earrings

Acrylic Earrings are here to stay! Grab a couple funky shapes and get creative, the possibilities are endless. Make some little studs or maybe some big drop earrings, you’re sure to have fun.

Mood-Boosting Room Sprays

Discover the art of creating mood-enhancing room sprays using the power of essential oils. Dive into the world of aromatherapy and walk away with your own customized room sprays to uplift room sprays that inspire, rejuvenate, and uplift your space and spirit. Join us for an engaging and creative workshop that merges the power of essential oils with the joy of crafting. 

Make Colorful Earrings

Dive into a world of colors with Soft Flex’s vibrant beading wire and retro styled ceramic beads, crafting a pair of earrings that are as unique as you are! This fun-filled project will turn you into a jewelry-making whiz, teaching you how to crimp designs securely, a must-know trick of the trade for any beaded masterpiece strung on flexible beading wire. We’ve got all the supplies and step-by-step guidance you need to create a pair of earrings that are not just adorable, but also a delightful keepsake of your crafty escapades at Craftcation. Let’s bring on the fun!

Mood-Boosting Room Sprays

Discover the art of creating mood-enhancing room sprays using the power of essential oils. Dive into the world of aromatherapy and walk away with your own customized room sprays to uplift room sprays that inspire, rejuvenate, and uplift your space and spirit. Join us for an engaging and creative workshop that merges the power of essential oils with the joy of crafting. 



Get down on it at this judgment-free, body-positive, booze-optional, sequins-always-encouraged dance party. This year’s theme is Enchanted Forrest. Costumes are encouraged but not required. Check out our mood board here for some inspiration!

casual board game party

We all love the annual Craftcation dance party and love to cheer our fellow attendees on as they get down with their bad selves in their badass costumes. But what if the dance party isn’t your scene or you’re feeling a little more introverted, or you want to keep your evening more casual? Come to the Casual Board Game Party, where you’ll get to play a variety of board or card games with your fellow attendees.


Folks are welcome to wear costumes, casual wear, jammies- whatever you’d like!

make and take crafts

Mini Tapestry Weaving


Learn the basics of tapestry weaving and how to make your own loom out of cardboard! These techniques can be used to make a cute wall hanging for your home or office, a mug rug, and much more. The best thing about making your own loom out of cardboard (in addition to saving money & helping out the planet) is you can make it almost any size you want. We’ll have supplies and instruction available to make your loom and warp it, along with a variety of weaving patterns. Stop by to make a woven memento of your Craftcation experience!

String Art Notebooks

Come join us for this quick and easy make and take. We will be using string art and embroidery techniques to create sweet notebooks. All skill levels welcome!



Step away from the Craftcation Hotel Headquarters and join photographer, Sarah Deragon, in Ventura’s Historic Downtown for a super fun photo walk. Sarah will guide you through downtown while teaching you the fundamentals of iPhoneography. You’ll learn skills like how to find cool lighting, what makes a good background and you will have plenty of time to take fun portraits and play. Unleash your creativity, conquer your inner critic, and experience the charm of downtown Ventura!

Iron Craft 2024

At Iron Craft Ventura, you’ll experience: Crafting. Secret Supplies. Surprises. Mayhem. 


Craftcation attendees will compete against other makers to vie for the title (AND prizes!) of Iron Craft Champion. The defending champion will be there to hold her title of Master Crafter- will she win again or will someone new claim the title? Competitors will be given a basic set of craft supplies and will need to create a super rad creation, within minutes. But–there’s a catch: competitors will need to include the Secret Supply Item, which will be revealed just as the timer starts! Come watch or better yet, participate in this fast-paced, creative, yet fun event at Happy Hour!


Wanderings is a self-guided tour of fun and exciting experiences and room parties hosted by your fellow Craftcation attendees. We’ve seen everything from communal craft projects, dance parties, costume photo booths, a temporary tattoo studio, toast party and so much more. We’ll put together a list of room numbers so you know where in the hotel to… you guessed it….. wander. Start at the top and work your way down. Start at the front and work your way back. It’s all up to you! You create your own route. Just be sure to get a stamp from each room on your Wanderings Passport to be entered to win major prizes given away at our Closing Ceremony! 



Applications to host a Wanderings room will open in February 2024. Attendees will be notified via email.



Come with me on an outdoor walking tour around the hotel as I show you how to use public spaces for beautiful brand photography. I’ll teach you tips & tricks for best lighting, angles and poses and how to incorporate nature in your images.

upcycled fashion show

Join us for our first ever Upcycled Fashion Show!  Come see attendees of Marisa Lynch’s Thrift and Upcycle Workshop to showcase the lovely fashion pieces they create in either session of this workshop. More information on how to participate will be sent to attendees enrolled in the Upcycle Workshop.



Join us for our first ever Craftcation Trivia Night! More details to come!

make and take crafts

Macrame Keychain Make & Take

Learn foundation knots of macrame and make your own unique fashion accessory for your keys! A single knot worked in repetition will spiral before your eyes before finishing the end of your creation in a magical wrap. Be prepared to become addicted to this simple fiber craft!


Closing Ceremony


All good things must come to an end – or so we’re told. Let’s get together one last time and close out what is sure to be another  remarkable week together. Here we’ll be giving away prizes, recognizing outstanding Ambassadors and attendees, sharing stories, mingling and of course taking our now famous group photo!