WANDERINGS 2020: A Self-Guided Artwalk


Dear Handmade Life and Craftcation Conference are excited to present Wanderings 2020 hosted by Katie Mac!  This exciting self-guided art walk will take place Friday, April 17, 2020 from 7pm – 10pm PT.

There are two ways to experience Wanderings:

  1. Host a Wanderings room in your Marriott hotel room.
  2. Visit the Wanderings rooms.

Wanderings Room Hosts turn their hotel rooms into fun and exciting experiences. We’ve seen everything from communal craft projects, dance parties, costume photo booths, podcast recording sessions, small scale pop-up shops, fundraisers and so much more. We’ll put together a list of room numbers so you know where in the hotel to… you guessed it….. wander. Start at the top and work your way down. Start at the front and work your way back. It’s all up to you! You create your own route. Just be sure to get a stamp from each room on your Wanderings Passport!

Sunday morning at our closing ceremony and keynote event, we give away a ton of prizes. One of those prizes is a FREE ticket to Craftcation 2021! Each room visitor who turns in their passport filled with stamps from each room, as well as the room hosts for all Wanderings Rooms will be entered to win!



To become a Wanderings Room Host, fill out the application below between 1.17.20 and 2.20.20. We will review all proposals and let you know by email if your experience was selected for the conference. Accept and decline emails will be sent out by 2.27.20.

Be creative!! You could create a special drink or snack to show off your culinary skills, present a craft tutorial, walk your guests through a skill building session, do a magic trick, build a pillow fort. The sky is your oyster! You know what I mean. If you’d like to host but can’t quite nail down an experience idea or just need some help finalizing your idea, contact Katie Mac for help and/or guidance. Please note: No pop-up shops without an experience, service or activity for your guests to enjoy (ex: tattoo parlor, tarot reading, massage, aura reading, make and take craft, photo booth, communal art project, etc.) will be accepted.

Need some help with your idea? Let me know!! I’m always here to help!


Applications open: 1.17.20
Applications close: 2.20.20
Accept and decline emails go out to applicants: 2.27.20


Wanderings Host Applications are now closed.

We will notify applications by 2.27.20.

Thanks for your interest!