november diy and business book club

When my husband gets home from work, he has a routine. Make a drink. Grab his book. Take a seat at our patio table in the backyard. Read for an hour. Make dinner. There a few days here and there when he’s in between books. Those nights he seems a little more restless. He needs that hour of disappearing into another world full of dragons (somehow I ended up marrying a man who loves my least favorite book genre: fantasy) or explorers climbing Mount Everest or soldiers clawing for life on a battlefield. After his hour of reading is over, he’s ready to re-enter reality… the sounds of our neighbors water fountain, the clucks of our chickens and the task of preparing dinner.

There is something so brilliant and perfect about finding that perfect book. Though the titles I choose are dragon-free, they still serve as a respite from my life, usually through making me see things a little differently or teaching me something new. Our November DIY and business book club picks do just that. Two DIY craft project books to inspire you to make something: Sewing for all Seasons by Susan Beal and Rosette Art by Craftcation 2013 presenter Cathe Holden, one book that gets down to the nitty gritty of running a handmade business: the Handmade Marketplace by Craftcation 2013 and 2014 presenter Kari Chapin and one book to ignite your creative passion: The Declaration of You by Craftcation 2014 presenter Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift. Make yourself a drink or a cup of tea, take a seat and open one of these lovely titles. Need some more creative entrepreneurial or DIY inspiration? Early bird registration for Craftcation is open.

-nicole s.

1. The Handmade Marketplace by Kari Chapin

2. Sewing for all Seasons by Susan Beal

3. The Declaration of You by Michelle Ward and Jessica Swift

4. Rosette Art by Cathe Holden






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