diy craft: essential oil sprays


i love using this simple recipe for making your own essential oil spritzers and sprays for the home and body. truth be told i’m totally addicted to spritzers. not the white wine variety you sip in wooden hot tubs while listening to yacht rock tunes like micheal mcdonald or steely dan (though i can get down to both). the spritzers i’m talking about are home and body sprays. i keep one in my car, several in my house and there’s always one in my purse. every time i teach my natural organic bath products class i always make a few for myself.

recipe for how to make a handmade essential oil spray or spritzer for the home or body

what to get:

empty small spray bottle (the dollar store or the travel section of a drug store has these)
essential oils (health food store or fancy grocery store like whole foods or mothers market)
vodka (the cheaper the better)
distilled water
decorating stuff & mod podge (optional)
what to do: (measurements are for a 4 ounce bottle)
-pour about 1-2 table spoons of vodka in your bottle (the vodka helps disperse and intensify the scent and keeps your spray fresh)
-add 30-40 drops of essential oil
-fill the rest of the container with distilled water
-use old magazine and papers to decoupage your bottle with mod podge
-shake, spray and enjoy

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