diy craft: how to sew an a-line girls dress


i’ve been wanting to make a simple a-line kids dress for a long time. i finally made one. it was so simple and quick i thought i’d share it. for those of you that have little ones or a little one in your life–summer is the perfect time to whip out this easy summer dress project. the dress can even carry over into winter when you slip a long sleeve tee underneath and pair it with tights. this pattern will make a size 2 toddler.

what to get:
basic sewing supplies (ie: scissors, thread, tape measure, seam ripper, sharpie etc…)
3/4 yard of main fabric
3/4 yard of contrasting fabric (for trim, tie & pocket)
a-line kids girls summer dress diy tutorial
what to do:
1. fold the main fabric in half inside out so that the selvedge edges are touching.
2. draw a line across the bottom (C) that’s 24 inches long (this will be the bottom of the dress).
3. measure from the center of that line up until you hit 22 inches (E)-this is the length. mark with a small dot.
4. at the top of the line you just measured (and marked with the dot) draw a line parallel to the 24 inch bottom line. this new line will be the top and make it 9 inches long (D).
5. connect the right ending of line D and line C with a diagonal line (B). use a tape measure to make your line straight.
6. repeat step 5 for the left side of D & C. this line is (A).
7. measure 6 inches down from the top of A and make a dot.

a-line kids girls summer dress diy tutorial pillowcase
8. now use a plate or something round to make a J-shape that starts a few inches to the right on D and ends at your dot 6 inches down on A.

9. repeat step 8 on the left side on line B.
10. cut on all the lines.
11. make your bias tape. to make bias tape you must find the diagonal line of your fabric. lay fabric down and fold up one corner, as if you are folding a flag. the folded line running diagonally is the bias line. cut a strip of fabric along the bias line that’s a bout 3 inches wide and as long as the fabric will allow. repeat until you have enough strips to run the length of each armhole and the bottom hem of the dress.

12. fold over the sides of all the bias tape widthwise and iron.

13. cut a strip of fabric, not on the bias line 3 inches wide and long enough for the tie that goes over the shoulders and across the front and back of the dress.

14. if you would like to add a pocket or applique cut that out now as well.
15. turn your right (printed) sides of the cut out dress together and sew down each side. i used the edge of the presser foot at the edge of the fabric as a seam allowance.

16. trim the armholes with the bias tape.

17. now fold over the front top of the dress (where you will thread the tie through) of front about 1/4 of an inch, iron the fold. fold again, this time fold over 1.25 inches, iron. repeat step 17 for the top of the back of the dress.

18. sew down along the folded edge of front of top as if you are hemming. repeat for the other side.

19. trim the edge of the bottom of the dress with the bias tape the same way you trimmed the armholes.
20. make the tie. do this the way you would make a strap for a purse. fold the strip in half widthwise with the right sides facing in and sew down the length of the tie.

21. use a safety pin to turn the tie right side out.
22. fold the edges inside of each end and sew closed.

23. thread the tie through the channel you made in the front and back at the top of the dress and tie in a bow on one side.
24. add the applique or pocket using a zig-zag stitch.

-nicole s.

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