DIY Fabric Face Masks

All over the world, communities are rallying together to support medical personnel and frontline workers in the battle against COVID-19. Sewists and crafters are uniting to share their crafty gifts with the world by creating handmade face masks. We’ve pulled together a list of tutorials for you to give it a go. All you need is a sewing machine, fabric scraps and some basic sewing tools and you’re ready to go!


Our sponsor and friends at Clover have put together this N95 mask cover pattern tutorial as well as a bias tape making tutorial.

Craft Passion shared this awesome tutorial that includes a nose wire and the option to use head straps instead of elastic.

Craftcation 2019 sponsor, Missouri Quilt Company is sharing two different mask patterns AND a scrub cap tutorial!

Our friend and multi-year Craftcation presenter Vickie Howell put together a mask making round-up on her blog featuring multiple variations!


The Craft Patch has put together a colorful tutorial as well. Look at that fun fabric!

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Tell us one way you’ve seen an outpouring of love and support in your community! Is it a tiny library filled with games and books? Is it a neighbor bringing over baked goodies? Or maybe a local business donating a percentage of sales to a food bank? Leave your comment below before Friday, May 8, 2020. Bonus entries can be made on our post on Instagram here. Tag a friend if you think they’d be interested in participating. 

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  1. I’ve seen many small art businesses sharing resources for grants and other help available to those struggling financially during this time! It’s difficult to find these resources and it can be overwhelming so their support and recommendations are extremely appreciated and helpful.

  2. So many of my friends are making masks and donating them to family, friends, local medical agencies, and prisons. If pressed to take money, we suggest making a donation to a local food charity. Our church is bringing food to frontline medical staff. My Mardi Gras Krewe usually does hand beaded costumes. This year we’re also making beaded hearts for families that lose a loved one to COVID. This weekend I participated in a quilt along. The pattern fee was a donation to food charities. And our local fabric store is giving away 5 yards of fabric for mask making with any purchase. I’m so glad to see this community pulling together even though we’re staying apart.

  3. Thanks for the giveaway! Our local restaurants are providing free lunch to students unable to get school lunches.

  4. Our town had a bunch of people donate and then they sent out gift cards to local restaurants to local essential workers – both healthcare and grocery store workers!

  5. We live in a quiet corner of Missouri. Mostly it is the small kindnesses. Neighbors waving and asking how you are. Friends sharing supplies (fabric). And yes, mask making for family and local care facilities.
    I think the one nicest thing we can do for each other is to Wear A Mask.

  6. There are so many great things happening all around. Personally I have been making masks, as well as taking home baking and meals to a single senior across the street

  7. Our community’s school club and sport booster clubs were rallied together to donate and raise funds to support all of the small businesses in our village that support out clubs and teams every single year. The amount of support for our small businesses was heartwarming!! All it takes is one person who cares with an idea. 💜💜💜

  8. Our neighborhood set up a “pet-care” circle for anyone who needs help with pets during these rough times!

  9. Our sewing group BFF contacts various hospitals asking who and how many masks are needed. We sew and donate to the various doctors, nurses or healthcare workers in each department. We have sewn several hundred with more to come.

  10. Fun give away!
    Our town offices has taken over feeding the kids that usually get breakfast and lunch at the school. The vice principal delivers the food and it takes him 1-2 hrs a day. We have all been donating items to help these families.

  11. We live in a small community and one of our neighbors has been painting rocks with words of encouragement and secretly placing them in our yards. And a few of us sewers have made masks for everyone to help keep us safe. We can all help each other…and thanks for the giveaway

  12. I belong to a small group of local sewists that created a group to provide our area Healthcare/frontline professionals handmade masks and gowns free of charge. To date we’ve completed over 5000 masks. It is really heartwarming to see out community band together to help out Frontline workers

  13. Its so great to see so many rally together and donate time and materials for 😷 masks!!! Makes my hear happy!!!

  14. We have a close knit neighborhood. Neighbors make masks for each other, and pick up groceries and drugs as needed. A neighborhood window “treasure hunt” was organized where we post a picture a day ( following a calendar) so that kids can walk around the neighborhood and hunt for them.

  15. A local business getting the community involved in donating healthy drinks to all shifts of various medical facilities and at the same time getting more masks into the community.

  16. Seeing the beautiful artwork on sidewalks and in windows of people’s homes thanking all our frontline worker is just so heartwarming.

  17. Kids in my neighborhood have drawn chalk art on the sidewalks. Some have inspirational words and some are just beautiful works of art. Since more people are out exercising, it is a great way to make the community smile.

  18. So far I sewed 170 masks for my family, friends, healthcare coworkers, and neighbors.
    I have seen so many people finding creative ways to come together and support our community. I participated in a “Feeding the Frontline” event where farm workers had the chance to get food and other supplies donated. I was able to donate a portion of my face masks to them as well. People are doing what they can to come together and support each other 🙂

  19. As a mask collection point for nursing homes, I’ve seen tremendous generosity of my community. It makes me proud that so many people are willing to help those in need.

  20. Today the teachers at the school across the street decorated their cars and drove through the neighborhood honking and waving with signs saying they miss their students. Families stood on the street and waved. I’m not going to lie, it made me cry.

    Also, will you reach out via instagram for those who don’t want to make their email public? 🙂

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