Umeshu (Plum Wine)
Grace and her mother Yoko made this delicious plum wine infused with blood oranges and have generously shared the recipe with us (and you)! The ingredients can be found in most Japanese markets like Tokyo Central, Mitsuwa, or Nijiya in May. From Grace: We use about ⅓ less sugar than the recipe calls for and we leave the ume in for about a year before we decant off the liquor. The additional flavors are added after we decant. I add either Meyer lemons or blood oranges to the liquor about two weeks before we bottle.
  • Lemons or oranges
  • Liquor
  • *See below for optional ingredients and see this article for more info.
  1. Scrub lemons or oranges (about 3 for each 2 quart container) with a produce brush. Dry completely.
  2. Place them in the decanted liquor. Seal the container and put in a cool dark place for 1½ - 2 weeks.
  3. Remove the citrus and and you are done!
  4. Other flavoring ideas are (I leave these in about a month before I decant): cinnamon sticks (my favorite), vanilla bean, cardamon
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