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This is the time of year when I get really jealous of people who don’t work for themselves. You know, people with health benefits and 401k’s… the kind of people who actually leave work at pretty much the same time everyday and don’t think about it much when they get home. Don’t get me wrong, I LOVE being my own boss but spring is our busiest time of year and the long hours get me dreaming about when this season’s Craftcation and Patchwork Shows are in the rear view mirror and I can start to have some semblance of balance back in my life. I’m big on celebrating successes and since this year I won’t be taking off on a tropical post-Craftcation vacation I began to plan for a few days of staycationing at home. The first thing I did to get ready was sign up for a Creativebug membership. I’ve been itching to spend some time with my sketchbook over the past few months so I’ve started picking out some of Creativebug’s sketchbook exercise classes. I’ve been a huge fan of Creativebug for several years. Watching this video they made about one of their instructors/one of my major craftelebrity crushes Natalie Chanin not only made me teary-eyed but totally hooked me on Creativebug’s awesomeness. That’s why I invited Creativebug to our blog to introduce themselves and offer you a FREE 14-day trial which gives you 14 days of unlimited access to over 700 award-winning art and craft classes with expert instructors and lifetime access to one free class! Now onto Creativebug to introduce themselves…

 Now onto Creativebug to introduce themselves…

-Nicole S.

Creativebug is the award-winning destination for high-quality online art and craft video classes. For just $4.95 per month, you get unlimited access to 700+ classes in painting, drawing, knitting, crochet, sewing, quilting, and much more.


Our Teaching Style

Our award-winning videos make learning a beautiful thing to watch and an easy to follow experience. Creativebug instructors are experts at their craft—and they’re amazing teachers. Our videographers are artists who capture the perfects shots and angles as if they’re learning with you too. Then everything’s edited down to pure, useful teaching so you can spend time making rather than watching—so your project comes out successfully the first time.

Our Culture

We’re curious, we’re makers, we’re artists. We bring our own projects to work, showing others what we’re making and sometimes have “crafternoons” where we spend time crafting together. We can’t imagine life without art. It’s partly why we’re so dedicated to making crafting a fun, satisfying, and easy part of your daily life.

Behind everything we do, we follow this philosophy: artists supporting other artists. We purposely share our entire library, so you can play and explore across all project types and be exposed to different artists. This also encourages our instructors to meet each other too. So they aren’t competing, but instead learn from each other, collaborate on projects, or become friends.

Here are some of our newest classes. We release a new class every Tuesday and Thursday and provide subscribers with an open communication with instructors and other users so that you can ask any question, upload project pictures, and make new friends.


So what are you waiting for? Click here and sign up today to get a 14-day free trial where you can choose over 700 art and craft classes taught by expert instructors. Also, for every month that you sign up, you get to keep 1 class forever where access never expires. 

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