Gal/Valentine’s Day DIY Roundup

gifts for your galentine

Galentine’s Day – February 13, 2021. This day, brought to us by honorary Dear Handmade Lifer and fellow waffle connoisseur Leslie Knope of Parks and Recreation, is a day to celebrate all of our best gals. Usually this would look more like a get-together or a brunch but because of this year’s family member who has long over-stayed their welcome, Uncle COVID, it might look a little different. Never fear, this craft roundup is for you. Check out these craft and DIY projects that will make perfect, thoughtful gifts for your favorite Galentines!

GIFTS FOR YOUR valentine

Valentine’s Day – February 14, 2021. We haven’t forgotten about the love birds! These craft and DIY projects make wonderful heartfelt gifts for your sweetie, no matter what the holiday. Celebrate all of your wonderful memories with a Valentine photo book. Embroider over a favorite photograph on fabric. Browse our DIY valentine craft projects below to make your loved ones feel special this Valentine’s Day.

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