Hello Craftcation Alumni!

We’re accepting submissions for our blog from Craftcation alumni on the topic of the importance of attending conferences. We want to hear from you about how Craftcation changed your business, life or creativity.

What we’re looking for:

-Well-written posts (don’t worry we’ll proof-read them)
-Honest accounts of your experience
-Tips for attendees on how to get the most out a conference, budget and plan and network while there etc.
-Rather than a “commercial” for Craftcation, the post should be brimming with solid info that you’re glad you knew or wish you had known about attending conferences.
-We welcome references to Craftcation but if you’ve attended other conferences, you’re welcome to share about those experiences as well.

We’re open to any topic ideas you have or posts you’ve already written that fit our criteria (or that you want to rework to fit it) but here are a few ideas that might spark your creativity:

-Tips for attending a conference on a budget
-How attending a conference changed your life, business and/or creativity
-Things you wish you knew before you attended a conference
-How to build your community at a conference
-How to know if a conference is right for you
-How to prepare for a conference
-What to pack for a conference
-How to forge long-lasting meaningful connections at a conference
-How attending a conference is the best way to deal with business burnout
-How conferences help you push past creative ruts
-How to begin connecting with fellow attendees and build your community before a conference
-How to keep the inspiration and momentum from a conference going after you leave
-Top things you learned (takeaways) at a conference
-Why attending a conference is worth it
-How attending a conference will spark your creativity
-Why attending a conference will help you define and achieve your goals
-How to keep up with and make the most of social media while you’re at a conference
-How to manage your time and plan your schedule at a conference

Here’s what to do if you’d like to submit your post:

1. Email your post to nicole@dearhandmadelife.com.

2. Please also send a bio and any links to your website, social media etc. that you’d like us to include if we accept your submission.

3. Although we will be accepting submissions through 2.1.17, please submit your post ASAP as we want to begin sharing them ASAP.

4. You do not need to send graphics or images, just the text, your bio and links. We’ll create graphics and add photos to the post.

Here’s what you’ll get if we choose your post:

1.We’ll include your bio with links to your website, social media etc.
2.We’ll share it with our social media audience of 52,000+ followers
3.We’ll post it on our blog with 70,000+ monthly pageviews
4.It may also be featured in our newsletter to 27,000+ subscribers

*Our team will go through all submissions, review them to make sure they’re a good fit and be in touch within a few days of your submission.

-Nicole + Delilah