How to Prepare for the 127 Yard Sale

Editor’s Note: This post is a part of our series on Delilah’s annual trip to the 127 yard sale. We’ll be back next week with DIY projects, recipes, inspiration and business tips. -Nicole S.

As the years go by, I have had a number of friends tell me that they would love to road trip on the 127 yard sale. If you are into junking, this is definitely a trip you should consider! After six years of visiting the yard sale, I think I finally have figured out what someone needs for the trip (although I am sure that I will discover something “new” that I will need for next year LOL). I have separated the packing list into 4 areas.

pack-packing items-127-corridor-yard-sale-worlds-longest-dear-handmade-life-what-to-pack


pack-clothes-pack-packing items-127-corridor-yard-sale-worlds-longest-dear-handmade-life-what-to-packThe 127 yard sale happens in the middle of summer. It is HOT and HUMID. We have been lucky that the past two years have been stormy but I think we will be pressing our luck for a 3rd year of stormy weather. I expect it to be sunny on top of it all, FUN!

-Breathable shorts that you don’t mind getting dirty

-Light colored tops. Again think breathable, this isn’t a fashion show! In fact wearing super “fancy” clothes will just make you stand out so don’t expect too many deals!

-Sandals AND good walking shoes. If it does rain and you are wearing your walking shoes and you don’t have an option you will either need to go find shoes or wear your wet shoes (and I don’t know about you but that is not fun after 30 minutes).

-Hat and/or parasol: I was lucky that I still had an extra parasol from my wedding two weeks ago, I think this will help immensely.

-Fanny pack or purse with a long strap: keep things close to your body, not because it will get stolen but you want two hands free and if you left your purse somewhere, it could be impossible to find! Below is what I would put in that purse.


pack-purse-127-corridor-yard-sale-worlds-longest-dear-handmade-life-what-to-packThis is what I carry in my fanny pack/purse:



-Sunblock and lip gloss with SPF

-Hand wipes or sanitizer

-Collapsible bags (the ones that fold into little balls so you don’t have to use plastic bags)

-Measuring tape

-Your shopping list and pen


These are other things that I found helpful to have on the trip.

-Another measuring tape

-Packing tape, masking tape, markers for labeling (especially if you are traveling with multiple people).

-Bungee cords

-Towels/sheets for packing fragile items (I brought three Turkish towels that I received for my birthday).

-BOXES: I know this sounds weird but every year we have to make a trip somewhere to get cardboard boxes. You will need them to pack smaller items/breakables and cardboard boxes STACK. You can maximize your vehicles capacity with boxes. When getting food for the trip at Trader Joe’s, I asked for extra boxes and packed all of our dry goods/drinks in boxes so we could use them as we went though our snacks.



Obviously this isn’t essential since there are places to eat along the way but the food that’s available doesn’t fit with our regular eating style. Unless we are at a restaurant, we tend to eat pretty healthful with a mostly plant-based diet. If this is how you eat, I would highly suggest planning and packing accordingly since the travel to 127 and drive on the yard sale route leave very limited options that are not fried, nor is there an emphasis on vegetarian/vegan meals. This year I will be including a few restaurant/market reviews just in case you decide to do the yard sale so you’ll have a few options.

-Drinks: I pack a wine box with several liters of water and a few natural sodas. Every day, I add two bottles to the cooler so we have cold water for the road (YOU WILL NEED THIS ON 127!!) If my hotel rooms have a fridge, I will chill two liters so we have ice cold water for the morning in addition to the ones in the cooler. This year I even made two gallons of Arnold Palmer’s (my fave beverage, it’s half lemonade and half iced tea). Yes, I am nuts.

-Dry items: I have another wine box filled with bread for sandwiches, pita bread for dips, almonds, peanut butter cups for my husband, mustard, hot sauce and our favorite popcorn snack.

-Booze: Remember parts of Kentucky/Tennessee are dry. So if you want a cocktail at the end of the day or maybe you are picky – be prepared! We are picking up bourbon and other spirits on the road and the natural soda I packed makes a great mixer. If you are into wine, there is one winery that I know of on 127, but you should bring your own and don’t forget the bottle/wine opener!

-Other eating items: Paper towels, bottle opener, a small cutting board + pairing knife, disposable utensils/plates and cups (for drinks and salad).

-Cooler: I fill with our cooler with our favorite fruits, hummus/healthy dips for pita and pre-sliced salami, Tofurky, cheese, onions and lettuce for sandwiches. Sandwiches are easy to make in the car and easy to eat even if you’re the driver. It is important to drain your cooler everyday and spread ice around your food. I notice things start to go bad after 4 days (if you don’t pay attention) so even distribution and constant draining of melted ice helps to keep your food cold and will make it last longer.

-Delilah Snell


  1. HAHA @Denis!
    after 6 years and multiple blunders i have to be (and being organized allows me to fit in more goodies!
    can you believe that i need to update this list?? i already have a few improvements! LOL

    -delilah (using nicoles account b/c i cant remember my password-LOL)

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