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Did you know that trees talk to each other?

They have a complex network of underground fungi that they use to communicate and share resources. It looks like an intricate web of string tied from root to root under the forest floor and it’s called the mycorrhizal networks.

I always thought of trees of solitary things. I don’t know why I thought that things that could do something as magical as transform carbon dioxide into oxygen could do it alone.

Nobody does anything truly fantastic alone. I mean, we may cross the finish line alone but to get there… you had a trainer, supportive family/friends, a coach and probably an elementary school teacher who made you feel that your dreams were worthy and possible.

Like Brené Brown said, “We don’t have to do all of it alone. We were never meant to.”

Athletes know this, but for some reason us creatives often try to do it all solo. We don’t invest in conferences where we may meet our next business besties. We don’t push past that uncomfortableness and reach out to someone we know online to chat business. We let our fear of not making it, of not being good enough get in the way of truly living out the idea of community over competition.

But, at some point, you realize that even though you can do it alone… you’ll get to that finish line faster and happier with a little help from your friends. Just like the trees.

The “mother” trees who are established send sugars via the mycorrhizal networks to help tender saplings survive in their most vulnerable days. When a tree is sick or dying, it lets go of everything that it’s been holding on to and sends it via that fungal web to the trees in her community that need it the most. And, everyday, all day and all night, every tree in that network is helping another tree through transferring nutrients or sending out a signal that danger is near.

They support each other and help each other survive.

We creatives have our own mycorrhizal networks. Ours exist in chance conversations at a conference like our Craftcation, in random Instagram comments that evolve into meaningful DMs, in forging relationships in our community where it’s OK to be vulnerable or say that you don’t have it all figured out. Our networks are just as essential as the ones the trees have.

The mycorrhizal networks that the trees use have been proved to increase success and growth rates as well as survivorship of new seedlings. In other words, these “tree talks” have quantifiable benefits!

The same is true of our creative networks. I 100% would not have been able to make a living from my creativity for the last 20+ years without my creative community. From finding supplies or craft fairs to vend and shops to carry my line when I had a handmade business to introductions to brands and makers that became the foundation of Craftcation and of course pep talks through it all, without my creative community, I’d still be on the struggle bus trying to navigate making my passion my profession.

Even though I have a solid crew of creatives to call on in times of need, I don’t let that stop me from making new connections. Whether you have your business besties or are still looking for the people who get it (and you), we’ve created something to help you get the same kind of community, resources and tools that transformed my handmade business into a six-figure dream come true that evolved into Dear Handmade Life.


The Club is a members-only community for creatives and passionate small business owners to get the tools, mindset, accountability and support to take your next big leap.

Join us and be a part of our version of the mycorrhizal networks. We may not be able to turn carbon dioxide into oxygen but I promise that transformations that are *almost* that magical will happen inside The Club through the mentorship, resources, education and community you’ll receive.

Enrollment is only open for TWO WEEKS from September 15-October 1, 2021. 

Dear Handmade Life, The Club is a members-only community for creatives and passionate small business owners to get the tools, mindset, accountability and support to take your next big leap.

Monthly Expert-led
Business Classes

From newsletter and social media marketing to financial know-how like profit & loss and pricing to creating the systems and automations to help you scale like a CEO to goal-getting and so much more, The Club’s business class help your your learning curve shrink and your profits and productivity grow.

Monthly Mentorship-Focused Group Coaching

Get support, encouragement and rescources from members (and Nicole & KatieMac) anytime. You can ask questions, get feedback on ideas and share your ups and downs.

Quarterly Creative Boss
Book Club

We go beyond just reading the most inspiring and transformative business and self-growth books through our guided discussions about what we’re learning as well as accountability and support to help you implement the strategies that will move the needle for you and your business.

Unlimited Access to the
Club Class Library

Inside The Club Class Library (open 24/7!) you’ll find ready-to-watch classes and workshops led by some of the most sought-after teachers in our community.

Exclusive Access to the
Club Resource Hub

The Club Resource Hub is your one-stop-spot to find our curated list of the service providers, platforms and services that we use and love.

Early Access to Select Events and Courses

You won’t have to worry about missing out on Dear Handmade Life’s exclusive events and courses because they’re sold out, you’ll get access before everyone else to select Dear Handmade Life products and services.

Networking with Like-Minded Creative Business Owners

The Club provides a safe inclusive space for you to meet other creative business owners. There’s no “who’s-who” or pretension in here. Everyone is welcome! This is the place where you next business bestie is waiting for you.

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