how to make nectarine pico de gallo

Every time I have a surplus of tortilla chips in the house, I automatically start making pico de gallo. I don’t know exactly where the recipe came from, but I have been making it for years. I don’t have an exact measurement for it because, like many of the things I cook, I add things according to what I like, not what the recipe calls for.

Since it is summer, I decided to create a spin on the recipe to include nectarines, which reminded me so much of a peach salsa that I had at Frontera Grill in Chicago several years ago. It may sound strange, but nectarines are the perfect way to add some sweetness and tartness while highlighting the best of summer! You can substitute nectarines for all the tomatoes or replace half of the tomatoes with them. I make a big batch of pico de gallo and usually serve half of it with chips for friends, then I spend the next two days eating the rest on eggs, beans, or tacos.


Nectarine Pico De Gallo

(for a medium bowl of salsa for a group of six people)

what to get:

 4 diced nectarines (if you’re replacing ½ the tomatoes) 8 diced nectarines (if you’re replacing all of the tomatoes)

4 firm diced tomatoes (for this recipe i used roma tomatoes, but you can use heirloom or cherry)

½ large diced red onion

2-10 diced Serrano peppers (it’s really up to you since it depends on how hot you like it)

the juice of 2-4 limes

1 tablespoon of salt (or more, depending on your taste)


what to do:

1. dice nectarines, onions, 2 limes and 2 serrano peppers and add to bowl with salt.

2. Mix well and taste the salsa to determine whether you would like more salt, lime, peppers, onion, etc… keep tasting (I like to taste with chips, b/c the chip will “dilute” the flavor a little) until you have the perfect combination.

3. Put in the fridge and serve cold. Remove any liquid build-up as it will make the salsa soggy if left in it too long.


TIP:  if your hands are really sensitive to peppers, try this: starting a few centimeters from the top of the pepper,  make four cuts down to the end, do not cut the pepper in ½ completely. Turn the pepper on its side and cut across the slits.  Touching the outside of the pepper will lessen the chance of burns- try to avoid touching the inside.

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