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Andrea Luna Reece is a powerhouse. She’s one of those rad ladies who sees herself for what she is– and then makes a business of it! In her eloquent words: “This is who I was made to be.” Andrea gives us a glimpse of what it’s like to live life as a sculptor and painter, along with balancing a business and family life.


Hello. My name is Andrea Luna Reece. I was born and raised in Orange, California. I graduated from CSULB with my BFA in Ceramics in 1998. I worked in publicity and advertising for an indie punk label from 1994 until 2000 when I realized my passion was to pursue my love of art full time. This is who I was made to be. So I quit my job and started creating! So I began working in 2 mediums, painting, mixed media on canvas, and clay. During this time I was able to show my work in various art shows, which eventually led to my pursuing this as a business. I currently reside in Costa Mesa, CA with my husband and two boys.

I am passionate about clay and mixed media on canvas and so I try to spend my time in both mediums. My inspiration in ceramics comes from combining modern and vintage aesthetics to create pieces for the home. I want people to have a piece that brings joy into their home, so I try to create pieces that are modern and fresh and can add life to a space. I am obsessed with planters (especially vintage ones) and anything that can be turned into a planter. In addition to planters, I also make dishes, ring holders, bottles and vases, birds and owls. These are things that I want in my own house, and they are things that I would want to decorate with. I really try to remain true to that.

Light is the inspiration behind my paintings. The light that shines out of the fractured and the broken. I am moved by hope and try to convey that on canvas through images incorporating birds, trees, flowers, numbers and colors. Images that convey vulnerability and trust.

My work can be found online at, ,,, and my work is carried in the following stores: Organic Designs @ the Camp in Costa Mesa, Ornate Home Balboa Island, 7 Blue Chairs Costa Mesa, Twig & Willow Long Beach, Love & Whiskey Irvine, Driftwood in Moss Landing, CA, Nellybelle’s General Store in Evergreen, CO. You can follow me via Twitter @lunabirdie and


I have been creating since I was little, but officially as a business for the last several years. I consider my art part of my full time job. I am a mom too. Once my work was into a few stores and the demand for product grew I knew it was time to make it a full time endeavor. It hasn’t been easy or quick, but it has been a great experience.

When I am not making things I love hanging out with my family and friends. My family loves the beach so we try to go as often as we can.  I’m also part of a non-profit called Dwelling 222. We reach out to people experiencing homelessness in Costa Mesa. Every Wednesday we have a potluck in a park and every Saturday we have a shower trailer and a laundry trailer that we pull over to the Crossing Church where people can come down, have breakfast, take a shower and wash their clothes.

A perfect day off would be going thrift store shopping!!!

There is this great quote by Theodore Roosevelt. He said, “Comparison is the thief of joy”. It’s very easy to get caught up in the comparison aspect of this business, or in any part of our lives, if we are constantly comparing our life or our work to someone else’s we are robbing ourselves of joy. The joy that we created in making something. The joy of being exactly where we need to be right at that moment. So don’t compare yourself to where someone else is at or your work to his or her work, it will not lead you into where you need to be.

There are so many and tons in the huge world of business, but on a smaller and more personal level, my two dear friends: Sara Paloma, she is an amazing potter, her work is beautiful and each piece has a sculptural and ethereal quality to them; and Jennifer Johnson of Dainty June, whose clothes make me feel happy. She has a unique eye and her work just taps into her point of view so precisely! My other dear friend Kristen Howerton she does a blog called she has been a huge believer in me, supporter of me and I think she is amazing!!


andrea luna reece dear handmade life

andrea luna reece dear handmade life

andrea luna reece dear handmade life

Andrea Luna Reece Dear Handmade Life


    1. yeah lisa! she is pretty amazing and her stuff is so rad! at every patchwork i get obsessed with photographing it! she’s one super talented lady and i’m glad you two met, since you’re another inspiring super talented lady 🙂

  1. We carry Andrea’s beautiful handmade creations in our Costa Mesa shop,
    7 blue chairs, and our customers love having her unique beauties grace their homes! Even more than an appreciation for her talent; however, we hold the loveliness of her heart in highest regard!!

  2. She truly puts herself into everything she does. its her love of creating and doing.shes a wonderful person.artistically talented wishing her the best in her endeavors.


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