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jody barton shares her thoughts and experiences with ruby blaise, her line of aromatherapy products.

1. please introduce yourself?

my name is jody barton, a holistic-minded mom of boy/girl twins who recently got married to the love of my life! i currently live in orange county, but grew up in new jersey until my freshman year of high school. i’m super passionate about healthy nutrition & all things natural & holistic. i’m the go-to person among family & friends, and love educating people about making better choices not only in the foods they eat, but the products they use on their bodies & around their homes.

2. what do you make or do?

i create a line of aromatherapy products made with 100% pure essential oils (we do not use chemicals, synthetic fragrances, alcohol, emulsifiers or petroleum-based ingredients in anything we create).  we started at the end of 2007 with our mists (14 unique blends to choose from), then in late 2010 we added soy candles (jars) to the line.  the mist bottles & jar candles are all made by hand by my husband & i.  our brand new vegan bar soaps are curing now to be sold at the upcoming patchwork events & online only!  i learned about the amazing powers of essential oils while becoming a massage therapist in 2004.  i knew i had to share my knowledge & passion with the world…

3. where can we find your creations?

currently our products can be found on our website,

or our etsy site

also, many retail locations which are on our website  we also participate in the patchwork shows & are at the san clemente village art fair the 1st sunday of every month.

4. how long have you been creating and is it your full-time job?

in addition to being a full-time mom of 8 year old twins- yes, rubyblaise essentials is my full-time job .  i left the corporate world when they were born, and had always wanted to have my own business. i feel very fortunate i am able to create products i am so passionate about every single day and help make the world less toxic.  it’s been about 4 years now, and i couldn’t be happier.  it is so gratifying when we get repeat customers who rave about our creations, and let us know how great our products make them feel.  it’s truly the best feeling in the world.

5. where do you find inspiration?

first and foremost, my twins are my main inspiration.  their middle names, ruby & blaise, are where i got my company name.    i want the world to be a happy & healthy place when they are older- and i am proud to be the “crunchy-granola” mom at their school who is teaching her kids to make healthy food & living choices on a daily basis.  don’t get me wrong, we follow the 80/20 rule, but i feel the foundation i have given them is priceless. all i want is for our family to be the majority, and not the minority.  i’m hoping that day will be here someday soon.

then, i’m inspired by simply trying to make our world less toxic.  personally, i’m allergic to synthetic fragrance (and i feel most of us are) and get really bad headaches & physical ailments.  i’m amazed how much we are bombarded daily by synthetic perfumes & fragrances & unhealthy & dangerous ingredients that go in and on our bodies.  it’s really quite alarming.  i honestly just don’t think people realize half the time the damage they are causing not only to themselves, but their children & our environment.  for example, in my daughters class this year, her teacher used a “chemical-filled” plug-in, and i replaced it with an air freshener plug-in type product, that uses only essential oils.  i’m happy, and the children are now not breathing chemicals on a daily basis in their classroom.  we are so used to using cleaning products, for example, that our parents used when in reality- white vinegar, water & essential oils are way more effective than other toxic products on the market today.

10. what’s on the horizon for you and what you do?

after 3 years of consistent sales in our local whole foods market, i’m excited to announce that we have recently been approved for all stores in the southern pacific region which includes 43 stores!  right now, we are only wholesaling our mists, but am hoping that the soy jar candles will follow.  the future is bright, and we are gaining more exposure daily.  we also began an aroma ambassador program for our fans, who want an opportunity to help us spread the word about rubyblaise essentails and earn some extra money.

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thanks for sharing your journey jody!

-nicole s.

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