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Liz had the unique experience of having her grandparents play a huge role in her creative growth. As she watched them live, work and create, she was able to nurture her own abilities and allow them to grow into her now successful ceramics business. Meet Liz and check out her creations at her next upcoming show!


Please introduce yourself.

Hi, my name is Lizbeth Navarro, but you can call me Liz. I was born in a small but beautiful town called Celaya in the state of Guanajuato, Mexico.  My family and I lived with my grandparents; I learned a lot from both of them. My grandmother was a stay at home mom; she was incredibly crafty and creative around the house. I have fond memories of her sewing the most beautiful quilts out of old clothing. She was also a phenomenal cook; crafting delicious meals with limited supplies. My grandfather worked for the railroad, but at home he was a clever handy man. He loved to change the color of the walls of the house every opportunity he had; He would always be doing repairs around the house. Growing up with them, taught me to be creative and resourceful. After I finished middle school, I moved to the states to spend some time with my dad who had been living here. I enrolled in high school, and I was intrigued with the individuality, the uniqueness of the culture. I always liked art, and it wasn’t until my last semester at East Los Angeles Community College that I took a class that made me fall in love with Ceramics. I currently live and work in awesome East Los Angeles, Ca. (hit me up, for the best taco spots, elotes, raspados…. yum! Don’t get me started on the sweet bread! )

What do you make or do?

Working with clay is my passion. I enjoy coming up with new ideas and designs that I find purposeful and aesthetically pleasing. In my practice, I gravitate towards slip casting, throwing, and surface design. I incorporate traditional techniques and materials with contemporary ideas to deliver unique works of art, full of personality and soul.

Where can we find your creations?

You can find my ceramics online at and local boutiques around the LA area. Also check out my website: for upcoming shows and events. You can follow me on instagram @lizceramics.

How long have you been creating and is it your fulltime job?

I’ve always been creating. As a little girl, I remember making mud pies and decorating them with flowers and brick powder in the back yard. I grew up drawing and painting, but it wasn’t until 2010 that I started selling my creations at local craft shows. I loved the freedom of creating and running my own business. It’s a full time job, always thinking of new ideas to make. I’m also blessed to teach ceramics to inner city kids in downtown LA. I work full time at a nonprofit organization that focuses on providing hands on art experiences to children that don’t have access to art. Although it is challenging having to balance my business and teaching, it is rewarding to know that I have the opportunity to impact the creative journey of so many children.

Is creativity a luxury or a necessity for you?

Creativity is part of my everyday life; I think it’s definitively a necessity. Especially working with young kids. I see how discovering their own creative selves open a whole new world of possibilities in their lives.

Where do you find inspiration?

I find inspiration everywhere. From walks connecting and experiencing nature; to a great vintage book. Bookstores and places with history are a goldmine for me, I love vintage books with great illustrations in particular; they make me think of all the different owners that have enjoyed the book, and the stories they would tell.

What inspiring advice would you give to other creatives be they established or just starting out?

Just like any creative endeavor, your craft is a passion driven career. Do not be discouraged by the standards that people have set for themselves. Follow your intuition and your drive. It should be natural, remember it shouldn’t be easy , it’s supposed to challenge you and make you grow. Your passion in life is what you were put on this world to do, it helps you discover and understand who you really are. At the end you will feel fulfilled and accomplished for following your own path regardless of the circumstances.

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