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Field Day

Trinity brings the vibe of her upbringing into the Bay Area with her designed line of wearables.  As she experiments with fashion, nature and herbal craft, her reach into the market continues to grow.  Meet Trinity Cross of Field Day!


Please introduce yourself.

My name is Trinity Cross, and I am the creator, designer and owner of Field Day.  Originally from a small logging town in Oregon, I am now living in Oakland CA.  Some of my hobbies are gardening, bee keeping, herbal craft and fulfilling my modern hunter/gatherer instincts through wildcrafting and hunting for forgotten treasures at flea markets and thrift shops.  I share this blessed life with my wonderful doggie companion Qullia.

What do you make or do?

Field Day is a completely conscious clothing line based out of Oakland CA. We design for the women who inspire us. Women who like the feeling of earth between their fingers. Cool winter breezes and hot summer river dips. Who aren’t afraid to strike out on their own, and dress for uncharted days of spontaneous adventures.

Where can we find your creations?

Our entire line is available at our flagship brick and mortar in downtown Oakland CA.   We also carry  a curated selection of local sustainable goods, handmade accessories, herbal potions, & magical gifts. We stand by our designers 100% and everything we carry is made in the USA.


Online @


instagram @fielddaywearables


Field Day

How long have you been creating and is it your full-time job?

Field Day was born in January of 2005 (11 years ago!)

I come from a background of working with people with developmental disabilities.  Primarily folks with Autism.  I moved into working full time with field day in 2007.  We started off selling at friends boutiques and craft shows around the country.  We now sell online at of a dozen boutiques and at our brick and mortar.  Field Day is a labor of love and a ton of time working with our sewers, cutter, & grader.  We hunt for dead stock fabrics to keep our prices affordable and original.

Field Day

When you’re not making things, what do you do?

I have a small urban farm in Oakland Ca.  I was able to buy my home in 2010 and share a compound with my best friend who bought the house next to me.  We experimented with raising chickens, rabbits, ducks and goats.  Currently we have a lot full of drought tolerant herbs and flowers that are pollinator friendly.  Our bees love them as well as visiting hummingbirds and butterflies.  We have a dozen fruit trees in different varieties.  Living in California is such a blessing.  We get the luxury of having so many amazing plants and fruits that grow all year.

What’s on the horizon for you and what you do?

I am now continuing my learning in herbal medicine and aromatherapy.  I will be launching my herbal line Forest and Fields in 2017.  Currently I have a few products that I sell at a few boutiques, herb shops & online at  Working on developing bees wax prayer candles that will have crystals inside so the intention will live on after the wax is burnt.  This is a very exciting new endeavor and can’t wait to create more goods in 2016!

Field Day

Where do you find inspiration?

I pull from nature a great deal.  What could be more inspiring?  I go to LA’s fabric district to find great fabrics that have been discarded by big garment houses and are available in small lots.  After I find the perfect fabrics is when I start to design new garments.  The past and the future, to flatter the figure and the high waist.

Who are the makers that inspire you?

Through doing many craft fairs and trade shows I have meet a ton of great creative and inspiring folks.  I opened Field Day and Friends in the Summer of 2012 so I could house and promote some of the great creations and makers I was introduced to over the years.  Some of my favorites are Spirit Speak, Whiskey dog wears. Serpent and Bow, Rusty Cuts, Alchemilla, Sister Spinster, Bow + Arrow.



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