March DIY + business book club – 2015

dear handmade life diy, craft and business book club

I love spring but I also kind of can’t wait for it to be over.

I love it because it’s finally warm enough to spend time in the backyard, replant the flower beds and vegetable garden, morning walks no longer require mittens and it’s just warn enough to start drinking my favorite post-work cocktail… the margarita!

I kind of can’t wait for it to be over because spring is our busiest time of the year since we’re preparing for Craftcation as well as our spring Patchwork Shows. I know that when June comes around I’ll finally have time to catch up things that have fallen into the background for months like self-care, cooking, crafting and reading! I have a stack of books in my studio that I’m excited to dive into once the craziness of spring is over. That stack includes all five of our titles from our March DIY + Business Book Club. I love that two of of the books are written by Craftcation presenters, Eleanor Whitney’s Grow and Kirsten Shockey’s Fermented Vegetables. If like me, you longing for some spring inspiration check out our picks for this month. Lucky you, we’re giving away  four books away to one lucky winner!

-Nicole S.

To enter the contest:

If you want to win 4 of these books: Fun with Washi, Fabric Printing at Home, Crafting a meaningful home, and Fermented Vegetables, just leave a comment on this post letting us know what you love about spring. Post your comment by March 27th at midnight to be entered to win. Make sure to include your email address so we can get your address and ship you some lovely things to read.

1. Grow by Eleanor Whitney

2. Fun With Washi by Jessica Okui

3.Fabric Printing at Home by Julie B Booth

4.Crafting a Meaningful Home by Meg Mateo Ilasco

5. Fermented Vegetables by Kirsten Shockey

 The Contest is now closed. Congrats to Molly!!!


dear handmade life diy, craft and business book club dear handmade life diy, craft and business book club dear handmade life diy, craft and business book club dear handmade life diy, craft and business book club



  1. I love spring veggies! The farmers market comes back to life with all the new spring produce. Peas and asparagus and radishes and all kids of other yummie things. It also means peaches and cherries are just around the corner!

  2. I love spring because everything feels like it’s being reborn! I love all the colors and scents that spring brings.

  3. as we emerge from the sleepy slumber of winter, our hearts start to thaw and a trickle of new inspiration starts to glimmer. seeds of thought are planted and, with care, ideas blossom and give fruit.

  4. I think these books remind me exactly what I love about spring – the colors! Flowers of every color are beginning to bloom, bright clothes slowly start making their way out of the back of the closet and the longer days make the sunset colors more enticing. How I love the spring season!

  5. I love the tension of Spring, where introspective winter feelings meet summer adventurous feelings, and things start to get a little restless. I love how much change is happening, how I start to move through some of winter’s grief and get an inkling of what greatness might come out of it. I love lambs and seeing the coltsfoot blooming on the edge of the woods.

  6. Spring always makes me feel like I’m ready for a new project. Everything seems new and exciting again.

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