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last weekend we produced our first two day festival: patchwork edible. this event was nearly a year in the making. like our regular patchwork shows we had a marketplace chock full of craft and artisan food vendors but we had more food pop-ups, trucks and makers than ever before. we also had over 40 workshops and demos with chefs, authors and masters of the kitchen and bar. delilah will be posting a detailed recap of the event. in the meantime, big thanks to everyone who made this event a success: our staff, volunteers, presenters, sponsors, vendors and of course everyone at our venue soco. here are some of our favorite photos from the weekend. enjoy.

-nicole s.

p.s. – can’t get enough patchwork? check out our fall patchwork shows. interested in starting a creative food or craft business or spending four days making in hands-on workshops? check out our upcoming craftcation conference.

also, we just opened our online shop so you can get your patchwork edible ‘make it local’ tees and totes.

want to see even more photos from patchwork edible? check out our photo gallery.


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  1. I don’t know how you ladies do it! Of course there are lots of people that go into producting an event like this so let’s not forget the great volunteers, but still there is nothing like what you do! When the public comes up to me and gets excited about what is going on, now that is the best! And while we would like to think we can control everything (the wind the heat etc.) you all work so well with what you got. Nice to be among vendors who for the most part roll with the punches and still can smile. So congradulations and I am looking forward to Patchwork Santa Ana!

    1. hi randy!
      thank you so much for your kind sentiments. we love having you be a part of our patchwork family. you’re so talented and creative and we’re happy to give you a place to share that with your community 🙂

  2. Kudos and congratulations to Delilah, Nicole and the entire volunteer staff. Coming from the event management business, you ladies (and men) have your stuff together. Very “Planful” indeed. Thanks for letting us bring our JOIA to the show. Terrific to get our product in front of new faces and taste buds. We hope it was a big success for your efforts, SOCO and fellow vendors.


    Peace, Love and JOIA!

  3. It was a wonderful event. I even found some time to check out a workshop. I think everyone really made the best of the unexpected Summer flashback weekend. It’s really exciting to be a part of the Patchwork experience and we look forward cooler days at the upcoming events. Thank you for all your work on this!

    1. hi kat!
      thanks so much. glad you got to sneak away and take a workshop 🙂 we too are sooo looking forward to cooler temps for the fall shows and hopefully NO rain. fingers crossed! -n

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