patchwork show: oakland spring 2013

     i hate bridges. if you know me, you know i have a lengthy list of things i’m not comfortable with…elevators, airplanes, doctor’s offices and intense roller coasters are a few. but last sunday as i drove home from oakland to santa rosa and across a bridge, my usual sweaty palms were missing. i just kept thinking, “my heart is full.” i’d just spent the day at our second patchwork show in oakland surrounded by inspiring makers and shoppers supporting local creatives. my heart wasn’t just full of that artsy goodness, it was also full of love for oakland. not only does the city exude town pride and a love for the arts but the every single person i met in oakland was kind.
i don’t just mean regular old kind, like holding the door open for a stranger (though that did happen). this kindness took it a step further.
when i moved my car into a parking lot to load it up after the show, a woman who was halfway out of the parking lot stopped her car, got out and ran over to me with her parking slip so i wouldn’t have to pay for parking. i thanked her and told her that i had done the same thing the day before for someone and she said, “that’s what i’m talking about, pay it forward.” an hour later i struggled trying to guide my overflowing rolling rack over a bump in the road, a woman offered to help and when i said, “thank you, but that’s okay” she jumped in anyway pulled the man she was with over and three of us finally got my rack over the bump. the night before at a souley vegan, a vegan soul food restaurant (yes, i ate vegan food and yes, it was delicious) the owner thanked us for coming. it wasn’t the typical restaurant staff ‘thank you’ as you’re walking out the door. it was a genuine thank you full of gratefulness and pride that stemmed from her being truly happy that people enjoyed her food so much. anyone could see her passion for cooking and her business just by walking in the door.
there were more incidents of kindness but i invite you to go to our next patchwork show in oakland this fall and experience all the loveliness for yourself. in the meantime, check out some photos from the show below and feel free to see more images from the day here. thank you oakland for making me forget how much i hate bridges.

-nicole s.patchwork-oakland-1 patchwork-oakland-2

     patchwork-oakland-7 patchwork-oakland-6 patchwork-oakland-5 patchwork-oakland-4 patchwork-oakland-3

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