PODCAST 119: My Guide to Authentic Connections at an Online Event & Camp DHL Registration is Open

If you would have told me ten years ago that it was possible to make the same kind of intimate connections that you can make in person in the online world, I would have given you one of my classic, ummm… hmmmm looks.

How can a video chat compare to a chance meeting in the elevator at a conference that turns into staying up too late swapping life stories in the hotel bar? Or striking up a conversation with that other person with the same purple hair as you only to find out you had a bajillion things in common? We are social beings. (Even us introverts.) We need camaraderie, acceptance, eye contact. It’s part of the fabric of connection.

With our Camp Dear Handmade Life around the corner, I wanted to share some tips for you to make meaningful connections at virtual events, in the online space and even at in-person events. 

While we do everything we can to help you grow your community at Camp DHL, we can’t do EVERYTHING, so tune in to our podcast today and get my advice to get you from ”what if there’s an awkward moment?” to “I can’t believe we just met, I feel like we’ve been friends forever” that you can use at Camp DHL and beyond!

join us for camp this summer!

Registration for our six-week at-home craft, business and goal-getting summer camp experience for creatives is NOW OPEN! 

Break out of the shell that 2020 forced us all into and get back to doing what it is you love to do!  Whether it’s starting a new business, rebooting your current business or just reigniting your passion for making, you’re ready to get out of the Netflix and leggings slump and get back to what makes you feel good in your core. It’s time to feel energized, motivated and downright proud of yourself.

you'll be amazed at the bold,
beautiful transformation you'll make

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