PODCAST 126: The Genius Zone with Gay Hendricks

Have you ever found yourself waiting for the other shoe to drop when things were going well?

Is there some part of you that knows there’s more for you? Do you wish you could spend more time doing what you love? Are you wondering what your great contribution to the world is?

Yes? Great! Then grab a cup of tea or a margarita and sit down with me as I talk to one of the greatest minds of our time, Gay Hendricks, about how to let go of things you can’t control, bring more joy into your life, fail forward, access all the time you need, find and live in your Genius Zone, and so much more. 

P.S. – Be sure to grab a copy of Gay’s new book The Genius Zone which is full of insights as well as exercises so you can put what you learn into action.

Click the play button below or search for Dear Handmade Life on your favorite podcast app to listen. 

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