Podcast episode 32: How to market to the next generation with Natasha Monnereau and Nancy Herrera

Dear Handmade Life podcast episode 32 with Natasha Monnereau and Nancy Herrera how to market to the next generation

This week on the Dear Handmade Life podcast Delilah and Nicole are drinking Left Turn Distilling Rojo Piñon Rum and talking to local university Publications Manager and Events Coordinator for student media, Natasha Monnereau and freelance Graphic Designer & Marketing Manager, Nancy Herrera about how to market to the next generation.

This emerging generation, Generation Z (the 15-year block starting around 1996, making the Gen Z’ers 5 to 19 years old now) are the customers creative business owners need to start thinking about in terms of marketing.

What type of marketing does Generation Z respond to? What types of products and services are they drawn to? How does social media and the internet play a role in their buying choices? How can we make sure we’re efficiently communicating and connecting with them?

We answer all of these questions and more as we get deep into what this tech-savvy, community-minded, multi-tasking, authenticity-seeking, highly visual generations that challenges the status quo is like.

-Delilah + Nicole


Here are some links we mentioned and some additional reading on the topic:
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New York Times article on Generation Z
Business Insider article on Generation Z
Wall Street Journal article on Generation Z
Meighan O’Toole’s newsletter workshop
Snapchat’s Taco Bell filter

About Natasha: Natasha Monnereau is the Publications Manager and Events Coordinator for student media and events at A local university, and comes with 15 years of advertising and event production experience.

About Nancy: Nancy Herrera is a freelance Graphic Designer & Marketing Manager with over a decade of design and marketing experience.


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