Podcast episode 41: Creating a business that has staying power with Lela Barker

Creating a business that has staying power with Lela Barker on the Dear Handmade podcast

Today on the Dear Handmade Life podcast we’re talking with with Lela Barker of Lucky Break Consulting (who will be joining us again at Craftcation 2017) about creating a business that has staying power. This episode is brimming with a TON of solid tips and advice. We talk about the reality of running a business, scalability, defining what success means to you, building a smart business, hiring employees, systems to promote working efficiently and SO MUCH more! Lela also shares her top three tips for creating a lasting business.

Links to things we mentioned in the show:

Lela’s blog post on how to plan a strategic retreat for your business

Lela’s amazing PDF download: Master Plan for My Best Year Yet

-Delilah + Nicole




  1. I really enjoyed this podcast ladies. I’m excited to start working on my master plan for my best year yet! Thank you for all of your inspiration and advice!

  2. This was a great podcast, thank you! I’m embarrassed to say that I didn’t even know about Dear Handmade Life until I found this podcast through Lela’s Instagram post but I am so excited that I did! Also, thank you so much to Lela for providing us with the PDF download. Can’t wait to get to work on that!

    1. Same, same, same, same and SAME! I’m also quite late to the party, but…better late than never? Here’s hoping! 🙂

      Thanks so much everyone–got extra inspired in my west to east side LA commute today…

      You’re the best!


  3. I’m also a late bloomer when it comes to discovering new things and Dear Handmade Life is no exception. I’m binging on podcasts as I commute to my job job and this podcast in particular spoke to me. 🙂
    Love, love, love everything that Lela Barker shared and her generous gift of giving DHL listeners access to the Master Plan for My Best Year Yet workbook is amazing. Thank you, Lela!
    And, thank you, Nicole and Delilah! You provide a great service by sharing information with those of us starting this journey. Keep up the great work!

  4. I actually listened to it twice, didn’t want to miss even a morsel! Thank you so much for this and all the other informative/inspiring/fun podcasts! I look forward to listening when I”m in the studio and feel like I’m having a chat with friends! Thanks again!

    1. SO happy we could inspire you! This is one of my favorite episodes! 🙂 If you have a second, we’d be SO grateful if you left us a review on iTunes (it helps more people find the podcast). Just search iTunes for Dear Handmade Life, click on reviews then click on write a review. Thanks again so much for listening! 🙂

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