patchwork show - tustin, ca
booth assignments

NOVEMBER 6, 2021 - 10am - 4pm

sorted by business name

Booth Number Business Name Size
q 3 Little Cows Handmade 4×6 kids
38 7 Deadly Cyns 10X10
74 9Garments 10×10
15 Accessory Alchemy 10X10
80 Alenarieca Design Studio 10×10
3 Allison’s Goods 10×10
25 Amor Por Vida 10X10
t Andie Makes 4×6
1 Angelina’s Jewelry Collection 10×10
i AnnMade Especially for You 4×6
12 Anza Studio 10×10
70 Art Created by Lily 10×10
m BB3CS Handcrafted 4×6 kids
f Beauty n’ Pots 4×6 kids
6 Birch Robot 10X10
13 Blonde Peacock 10×10
32 Blue Cactus Ranch 10×10
43 Bobo Jewerly 10X10
17 Bottled Soul 10X10
31 Bungalow360 10X10
24 Calligrastein Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering 10X10
z Calypso Candles, Inc. 4×6
dd TBD
57 Celestial Workings Massage 10×10 partner
h Cool Life Company 4×6
c Crafted Serenity 4×6 kids
18 Curated by carmel 10×10
4 Dew Drops & Daisys 10×10
52 DHL  
p Dirtbag Ceramics 4×6
55 Earth Sage Jewelry 10×10
72 EKP Creations Candle Co 10X10
19 Elisamama 10X10
63 Everyday Adornment 10×10
67 Fox and Sew 10×10
8 Fritz ‘n Chewy Apparel Company 10×10
51 Front Porch Pops truck food (cart)
46 Gabriel Mosesson Jewelry 10×10
u Half Baked 4×6
37 Handcrafted Hippie Soap 10×10
36 Handstacked Jewelry Co. 10×10
b Handstacked Jewelry Co. 4×6
cc inicreations 4×6
8 Inner Peach Design* 10X10
61 Ixtlahuac Marigold Art 10×10
j Jetaime Monique Co. 4×6
47 Just Jan’s 10×10 food
39 Karen Ambellan 10×10
40 Kid Wicked Candle Co. 10×10
L Kylee Park 4×6 kids
ee LA Paper Lover 4×6
79 Lavender Apothecary 10X10
45 Literophile 10×10
23 Luna Reece Ceramics* 10X10
y Mama Mia Crafts* 4×6
62 Mama’s Handmade Sudsy Soap 10×10
56 Mantra Fine Minerals 10×10
2 Marea Baja Designs 10×10
9 Massey Honey 10×10 food
a Meandering Crafts 4×6
10 Mod Hepburn 10×10
50 Morgan Noelle 10X10
54 My Secret Copy 10×10
44 Pacific Candle Co. 10×10
5 Petals for Jean 10X10
75 Pizzini LLC Italian Burger&Grill truck food
76 Pizzini LLC Italian Burger&Grill truck food
n Pom Pom Palace 4×6 kids
49 Pontigo 10X10
35 ReGina Christine SB 10X10
42 Ripe Mangoes 10X10
77 Robot by Matt Q Spangler 10X10
26 Rubi’s Rub 10×10
g Sachi Love 4×6
59 Sadie Lady Designs 10×10
11 Saturday Stitched 10X10
28 Scooter’s Italian Ice truck food (passenger side window)
29 Scooter’s Italian Ice truck food (passenger side window)
o Sol Search Jewelry 4×6
x Son Bandanas 4×6
22 space for Food truck  
69 space for Food truck  
v ST. BROWN & CO. 4×6
34 Stefanie Annis 10×10 experience
k Stitchin Belle 4×6 kids
66 Suki Bijoux 10×10
82 TBD 10×10
aa TBD 4×6
bb Coley’s Ceramics 4×6
d UVAccessories 4×6
e TBD 4×6
27 The Craft Art Shop 10X10
68 The Desert Kiln 10×10
w The Ginger Needle 4×6
71 The Poster List 10X10
33 The ShizKnits 10×10
78 thunder textile 10X10
65 Treat Yourself Inc 10X10
73 Twig + Roe 10×10
30 Viexelia 10×10
60 Vintage Renewals 10×10
41 Wasting Thyme 10X10
21 Woof Craft 10X10
58 Yarnover Truck truck craft
64 Yarnover Truck truck craft
81 ZANTHAS 10×10
53 ZEBA 10X10
20 Zen’s tea House 10×10 food

sorted by booth number


Booth NumberBusiness NameSize
1Angelina’s Jewelry Collection10×10
2Marea Baja Designs10×10
3Allison’s Goods10×10
4Dew Drops & Daisys10×10
5Petals for Jean10X10
6Birch Robot10X10
8Fritz ‘n Chewy Apparel Company10×10
8Inner Peach Design*10X10
9Massey Honey10×10 food
10Mod Hepburn10×10
11Saturday Stitched10X10
12Anza Studio10×10
13Blonde Peacock10×10
15Accessory Alchemy10X10
17Bottled Soul10X10
18Curated by carmel10×10
20Zen’s tea House10×10 food
21Woof Craft10X10
22space for Food truck 
23Luna Reece Ceramics*10X10
24Calligrastein Modern Calligraphy & Hand Lettering10X10
25Amor Por Vida10X10
26Rubi’s Rub10×10
27The Craft Art Shop10X10
28Scooter’s Italian Icetruck food (passenger side window)
29Scooter’s Italian Icetruck food (passenger side window)
32Blue Cactus Ranch10×10
33The ShizKnits10×10
34Stefanie Annis10×10 experience
35ReGina Christine SB10X10
36Handstacked Jewelry Co.10×10
37Handcrafted Hippie Soap10×10
387 Deadly Cyns10X10
39Karen Ambellan10×10
40Kid Wicked Candle Co.10×10
41Wasting Thyme10X10
42Ripe Mangoes10X10
43Bobo Jewerly10X10
44Pacific Candle Co.10×10
46Gabriel Mosesson Jewelry10×10
47Just Jan’s10×10 food
50Morgan Noelle10X10
51Front Porch Popstruck food (cart)
54My Secret Copy10×10
55Earth Sage Jewelry10×10
56Mantra Fine Minerals10×10
57Celestial Workings Massage10×10 partner
58Yarnover Trucktruck craft
59Sadie Lady Designs10×10
60Vintage Renewals10×10
61Ixtlahuac Marigold Art10×10
62Mama’s Handmade Sudsy Soap10×10
63Everyday Adornment10×10
64Yarnover Trucktruck craft
65Treat Yourself Inc10X10
66Suki Bijoux10×10
67Fox and Sew10×10
68The Desert Kiln10×10
69space for Food truck 
70Art Created by Lily10×10
71The Poster List10X10
72EKP Creations Candle Co10X10
73Twig + Roe10×10
75Pizzini LLC Italian Burger&Grilltruck food
76Pizzini LLC Italian Burger&Grilltruck food
77Robot by Matt Q Spangler10X10
78thunder textile10X10
79Lavender Apothecary10X10
80Alenarieca Design Studio10×10
aMeandering Crafts4×6
bHandstacked Jewelry Co.4×6
bbColey’s Ceramics4×6
cCrafted Serenity4×6 kids
eeLA Paper Lover4×6
fBeauty n’ Pots4×6 kids
gSachi Love4×6
hCool Life Company4×6
iAnnMade Especially for You4×6
jJetaime Monique Co.4×6
kStitchin Belle4×6 kids
LKylee Park4×6 kids
mBB3CS Handcrafted4×6 kids
nPom Pom Palace4×6 kids
oSol Search Jewelry4×6
pDirtbag Ceramics4×6
q3 Little Cows Handmade4×6 kids
tAndie Makes4×6
uHalf Baked4×6
vST. BROWN & CO.4×6
wThe Ginger Needle4×6
xSon Bandanas4×6
yMama Mia Crafts*4×6
zCalypso Candles, Inc.4×6