Registration is now open for Camp Dear Handmade Life!

Are you ready to feel inspired?
like..... really, really inspired?

don't worry - we've got you!!

Maybe you’re ready to… break out of the shell that 2020 forced us all into and get back to doing what it is you love to do. OR challenge yourself, set real attainable goals, hit start on that next big thing you’ve had on your mind, bring to life all those things that keep you up at night but you felt were too far out of reach.

Whether it’s starting a new business, rebooting your current business or just reigniting your passion for making, you’re ready to get out of the Netflix and leggings slump and get back to what makes you feel good in your core. It’s time to feel energized, motivated and downright proud of yourself.

And, Camp Dear Handmade Life, our six-week at-home craft, business and goal-getting summer camp experience for creatives is coming to your rescue. Registration is now open

you'll be amazed at the bold beautiful transformation you'll make

Need some goal guidance?
In just a few hours a week during Camp DHL you’ll work to define, prioritize and game plan the things that have been on your big dream list (or in the back of your mind) for too long.

Need support and accountability?
That’s why we created our Virtual Cabins and Private Facebook Group. During the six-week experience, you’ll work alongside other members of the community in intimate groups to collaborate, challenge each other and get your spark back.

Need a retreat into self-care and creativity?
Our 3-day live summit that closes out the summer includes wellness activities like yoga, meditation and journaling and craft classes like painting, dyeing and printmaking to help you find your creative flow.

Need business mentorship from someone who’s a step (or two or a dozen) ahead of you?
Also a part of the 3-day summit, our expert-led business classes offered in social media, content creation, money mindset and productivity will help you level-up your business and think like a CEO.

you deserve this!!

TIme to grab that laptop, all your favorite craft supplies and your blue-light glasses and get your ass back into gear. You’re motivated and ready to do the work. Let’s get it done together.

Because this summer we’re bringing the transformation, creativity and bonding of camp to you!

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