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The Home Artisan Bar Online Workshop


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Build a great home bar and make a drink like the pros!

Master the cocktail while creating your own signature drinks!

Take party hosting to the next level!

Former Master Food Preserver Delilah Snell teams up with bartender and mixologist Andrew Dreher to create a workshop exploring the basics in cocktail crafting and the techniques on how to preserve for cocktailing and ingredient crafting.

Cocktails have gone well beyond the neon-yellow margarita of yesterday. Today’s bartenders are creating imaginative, interesting and delicious drinks while also celebrating the classics. In this workshop, you’ll learn the basics in bartending, from tools and ingredients to technique, in addition to recipes and methods to create your own bar ingredients to take your drinks to the next level. Impress your friends at your next get-together or make awesome gifts with a personal flair!

You can start the course anytime after your purchase it and go at your own pace. Click here for FAQs about how our online workshops work.
Through videos, step-by-step guides, recipes and photos you’ll learn:

  • Basic tools and ingredients to stock your home bar with images.
  • How to create drink bases and infusions from scratch.
  • How to make an array of garnishes with tips on expanding provided recipes.
  • Basic food preservation techniques.
  • How to make additional drink components such as bitters, syrups and shrubs.
  • Six classic cocktails and techniques.
  • How to create your own custom cocktail.
  • Plus downloadable resources to print.

Chapter overview

CHAPTER 1: Building your bar

Andrew shows you how stock your home bar with the essential basic tools and ingredients you’ll need to create unique seasonal cocktails at home. Downloadable resources and worksheets: Essential home bar tool and ingredient shopping list.

CHAPTER 2: Bases and Infusions

Delilah teaches you how to make mixers and infusions from scratch like margarita mix, Bloody Mary mix and more! Downloadable resources and worksheets: Recipe book Bases and Infusions tips

CHAPTER 3: Garnishes

No artisan cocktail is complete without the perfect garnish. With food preservation instructions, Delilah teaches you how to make pickles, salts, jellies and preserves that complement and enhance the flavor profiles of your cocktails. Downloadable resources and worksheets: Recipe book

CHAPTER 4: Bitters, shrubs and syrups

Delilah shows you how to make bitters, shrubs and syrups as well as how to use them to create a well-balanced cocktail. Downloadable resources and worksheets: Recipe book

CHAPTER 5: Six classic cocktails

Andrew discusses recipes for six classic cocktails plus there’s a video on how to create them and when to use certain bartending techniques.Downloadable resources and worksheets:Classic cocktails videoRecipe and technique book on six classic cocktails

CHAPTER 6: How to build your own signature drink

Now that you have the basics down and a well-stocked bar, it’s time to create your own signature cocktail. Andrew explains the anatomy of a cocktail and how to use it to create your own drink. He’ll explain the process of cocktail creation and show you how to create something new by adding twists on classic cocktails. Downloadable resources and worksheets:The anatomy of a cocktail videoResource and shopping list sheetRecipe book

About the instructors:

Delilah Snell: Delilah is the co-founder of Dear Handmade Life, Craftcation Conference and Patchwork Show. A Master Food Preserver for several years, she has lectured and taught a variety of food preservation methods and techniques in courses across California, including one of her favorites, cocktails. She has won awards for her jellies and continues to preserve food from her prolific home garden. You can read about her adventures with food and drink on Dear Handmade Life and on the Sunset Magazine blog.

Andrew Dreher: Andrew is a professional bartender and mixologist working in Southern California. He also loves the art and craft behind cocktails, bartending, and learning how to make ingredients from scratch. Don’t be deceived by how serious he is when talking shop though, he’d love to throw them back with you. Andrew started playing music at 6 years old, first on the piano and then on the upright bass and guitar. Currently he is recording his own experimental album.

Video and photography by LP Hastings: LP has always been an all-over-the-place artist who in recent years found love in writing, photography and filmmaking. She currently writes Trendzilla, a sustainable lifestyle and fashion column in the OC Weekly, makes jewelry and home goods under The Pod Shop, and is an assistant at Dear Handmade Life, where she shoots, crafts, and produces the Dear Handmade Life podcast. She is not so good at making cocktails, but loves to take their photos and then drink them up.