Craftcation Conference 2015

We’re so excited to share our thoughts and the photographs from our Craftcation Conference 2015 with all of you. A note from Delilah about Craftcation 2015: It may be hard to believe, but Nicole and I start working on the…

Book Club

January DIY + business book club – 2015

On the last night of 2014 I sat in my studio with my husband and sister-in-law drinking cocktails and crafting New Year’s Eve hats from card stock, pom-pom balls, glitter and copious amounts of washi tape. Neither of them are…

Book Club

December DIY + Business Book Club

It’s been raining for almost three weeks straight where I live. Normally I’d be way more annoyed than I am about the fact that my backyard is basically a mud pit and that I haven’t been able to enjoy a…

Book Club

april diy + business book club

I am a die hard magazine lover. In high school I would close my bedroom door, put on my favorite mix tape and lay down on my bed for hours reading Sassy magazine. I went to an all girls catholic…

Book Club

october diy and business book club

diy and business book club – october picks from dear handmade life did you miss our september picks? check out the september titles for the dear handmade life diy and business book club. my mom loves to tell the story…

Book Club

september diy + business book club

I’m a crappy traveler. You know this already if you read about how I went camping in Bodega Bay and to Montreal on my honeymoon. I love the idea of traveling. It’s just the getting there that brings me down….