Maker: Erin Vaughan

Erin has some really good advice for other makers out there. She jumped right in to the maker world, and is here to share her story with you. Meet Erin! ~Angie~ Please introduce yourself. I’m Erin Vaughan, a freelance illustrator…


Maker: Marina of Pliers & String

I absolutely LOVE how Marina of Pliers & String decided upon her business name. Something in her decision making criteria really resonates with me.  Meet Marina and go online to check out her crafts! ~Angie~ Please introduce yourself.  Hello! My…


Maker: Adrienne of Frolick

Adrienne is a lady of many hats. She’s got her hands in all aspects of the maker world.  Meet Adrienne of Frolick, and check out her creations! ~Angie~ Please introduce yourself.  My name is Adrienne Wiley and I’m originally from…


Maker: Heather of PrettyParis

Heather, a mom and a maker, is doing a great job of balancing her work and life and home.  I really enjoyed learning more about the heart behind her business, and I hope you do too! Meet Heather of PrettyParis….


Maker: Dhoris of Bunnycone Designs

Doris has the skill set to design, build and finish, and it can be seen in her jewelry and metalsmith work.  I enjoy her geometric designs, and hope you do too! Meet Dhoris of Bunnycone Design! ~Angie~ Please introduce yourself….


Podcast Summer Break

We’ve been a podcast break for the summer but we’re coming back August 11th with more episodes. We can’t wait to introduce you to new guests and share insight and stories about business, creativity and life! Click below to listen to…


Maker: Christine of Penelope

My kids picked up one of Christine’s candles for me at Patchwork Oakland a few years ago, and gave it to me for a Christmas gift last year.  I lit it and was immediately in love.  It was in our…