The 127 yard sale: we are on our way!

For those of you had read my old blog Project Small, you are probably familiar with my Summer trek to the 127 yard sale or what is called The Longest Yard Sale in the World. As of this moment, we are on hour 14 in the car of in our insane (really the only way to describe it) 2-day drive to get to Louisville, KY so we can spend 2 whole days resting (and visiting some places that I will talk about in a later post).  That means we have a 17hr drive (today) with a 15hr tomorrow…YIKES!

this will be me on thursday!
this will be me on thursday!
i am obsessed with the signs on the road. i will be showing a collection of ones from this year’s trip on our way home.









What’s the 127 yard sale? On the first full weekend of August, a 2 lane highway (127) starting in Gadsden, Alabama and  for almost 700 miles becomes a massive outdoor shopping destination.  Church sales, garage sales, antique markets, junk sites, neighborhood swaps, collector sites, rummage sales-every kind of funky, old, vintage, non-vintage, rusted-out and precious item lurks around every corner.

About 10 or so years ago is when I first heard of it and I knew that i had to do it once. Loving estate sales, junk yards, thrift stores…127 seamed like the Holy Grail- and I needed to Indy Jones that!  5 years ago I flew to 127 with my mom and we drove a rental car from Gadsden, AL to Lexington, KY.  After spending  more than $100 shipping things back to CA and throwing out my clothes to pack more treasures- I knew it, I was hooked.

Since then, I have been driving to 127 with my fiancé- so much easier to buy bigger items when you have a car to haul it back- LOL! Over the years, I started to know where to stop and have a better understanding how much an object should cost.  Granted, I am FAR from being an expert, but I am miles better than my first trip!

a wooden puppet playing an organ- i said everything!
a wooden puppet playing an organ- i said everything!


127 yard sale: home of old blue mason jars!
127 yard sale: home of lost of old blue mason jars!


For the 3 years after I traveled on 127 with my mom, Gustavo (fiancé) and I have been doing pretty much the same thing: start in Frankfort, KY, do a bourbon tour, spend the next 4 days heading south to Chattanooga, TN where we head back home stopping in New Mexico and Arizona.  I usually do a post everyday about being on the road.

This year we are mixing things up.  We are spending 2 days in Louisville, KY for a few adventures and instead of stopping in Chattanooga, we are heading all the way to Gadsden- a combo of my first year and the other years.  I will also be doing a blog post every day (hopefully), but I will also post on Instagram and if you have a tip/recommendation/want to chat, I will be tweeting from the yard sale too!  I figured this is the best way to bring the yard sale if you can’t be here.

pretty much what we are doing this weekend. map from

If you were going to 127, what would you want to pick up?

Also: anyone out there have some recommendations for Louisville??

more from the road! xo-d


  1. nicole you have to do this- you will LOVE it (and for ONCE the weather is nice!!!)
    you will love Louisville- f-ing nuts getting here in 2 days, but not that we are here- PARTY (of course with the computer in front of me!!)

  2. We live 18 miles across the mountain from Pikeville, TN and have been to the 127 Yard Sale a lot of times.

  3. Hi Becky!
    how fun to be so close!! what are your favorite stops?/
    also: how do you find the weather- it seams super pleasant- i am really excited for it!

    if you can try and post on here and shout out if you are in the area- would be awesome to say hi!

  4. What a great destination road trip! Here’s an old article from Saveur Mag about Louisville Bar Food. May what to check to see if they are still around before you venture out. Safe travels

  5. Next year why not plan a trip from Frankfort and head north. We live on 127 about 13 miles north of Frankfort and set up every year. Would love to have you stop by.

  6. HI Becky!
    i think we can manage that, since we did Buffalo trace this time…leaves us more time to travel north (been wanting to for sure)!! 13 mi is doable!
    hope you like the posts, love 127 and love the adventure of finding treasures and meeting great people!

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