Three Tips for a Life-Changing Craftcation Experience

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Attendees come from all over the world to attend Craftcation, our Makers and Small Business Conference because they want to either spend time crafting their hearts out, learning how to improve their business, or a little bit of both. But what people have told us really seals the deal for them to come back year over year, is our amazing community.

Those whose paths may have never crossed before now consider each other best friends and even family. I’ve been lucky enough to experience this community myself and know for a fact how truly impactful this conference can be.

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Today we’re talking with Craftcation alumni and presenter, Jenice Anderson. She came to Craftcation in 2016 (like most of us do – all by herself and surrounded by strangers). But, by implementing the three tips she outlines below, people she met at Craftcation as strangers are now her closest friends. They travel together, talk almost daily and even have matching tattoos! 

She’s sharing with us the ways that Craftcation changed her life and her business and how it can happen for you, too!

On to Jenice…

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Three tips to have a life-changing experience at a Craftcation from Dear Handmade Life
Three Tips for a Life-Changing Craftcation Experience

I started my business, California Native Jewelry, in 2015 and attended my first Craftcation in 2016. I had an amazing time, and met the most amazing people. This conference changed my life and my business for the better in so many ways.

Tip #1: Do Talk to Strangers

My first Craftcation I went completely by myself, and I was really nervous. But everyone is so welcoming that I never felt alone. I met so many people and some of them have become incredibly good friends. The women that I met sharing an Uber, finding our way around the hotel, or making our way through the Wanderings rooms are now people I talk to almost daily. These ladies are amazing! We’ve taken other trips together, support each other in our work and families, made a killer Wanderings room and we even share a matching tattoo.

You never know where you’ll find your people, but I’m really glad to have found mine.

Three tips to make the most out of a conference
Jenice and her group of friends she met at Craftcation with their matching tattoos
Tip #2: Set Goals

After my 2016 Craftcation I knew I wanted to develop a workshop that I could hopefully someday teach at a future Craftcation. In 2017, I created my workshop and started teaching it at Handcraft Studio School in the Bay Area. My goal for 2018 was to teach my workshop at Craftcation and I did! And thanks to my fellow Craftcationers I’ve had the opportunity to teach at some great places like Jenny Lemons in San Francisco, BoBo Design in San Jose, Chimera Studio in Sebastopol, and I even got to teach my class on the tiny Caribbean island of Saba!

Jenice Anderson CA Native Jewelry Saba
From Jenice’s trip to Saba to teach craft workshops
Tip #3: Listen to yourself

My second year, I took all business classes. Several people said I was nuts – and it was a little intense – but because of the branding classes with Lela Barker my business completely transformed. I had one of “those moments” in her class that led me to a complete rebrand within months. I know other people who have had similar experiences and either started a business or quit their day job after Craftcation.

Listen to yourself, slow down so you don’t miss those moments. Do what you need to do, even if what you need to do is take a nap, naps are great.

Jenice Anderson CA Native Jewelry
Jenice with her rebranded booth display

About Jenice:

Jenice Anderson is the owner/designer behind California Native Jewelry, creating a line of handmade and naturally dyed jewelry in her Berkeley, CA studio. She has taught classes at Handcraft Studio School in El Cerrito, Gather & Mill in Grass Valley, and has been an instructor at Create & Learn in Saba and the Dear Handmade Life Craftcation Conference in Ventura.

Follow Jenice online: Facebook | Instagram | Website


Three tips for creative conference first-timers
Three tips to have a life-changing experience at a Creative Conference from Dear Handmade Life
Three tips to make the most out of a conference from Dear Handmade Life

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  1. Love this and that you were able to accomplish so much from just being present there. I think going there solo is the best way to experience it! I can’t wait to have you at my shop!


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