Welcome to the 127 Corridor Sale – aka: the worlds longest yard sale

Editors Note: This is a special week here at Dear Handmade Life. Every year Delilah heads out for a road trip following the route of the 127 Corridor Sale aka: The World’s Longest Yard Sale. You can check out her posts from last year’s trip  here. The yard sale is 690 miles long and 2014 marks the 27th anniversary of the the 127 sale. Delilah will be posting all week about her adventures on the road. We’ll be back next week with DIY projects, recipes and business tips. -Nicole S.

127-corridor-yard-sale-worlds-longest-dear-handmade-lifeAs I write this post, my husband (we got married a few weeks ago!) and I are heading to Kentucky for our annual trip to the 127 Yard Sale – “The World’s Longest Yard Sale.” Yes, there is actually an event that is called the World’s Longest Yard Sale and it has been an annual trip for us over the past five years. What I thought was going to be a bucket list visit with my mom six years ago has become an annual adventure for my husband and I with every year bringing added stops along the way!

For those who haven’t read my annual posts, the 127 Yard Sale is a collection of yard sales that takes place on the first full weekend of August (Thursday-Sunday) starting in Gadsden, Alabama and ending in Addison, Michigan on Highway 127. For four days there will be antique markets, craft fairs, church sales, neighborhood sales, and garage sales ranging from 70 booth marketplaces to a rusted out school bus with scrap metal. It’s a lot of searching with surprises and regrets around every corner in the worst heat and humidity and my husband and I love EVERY minute of it!

This year we are going back to our regular route which starts in Frankfort, Kentucky and ends in Chattanooga, Tennessee. Last year, we decided to end in Gadsden, Alabama and we were very disappointed. After 6 years of traveling the Kentucky/Tennessee areas of 127, I think I can finally pinpoint the best stops for us.

I will be posting all week/end with all of our stops, tips for your own trip, finds, reviews and other places we visited. This year we will visit a few more distilleries and stop in Lexington!


1. Louisville

2. Lexington

3. Frankfort

4. Russell Springs

5. Crossville

6. Nashville (maybe)

7. Albuquerque

8. Hatch

I had a few great scores last year and with the new stop we discovered in Kentucky last year, I’m hoping I can continue our good luck! I have also had a number of people request items as well, more than ever before. Here’s what I’m on the lookout for this year.


-Descoware: Cast iron and enameled cast iron in cool colors (see image below from last year- how cute are those pieces?). I’m thinking they might make great gifts!


-Blue Mason jars: I haven’t been shopping for them for a long time but if I find an incredible deal, I have a use for them.

-1920-1950s porcelain sink: I have a 1950’s stove and a 1920’s icebox/pantry- a sink would be perfect for our future kitchen remodel.

-Serving dishes: This is new on my list. I want to have a solid collection of serving bowls and plates in different colors and designs.

-Spoon Rest: I keep using plates or my pot lids. It would be nice to have something cute to rest my cooking utensils on. Check out this Pinterest board or rad spoon rests.

-Small cheese crocks (see image above from TaylorsPerch on Etsy): I used to collect these little crocks the first few years that I went to 127. I use them for all of my spices and I would love to start making salt mixes in these crocks and give them as gifts!

-Juice jars (see image above next to the map): Juice jars are my long time love, I have been collecting them for a while and already had a few requests for some from friends who I’m shopping for.

-Book stand or podium: I’d love to find something cute and unique for Craftcation.

My next post will talk about what to pack and a healthy recipe for a long car trip! I will be posting on Instagram and Twitter all week too!

What would you look for on the 127?

-Delilah Snell


  1. Sounds like an awesome time! I have been dying to go to 127 yard sale! It’s definitely on my bucket list! Have a great time with the hubby and I hope you guys find a lot of cool stuff!!! <3

  2. You are going to (are probably already) have a blast! If you see another glass syrup pitcher with plastic top/handle…old pie stuff…carbon steel knives….a good looking man of a certain age…

    1. E: we are in Lexington right now. we are actually heading to Covington tomorrow (the far north of KY- new territory!! tomorrow we will be in Frankfort. will look for all and next year, PLEASE go with us- Louisville ROCKS!! XXOO
      -delilah (in nicoles account LOL)

    1. HI Laura!!
      will post more pictures soon 🙂 today was a little meh and i am worried b/c it might rain tomorrow! wish us luck and i hope to post some rad finds soon!
      -delilah (in nicoles account LOL) – i cant remember my account info so i have to use Nicoles LOL

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