We've created the virtual event that you've been dreaming of!

Camp Dear Handmade Life is the only at-home experience of its kind that pairs expert craft & business instruction and goal-getting coursework with the kind of community connections that you thought were only possible in-person.

Camp Dear Handmade Life is the only at-home experience of its kind that pairs expert craft & business instruction and goal-getting coursework with the kind of community connections that you thought were only possible in-person.

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BUT before we talk about us, let's talk about you...

You’re a creative who loves to keep your hands busy whether they’re covered in paint, furiously typing email replies, winding a skein of yarn, laying out your big dreams in your bullet journal or whipping up the latest pasta dish that’s all over Instagram.

But more than anything, you know you have to move past your comfort zone to find the experiences and people that bring on those bold magical transformations.

Whether you are…

A business owner looking for inspiration to reignite your spark and education to help you scale up

A crafter who's ready to take your at-home creative adventures to the next level

Feeling stuck and need help weaving the net so you can leap into your next big thing

Longing for that hard-to-find camaraderie that's been even tougher to find during quarantine​

Ready for a purpose-driven experience in goal-setting and self-exploration​

(… or any combination of the above…)

You are in the right place!

In just a few hours a week, Camp Dear Handmade Life’s 6-week program gives you the tools (and permission) to work towards your next bold beautiful transformation and build your business, creativity and community.

We'll see you at Camp DHL!
June 7 - July 18, 2021

what's inside camp dear handmade life?

weekly itineraries

Our six-week goal-getting program is designed to help you define, game plan and achieve your next big goals. Every Sunday, from May 30 – July 11, one self-paced video and written module with goal-getting coursework, creative activities, thoughtful exercises and special bonuses is delivered to your inbox.


You’ll be custom matched based on your goals, interests and availability to a Camp DHL Virtual Cabin with 8-10 campers with whom you’ll meet online weekly for accountability, support and activities. Cabin assignments hit your inbox on May 30.


When you register you’ll get access to our pre-recorded core classes (5 business classes and 3 craft classes) that you can watch anytime. You’ll also be invited to our private Camp DHL Facebook group so you can start building community with your fellow campers.

3-day summit

We’ll close with a 3-day online summit (July 16 – 18) featuring 18 live expert-led business and craft classes with interactive discussions and 10+ wellness sessions like meditation, yoga and journaling as well as online social gatherings!

i'm ready for camp!

Look, we know you're busy...

You’re juggling life and work and you know… all the things.
Like… ALL the things.
We get it! You are our people.

We created Camp Dear Handmade Life with your busy schedule in mind. You’ll be paired with cabinmates who have similar availability or you can opt-out of a cabin and complete the coursework on your own. PLUS, you can take your time because you’ll have access to all coursework and class replays through Sept 1, 2021.

at the end of camp Dear handmade life,
you will have...

Not to mention, you'll create unforgettable memories in this unique experience where we broke all the rules of what a virtual event was supposed to be like and created what we knew you needed!

Not to mention, you'll create unforgettable memories in this unique experience where we broke all the rules of what a virtual event was supposed to be like and created what we knew you needed!

nice to meet you!

I’m Nicole, CEO and Creative Director of Dear Handmade Life. For over a decade, I’ve worked alongside a team of badass creative women to curate events, education and community for creative misfits and passionate small business owners. 

We believe...

  • Normal is overrated and weird is wondrous.
  • Your passion can ABSOLUTELY be your profession.
  • Everyone has the ability to be creative.
  • Progress HANDS-DOWN beats perfection.
  • AND, we’re all in this together.

Our multi-city bi-annual Patchwork Show festivals have welcomed over 500,000 guests to shop local, celebrate community and craft as well as provided nearly 15,000 artists with a venue to grow their businesses, share their products and inspire others.

Craftcation Conference, our dream of having a crafty vacation by the beach come to life, has helped thousands of creatives turn passion into a profession, become besties with their inner artist and find camaraderie.

We’ve shared business know-how, art and craft inspiration and true tales of being a creative misfit and entrepreneur through our 100+ podcast episodes, 800+ blog posts and our thriving social media audience.

We’ve taken everything we’ve learned over the last 13 years and created a mold-breaking, rule-defying virtual event that’s truly memorable, transformative and unlike anything we’ve ever done before. We can’t wait to see you this summer!


i'm ready for camp!

take a tour of
camp Dear Handmade Life


JUNE 7 - JULY 18, 2021

We’ve taken the expert guidance of a mastermind group, the creative collaboration of a craft club, the support of an accountability partnership program and zipped them all together to make our Camp DHL Virtual  Cabin Experience. By answering a few short questions during your Camp DHL registration, we will be able to custom match you with the perfect cabin mates to inspire and support you through the six weeks of Camp DHL and beyond.

Each week is broken down into self-paced solo challenges and group project collaborations as well as guided discussions to break down barriers and incite that rare kind of joyful, deep (and sometimes laugh ’til your sides ache) connection. This is that “we just traded friendship bracelets by the campfire” moment we’ve been talking about.

Whether you’re a business owner looking to scale up your business or you want to focus on self-growth or creativity, these itineraries were designed to help you connect with yourself, your creativity and your bunkmates.

Orientation week

MAY 31 – JUNE 6, 2021

cabin assignments & pre-orientation

First week of camp jitters, nope! We’re going to dive in to getting to know each other and breaking down barriers before Camp DHL even begins! This week you’ll get your virtual “cabin” assignments, choose your weekly meeting time and work on your first creative activity.

week one

june 7 – 13, 2021

welcome & your story

Your camp counselor Nicole will introduce herself and share tips for you to make the most of your time at Camp DHL. Then you’ll dive in to this week’s lesson on discovering and embracing your uniqueness and letting go of stories that no longer serve you. The worksheet, challenge and questionnaire downloads will help you through the lesson. You’ll also start on a creative project that you’ll work on throughout camp and that will be joined with projects from all your fellow campers during week six.

week two

june 14 – 20, 2021

gratitude rides shotgun

As you start to lay out your intentions for your time at Camp DHL let’s take a moment to look at what’s working in your right now. This week’s activities will lay the groundwork for simple artful gratitude habits, help you discover the good stuff and dig deep to find the silver linings and find the beauty in ordinary things. You’ll get worksheet downloads, a creative project and a bonus activity too!

week three

june 21 – 27, 2021

dear future me

Now that you’ve basked in the glow of the here and now, let’s start dreaming… BIG. The exercises, worksheets and activities this week will help you explore the goals that have been on your mind as well as discover your underlying longings that have been lying in wait. You’ll do a variety of creative activities, both solo and with your cabin-mates, to not only brainstorm your aspirations but begin to prioritize where you want to start + you’ll get a creative project and special bonus.

week four

june 28 – JULY 4, 2021

make it happen

Last week was all about the right-brain… exploration, creativity and imagination. This week, you’re going get a lesson and worksheet downloads to help you tap into your left-brain analytical side by learning some of our favorite methods of taking our big, and sometimes overwhelming, dreams and drilling them down. We’ll turn dreams into goals that then become doable, bite-sized action items. Plus you’ll get a bonus activity to let you brain take a silly break from all the serious stuff.

week five

July 5 – 11, 2021

fortune favors the bold

Self-sabotage shows itself in many forms to try and stop us from living in our zone of genius or accomplishing the action-items needed to achieve our goals. This week’s coursework is designed to build your confidence, strengthen your risk-taking muscle, arm you against impostor syndrome and help you learn to embrace and use fear to your advantage. This week you’ll get the tools you need to keep up that momentum, set up an accountability system with your cabin to support each other at Camp DHL – and beyond – and do a creative project to help inspire others to keep up their good work.

week six

july 12 – 18, 2021

take care &
camp dhl summit

In preparation of this week’s live virtual summit, we’ll have a closing assembly where we will review the work we’ve done of the last six weeks. We’ll do some work around self-care, celebrating accomplishments (big AND small) and taking care of yourself. AND! We’ll finally get to reveal the final results of the group project we all started on week one – our All-Camp Masterpiece!


care package

Before Camp DHL begins, you’ll receive a care package in the mail filled with goodies, supplies for the weekly Cabin Projects and more! 

It’ll be just like the one you got when you were a kid except way less scratchy wool socks and stale trail mix and way more jumping up and down with delight while you open it.

and instant access to...

core classes

To get you started, we’re including instant access to our core classes: a  set of 8 pre-recorded online classes (5 business and 3 craft) that you can complete at your own pace, on your own time. We are including classes on branding, content planning, how to slay imposter syndrome, creating digital projects and even how to pay yourself. And when it’s time to get your hands dirty and make all the things, you can explore ice dyeing, sewing your own underpants and weaving a rope bowl.

facebook group

We’ll host weekly Q&As, offer advice, bring surprises, collaborate on projects and help inspire and uplift each other. And since we can’t fathom the idea of summer camp ever really being “over”, this private online community will continue after camp is done to carry on the relationships, conversation, collaboration and support. 

Because while summer eventually ends, community is forever.

we'll close with a 3-day live virtual summit

JULY 16 - 18, 2021

Get ready for the culmination of your Camp DHL experience, a live 3-day virtual summit of expert-led business lectures and panels and craft classes that foster engagement with Q&A’s and a moderator to guide you.

FOMO? We don’t think so! We’ve curated the schedule to allow you to pack in every class and activity and yet still take time for yourself. Can’t make a live session? You’ll have access to every session until September 1, 2021.

There are 3 ways to participate!

Follow along live

Choose either a business or craft class during each session PLUS enjoy real-time chatting with presenters and your fellow campers.


Watch the recorded classes anytime. Create your own mix and match retreat to best fit your schedule.


Attend some live classes and watch some recorded classes. Blend the real-time interaction of the live event with the convenience of the recorded classes.

Business classes

The actionable advice, insider tips and behind-the-scenes truths that our seasoned teachers share in our business classes will help you level up and get the skills in marketing, finance, productivity, branding and more to work smarter and create a sustainable thriving brand.

craft classes

Whether you got hooked on crafting making summer camp lanyards when you were eight and never stopped or have always dreamed of discovering your inner maker, our expert-led craft classes in in a variety of genres including printmaking, painting, sewing, dyeing, needlework, weaving and more will help you get lost in the joy of making. Classes will have either a supply kit available for purchase or a supply list for you to gather your own supplies.

wellness activities

Start your day by preparing your mind and body for creative flow, focus and presence with our centering and energizing daily morning yoga classes. If you’re looking for some midday connection and creativity, drop in to one of our Wild Writing journaling sessions, a meditation or a craft activity.

fireside chats

Take advantage of our After-Class “Fireside Chats” – a small, camper-led gathering to share your thoughts on the classes, provide feedback or help one another implement tips you’ve learned at the Camp DHL Live Summit. This is your perfect chance to have a focused brief discussion on the topic.

refresher activities between sessions

Our Between Class Refreshers give you a little pick-me-up between classes. You can choose from a variety of short pre-recorded sessions like a guided walking meditation, a quick yoga stretch and more, all created to give your mind and body a break so you can return to your next session refreshed and ready to create and learn.

daily assemblies

Every day begins and ends with all of us gathering for an assembly where Nicole, your Camp DHL Director, and your counselors will share announcements and inspiration for and from the day. Assemblies will feature prompts, special guests, activities and more. 

i'm ready for camp!

(a $2,445 value)* weekly bonuses!

ready to join camp dhl?



“if you want to live a life you've never lived, you have to do things you've never done.”

That’s exactly what we’re doing this summer at Camp Dear Handmade Life. Breaking away from what’s comfortable and shifting our mindset. Each day will be brimming with new content, whether from the Facebook community, weekly themed activities, writing prompts, journaling activities, group projects and so much more. We’re confident that after these 6+ weeks, you’ll have the tools you need to get to work on what it is that truly brings you joy.

We are dedicated to creating content, events and support for the maker and small business community. We know that Camp DHL is an incredible experience unlike anything else however if for any reason you are unsatisfied with this program, please let us know so that we can work with you to resolve the issue.

We are here to help!

i'm ready for camp!

everything you need to know...

Creating meaningful connections in a large group is nearly impossible (especially online), which is why we broke the online event mold and created unique ways for you to break away into small groups to make intimate and lasting connections.

You don’t have to worry about awkward moments at the Camp DHL Summit because every small group breakout features suggested questions, guided discussions and icebreakers to encourage ah-ha! moments and thoughtful discussions. 

Our Camp DHL Cabin Experience exercises and activities are designed to not only break down the barriers between you and your goals but also to make connecting with your bunkmates effortless. By bolstering your confidence, providing a guidebook and helping you open to vulnerability, Camp DHL creates unforgettable connections.

I’m right there with you! As a virtual event attendee, I had this sense that since I wasn’t physically present, no one was holding me accountable to be mentally present. 

This is why we added accountability and support with our Camp DHL Cabins and Private Facebook Group, a flexible schedule, and more to help make sure you not only show up but truly tune in. 

PLUS, our Camp DHL Camp Lodge features a library of short pre-recorded Between Class Refreshers that you can watch anytime (think walking meditations, mini-nature scavenger hunts and creative challenges) all designed to give your mind and body a break so you can return to your next session refreshed and ready to create and learn. 


Our team did a Camp DHL Cabin Experience test run to not only finetune everything we’re offering but also to make sure that Camp DHL is doable with a creative’s busy schedule and that the time you put in comes back to you (and then some!). 

 Just so you know our team is made of women with packed schedules full of toddlers, teenagers, caregiving for older family members, balancing jobs with side hustles while cooking dinner, squeezing in time for our creative hobbies and more. We not only pulled it off but everyone couldn’t wait to dive into another week of growth and connection. 

 We’ve filled the Weekly Cabin Itineraries with enough to keep you busy if you have extra time and but also let you know which activities are essential and which you can save for later if you have to. This is your experience and you can do it all or do some of it. The more you participate in, the more awesomeness you’ll have. 

If you’re concerned with missing parts of the Camp DHL Summit, don’t give it one more thought because we’re recording all of the classes for you! That’s right, you’ll have access to all 18 classes until September 1, 2021!

While we encourage you to be fully present for the classes, that’s not always possible while you’re juggling work, family and a million other things, you can listen to the classes during your workout.

We totally know what it’s like to be on a tight budget. We also know how important it is for you to make every penny count. That’s why we bundled the classes and activities of Camp DHL together just for you at a small fraction of their actual value.

If you took these classes on their own, you’d be paying over 5x’s the cost of Camp DHL and the value of the accountability, support system, growth and fun from the community and activities is priceless.

We believe that creativity is healing, learning is transformative and community is magical, that’s why we made Camp DHL incredibly affordable. You deserve to invest in yourself and we’re helping you make it happen.

PLUS, we have payment plans available and you’ll have access to recorded sessions for 30 days after Camp DHL ends.

Everything you need for your Camp DHL Cabin Experience activities will be included in your Care Package. If you take a craft class (either at the Summit or one of our Core Classes) you’ll need to gather some supplies. Some classes will have a supply kit available (either through us or the instructor) for purchase (this additional fee depends on the class). You can either purchase the kit or if you want to use your own stash, you’ll have a complete supply list well ahead of time so you can prepare.

When you sign up for Camp DHL, you agree not to share your access information with anyone. If you do share any private participant links or access information, you will be violating a legal agreement. We are a micro-business that has taken a huge hit due to COVID and are hustling our buns off to continue to offer events and education for this community, please help us help you by respecting our policy and keeping your info to yourself. 

Both the Summit and Core craft classes are geared for all levels although the machine sewing classes require basic sewing skills. You don’t need to have particular business knowledge for the business classes. Although our classes are aimed at the intermediate creative business owner, we know you’ll get pearls of wisdom and AH-HA revelations no matter what stage you’re at. When it comes to the self-discovery and growth exercises and work, the only thing you need is an open mind and the desire to be honest about your goals and an action plan to make them happen. 

As soon as you register, you’ll get access to our pre-recorded Core Classes (5 business classes and 3 craft classes), membership to our Camp DHL private Facebook community, 6 weeks of live Q&A sessions with the Camp DHL staff and surprise bonuses that will be released every other week.

Glad you asked! While one of the goals of your Camp DHL experience is to widen your support circle, we realize that sharing this journey with your bestie sounds pretty awesome. You will be able to request a Cabinmate when you register. 

While you’ll be missing out on six mindset-shifting weeks of creativity, self exploration and bonding, we understand that Cabins may not be for everyone. When you register you’ll have the option to just attend the Summit. And, if you change your mind down the road, you’ll forever be able to join and engage in the private online community. 

We will be by your side every step of the way. We check our emails regularly throughout the day and will get back to you ASAP. We’ll also pop into the private Facebook group daily to check-in. 

After each class there will be time for a Q & A with the presenter. While we can’t guarantee that your question will get answered during the class, we’ll do everything we can to help you get the info you need.

If you are with an organization or group of 6 or more and would like to inquire about group rates, please email us here.

When you register, you’ll be emailed a link to the Camp DHL Lodge Page where you can find all the important event details.

Does this sound familiar?

You're ready to feel inspired. Like... really, really inspired.

don't worry - we've got you!!

You’re ready to break out of the shell that 2020 forced us all into and get back to doing what it is you love to do. You’re ready to challenge yourself, set real attainable goals, hit start on that next big thing you’ve had on your mind, bring to life all those things that keep you up at night but you felt were too far out of reach.

Whether it’s starting a new business, rebooting your current business or just reigniting your passion for making, you’re ready to get out of the Netflix and leggings slump and get back to what makes you feel good in your core. It’s time to feel energized, motivated and downright proud of yourself. 

You’re ready to work alongside other members of the community to collaborate, challenge each other and get your spark back.

you deserve this!

TIme to grab that laptop, all your favorite craft supplies and your blue-light glasses and get your ass back into gear. You’re motivated and ready to do the work. Let’s get it done together.

I am so freaking excited about Camp dhl, I can hardly stand it!

This project is a dream that took over a year to develop. When it seemed the whole world was transitioning to online events, I pushed against it for my own business because:

  • I was burnt out on virtual anything and everything. If I got one more invitation to a zoom birthday party where everyone was talking over each other, I was going to pull my hair out.
  • The most important thing we do at Dear Handmade Life is build community and connections and I couldn’t figure out how to translate that from in real life to online.

Then, on one of my afternoon walks with my baby Luca, my mind wandered back to my early days in business. When I was only eight years old, I started a VERY handmade line of stationery because I wanted to send letters to my pen pal. And then in college, I started my clothing line because I wanted to wear one-of-a-kind artsy tees. Fast forward to after grad school and our makers festival, Patchwork Show, was born because I was tired of trekking to big cities to sell my wares at craft shows. And, our conference Craftcation, made our dream for a craft and business vacation at the beach a reality.

Everything magical, everything good, everything that changed people’s lives that we’ve made was born from necessity. Instead of creating what I should create, I made what I wanted… what I saw was missing… because, I knew in my heart that I couldn’t possibly be the only one who needed it.

So when 2020 hit and our in-person events were postponed, it was time to do what all great entrepreneurs and artists always do… make our own rules! So, in true fashion, instead of creating a virtual event that fit the mold, we began to create the kind of event that we wanted to attend and I couldn’t be more proud.

Camp Dear Handmade Life is focused on connection – with ourselves as well as others – exploring goals, creating action plans and getting back into a creative flow.

Let’s be honest, 2020 was ROUGH. You owe it to yourself to take part in something that replenishes and transforms you. Don’t let this summer slip by without taking yourself on an adventure, even if it’s at home in comfy clothes.

I can’t wait to spend this summer together! We’ll bring the marshmallows and you bring the graham crackers!

love, nicole


i'm ready for camp!