define your brand, create engaging content, and craft a plan to
grow your community and creative business on Instagram


  • We value authenticity over popularity.
  • We work with the algorithm instead of fighting it.
  • We create value-focused content that feels good to make. No one has to dance or point at word bubbles (unless you want to).
  • We believe that one meaningful conversation is more. important that 100 likes. Down with vanity metrics!
  • We strategize and plan our content to save time so we can get back to what we love doing the most… MAKING STUFF!

through our self-paced program featuring
8 modules of engaging video lessons


to help you stay accountable and implement what you learn


to our private Slack Community


to help you stay accountable and implement what you learn


with prompts, copy and paste ideas and more to jump start your creative flow

30 detailed content ideas for creatives

25+ Calls to actions to encourage engagement on your postS

100+ hooks to stop the scroll and HOLD INTEREST

30 story post ideas to connect, sell and build your brand

You’re a creative who knows you need to share your work and create a brand on Instagram but you’d rather be making stuff than spending hours making posts and engaging.

You wish you knew the secret that other creatives who are crushing it on Instagram seem to know. You wonder if you’re doing it “right” and it feels like as soon as you think you know “the rules” Instagram switches things up.

You know you need to post consistently but can’t get into a rhythm or keep you momentum and you wonder how other creatives have time to run their businesses and post all the time.


8 video course modules featuring our curriculum to craft your brand, grow your community and creative business on Instagram.

4 Live office hours sessions for personalized on-the-spot help from Nicole to address questions, discuss the course, and make progress in developing your Instagram strategy.

10 Worksheets and assignments to keep you accountable and make sure you implement everything you’re learning.

6 Cheatsheets and resources with prompts, copy and paste ideas and more to jump start your creative flow and inspire you.

Exclusive membership to our private Slack Instagram Branding Brilliance Community.

Lifetime access to all of the course materials.

An invitation to join our creative business membership DHL: The Club at a special discounted rate.

“Nicole helped me figure out where to begin with my business when I was completely lost and felt paralyzed, not knowing where to start. I could tell she cared about helping me and wanted to give me all of the tools I would need to succeed. Nicole gave me the confidence I needed to get out there and start selling my work! She also gave me recommendations for using social media to my advantage. I feel like I have someone one my side who has been there before and is really rooting for me. Her coaching was invaluable and money very well spent!

-Gay Heit (Heit Ceramics)

“Throughout our consultation it was obvious that Nicole had really gotten to know my work and my business – she looked at everything that I had put out into the world, on social media and my websites along with the information that she had gathered from our pre-consult email questionnaires – and she worked it!! She had ideas, strategies, answers and most importantly, a naturally caring and helpful sensibility that created a space for my own answers and realizations to emerge along the way. Sometimes you need an objective and experienced voice and a thoughtful conversation with an honest and sharp person to allow questions to form and answers to surface. My two consultations (yes, I went back for more!) were so incredibly helpful and inspiring!  Thank you Nicole!!”

-Sarah Martinez (Sarah Martinez Art)