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Whether you got hooked on crafting making summer camp lanyards when you were eight and never stopped or have always dreamed of discovering your inner maker, our expert-led craft classes in in a variety of genres including printmaking, painting, sewing, dyeing, needlework, weaving and more will help you get lost in the joy of making.

The actionable advice, insider tips and behind-the-scenes truths that our seasoned teachers share in our business classes will help you level up and get the skills in marketing, finance, productivity, branding and more to work smarter and create a sustainable thriving brand.

Ready to forge meaningful bonds in the creative community so you can get the support, collaboration and connections you crave? Yeah, so are we!  That’s why we’ve created unique intimate opportunities at Camp DHL for you to bond with your fellow campers.

this is…




The only at-home retreat of its kind that pairs expert craft and business instruction with the kind of community connections that you thought were only available in-person.

We've created the virtual event that you've been dreaming of!

Make all the things, learn from experts and connect with other makers, all from the comfort of home!

I can’t wait for Camp DHL! Email me when registration opens!!

live summit schedule

FOMO? We don’t think so!  Our flexible Camp DHL schedule allows you the opportunity to participate in ALL of the sessions whether live or via the replay. Plus, you’ll be able to start learning right away with our eight pre-recorded core classes that you will gain access to as soon as you register.

The recordings of the live classes will be available within a week of when they air and you’ll have access to everything for 30 days!

There are 3 ways to participate!

Follow along live

Choose either a business or craft class during each session PLUS enjoy real-time chatting with presenters and your fellow campers.


Watch the recorded classes anytime. Create your own mix and match retreat to best fit your schedule.


Attend some live classes and watch some recorded classes. Blend the real-time interaction of the live event with the convenience of the recorded classes.


We’ve got you covered! One week after Camp DHL, we’ll add recordings of all the classes to the Camp DHL Lodge Page where you’ll be able to access any of the classes for 30 days! The best thing is that you’ll be able to watch any class that you missed too! We’ll also have opportunities for you to have access after the 30 days.

As soon as you register for Camp DHL, you’ll be given access to eight of our pre-recorded workshops. The live workshops will be released as noted on the schedule. The pre-recorded classes give you an opportunity to start learning right when you register or supplement the live classes.

Camp DHL does not offer any of the classes or activities on their own.

When you register for Camp DHL, you’ll be invited to join our private online community where you can get to know fellow campers and start to build connections. You’ll also be invited to join a Team Cabin where you can connect with your fellow campers right away. We’ll help foster the connections through our Team Cabin Guides featuring guided exercises, conversation starters and more suggested activities to get your creative and community sparks ignited!

No problem! You can take advantage of as much or as little of the community connection aspect of Camp DHL as you’d like. And, if you change your mind down the road, you’ll forever be able to join and engage in the private online community. 

When you sign up for Camp DHL, you agree not to share your access information with anyone. If you do share any private participant links or access information, you will be violating a legal agreement. We are a micro-business that has taken a huge hit due to COVID and are hustling our buns off to continue to offer events and education for this community, please help us help you by respecting our policy and keeping your info to yourself. 

If you are with an organization or group of 6 or more and would like to inquire about group rates, please email us here.

Supplies are not included for the craft classes. Most classes will have a kit available (either through us or the instructor) for an additional fee (the fee depends on the class). You can either purchase the kit or use the supply list you’ll get to gather the supplies yourself. 

When you register, you’ll be emailed with a link to the Camp DHL Lodge Page where you can find all the important details.

After each class there will be time for a Q & A with the presenter. While we can’t guarantee that your question will get answered during the class, we’ll do everything we can to help you get the info you need.

6-week cabin program

We’ve taken the expert guidance of a mastermind group, smooshed it with a craft club, added the support of an accountability partner and zipped them all together to make our Camp DHL Cabins. These six themed weeks are made up of guided small group discussions, hands-on solo and group projects, thoughtful exercises, weekly activities and special bonuses!


instructor list coming soon!

live summit instructors

Consider these presenters your “camp counselors”. A band of experts who are here to guide you through your craft and business classes with their years of wisdom and experience. These superheroes have got your back!

instructor list coming soon!

live summit classes

Ready to feel the pure joy of making something with your hands or get one of those sought-after AH-HA nuggets of business know-how that’ll shift your mindset and trajectory? Once you register, you’ll get immediate access to our core of eight pre-recorded classes so you can kick-start your learning. Check out the schedule to see when the live classes will be available.

Classes list coming soon!